"Mama, Mama...come on, wake up."

'She's so tired today, she's not even moving while I push her. Ooh, my tummy's growling at me.'

"Mama! I want my breakfast...if you don't get up, I'm going outside..."

'I have a new ball. My old one got lost...or taken. I can throw it much higher now. I can run and jump more too...

Throw, catch; throw catch;

If I throw it just right; I can run and catch it before it lands and it's like having someone to play with.

It's my own game and I am my own friend.'

"Mama, get up and watch me play...please; cooome ooon."

'I could get breakfast if she's tired.

There are berries all nice and ripe and...I know,

I'll catch a rabbit or would she like fish?'

'I'm not supposed to go out on my own.

Fish cooks quicker. I'll catch it and cook it, then Mama will get up.

I feel a bit lonely at the moment.

I'll go and push her again. I'm not hurting her.'

"Mama, I've cooked breakfast. Please get up. Are you sick Mama?"

'She must be sick, that's what that funny smell is; sickness.

Now, what do I do?

She's not waking up to have some water and I can't make tea,

she says it never tastes right.'

"Mama, the fish will spoil; do you need the healer?"

'I'll get the healer, she's in the village.

I'm not s'posed to go on my own.

I know where it is though,

Just follow the scent of herbs and yucky medicine.

Shall I go or will you get up?'

"I'm going Mama...I'm going now...I really am Mama...I mean it..."

'Please yell at me...tell me to stop, like you usually do.'

"All right, I'm"

'Over the bridge, down the road; I've never done this before.

I don't know why, people look at me like that.

I try to smile at them and look happy.

They don't like my fangs, their teeth aren't sharp like mine.

They run off and take their children away.'

"Feh! I can't play today anyway, so there!"

'I never play, so why do I feel sad?

I hope Mama won't be cross

Oh, I'm here. I hope she's home.

Why won't someone come, can't they hear me knocking.

I know she's there.'

"Please come out, I'm not allowed in."

'No one lets me in their house.

I'll knock and call again through the door,

I'm sure she is in, I can hear her moving.'

"Please come, Mama won't get up. I'm hungry and I've cooked fish. I can pay you, I'll catch a rabbit for your dinner. Please help my Mama."

'That's her voice, she's coming.

Does she know it's me?

She looks at me, I look back; she is smiling at me.

She has taken my hand, no one's ever done that before.

Mama will be pleased. Oh sorry, I don't mean to pull.

I show her the way but she's been before.'

"Mama, Mama; I got the healer. Get up, I'm so hungry now...please. I will eat mine while the healer looks at you. I'll save you some, Mama."

'The fish is a bit too cooked, but I eat it.

I'm so hungry.

The healer was quick, why is she looking sad?

Why is she telling me to go away. Mama?'

"Where's Mama? Let me in...Mama...Mama, MAMA."

'I won't go anywhere without Mama.

Why am I crying?'

"Let me see her."

'Why hasn't Mama moved?

She is cold and not moving.

What has happened?'

"She is dead."

"Who said that, who said that?"

'I spin round,

He is so tall, he goes all the way up. Is he an angel?

His hair is white like mine.

His eyes are gold like mine.

"You must come with me now."

'Why must I follow him?

I must leave my Mama? She won't ever hold me again, she won't move.

She is dead. What is dead? No more living or singing or cuddles.

No more Love?'

'Why must I go with the angel? Am I dead too?

I'm still crying but why?

Why am I crying Mama? I don't want to go without you.

The angel looks annoyed at me.

It doesn't help.'

"Come Hanyou."

'Where is he taking me?

What does he want with me Mama?

Are you coming with us Mama, does dead mean you are leaving me?'

"Your mother is no more. I am your brother. I am all you have now."

'Will he look after me then,

he say's he's my brother. I don't remember him.

I'd better hold on to his hakama.

His legs are long and he walks fast.'

'He will love me, won't he?

He'll take care of me if I stop crying.

I can't stop yet, but he is ignoring me.

Won't he comfort me, like you do Mama?'

'Oh, Mama...what will I do?'

"I love you Mama.