Summary: Uzumaki Naruko was taken from the village of Konohagakure at the age of 1 after a failed assassination attempt. For the past 12 years she was trained by the 'Legendary Toad and Slug Sannins' Jiraiya and Tsunade. She now has returned to the village to participate in the upcoming chunnin exams.

So far I'm thinking of having a Gaara and Naruko pairing. If you have any opinions or ideas feel free to review.

P.S. Be nice. This is my first story.


There was a peaceful silence that blanketed the village of Konoha. All of its citizens were either snugly tucked in bed or were outside the city gates on guard duty. The main gate

opening was deserted except for 3 people. These people were Jiraiya, the toad sannin, Tsunade, the slug sannin, and finally the Hokage, Sarutobi. Both the sannin had large packs

on their backs full of supplies for their long journey. They were to train the Yondaime Hokage's daughter and Kyuubi jailer Naruko for the next 12 year until she was ready to come

back to the village. As the two set out with the young girl the Hokage gave one last half hearted wave before heading towards the Hokage tower while reflecting on the unfortunate

day's events.


The third Hokage, Sarutobi, was sitting at his desk slowly reducing the amount of paper work when both Tsunade and Jiraiya burst into the room. If looks could kill he would

definitely be dead because the two were giving him a glare that could destroy all of Konoha.

"Ah to what do I owe the pleasure Jiraiya…Tsunade?" asked Sarutobi.

"You can cut the crap old man. We just found Naruko beat up and bloody in the middle of an alleyway. Apparently the caretaker of the orphanage beat her for spilling her dinner.

Once she thought that she was dead the bitch tossed her in an alley a couple of blocks outside of the orphanage." spat Tsunade.

Sarutobi was now as white as a sheet after hearing the disturbing news. Without waiting for a response from Sarutobi Jiraiya continued on. "As of now we are taking over the care

and training for Naruko for the next 12 years. This is not up for discussion so no matter what you say will change our minds. Oh by the way we are leaving tonight."

End Flashback