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Order was soon returned to Konoha. Reconstruction of the few damaged buildings had been finished and all signs of the former battle had been whipped away. Currently, Naruko and Shikamaru were standing before the Hokage receiving their chuunin jackets. They were the only two to be promoted during the exam. All their friends decided to go to Ichiraku Ramen to celebrate. After the party, Jiraiya made an announcement that shocked everybody. He said that he would be taking Naruko on a 3 year training trip the next morning. Once the party died down Naruko headed straight to her apartment to pack but not before she wrote a letter to Gaara.

Dear Gaara-chan,

Just wanted to let you know a few things. The first is that I was promoted to chuunin! Take that! Now I'm higher ranked than you so teehee! The second is that my father is taking me on a 3 year training trip. I'll try to visit you while I'm travelling but I'll still write you letters none the less. You'll be able to reply by sending back the toad when he delivers the message. Well I got to get packing.

Love You,

This Chapter:

The next morning Naruko and Jiraiya were at the northern gates, ready to leave. All of the rookie nine, their sensei's, Tsunade and Sarutobi were there to see them off.

"Be careful Naruko. Oh and Jiraiya if you do anything perverted to her you're dead!" said Tsunade. She quickly ran up and gave Naruko a hug before turning to Jiraiya and hitting him on the head.

"Hey what was that for!" complained Jiraiya.

"It was a goodbye present. Anyways you better get going." Goodbyes were quickly exchanged between Naruko and her friends. The two travelers set off into the forest after a final wave, never to be seen for another three years.

With Jiraiya and Naruko

"Hey ero-sennin, where are we going?" questioned Naruko.

"We're headed to Kiri gaki. And stop calling me that!" yelled Jiraiya.

"Too bad you pervert!" Naruko just ducked under a punch that was aimed for her head and smirked at the older man. "What? You are a pervert, you even admit it yourself!"

"I'll let you know that I'm not a pervert." The kitsune container just scoffed at hearing this. "I'm a SUPER pervert and don't you ever forget it!" A giant sweat drop was rolling down the back of Naruko's head after his proclamation.

"Whatever. You're still an Ero-sennin." This time Naruko couldn't dodge Jiraiya's fist. It landed right in the middle of her head, creating a rather large bump. All complaints died away as she saw the sadistic glint in her sensei's eyes.

"I was only going to give you a 1x gravity seal for your training instead of weights but since you called me that again I'm giving you double." Before she could escape, Jiraiya grabbed Naruko by her cloak and quickly put seal on. Dropping the girl to the floor, she landed in a rather undignified heap. "Every time you call me anything other that Jiraiya-sensei during training I'll double the gravity. If you thought that my training was tough before, you're now in hell. Get up and start walking. I want to get to Kiri as soon as possible."

Naruko struggled to rise at first but eventually got the hang of it. For the first couple hours or so she lagged behind due to the weight. Usually a person's muscles would start ripping because of the suddenly added burden but thanks to the Kyuubi, Naruko didn't have to worry about that. He was constantly healing her muscles so she could keep walking. Eventually, she got used to the load and was able to walk properly alongside Jiraiya. He gave her an approving glance before telling her that they were going to speed up a little.

This is how the journey to Kiri lasted for the 2 weeks it took. Jiraiya would focus on Naruko's speed by adding more weight. He had only planned on increasing the amount by 1x each day but strangely enough Naruko was able to adapt faster than expected. As it turned out Jiraiya would sometimes add 3x in a day while others he would only add the estimated 1x. When Naruko asked why he solely focused on her speed, he told her the new taijutsu and kenjutsu styles he would teach her were based on speed. You had to be extremely fast to execute some of the more advanced moves.

Every evening right before she went to sleep, Naruko would send a letter to Gaara like she promised. She wrote about how her training was going and other events that happened during her day, like the multiple beat downs ero-sennin would get for peaking on women in the hotsprings they would pass. Gaara would return a letter whenever he could. It usually only mentioned how he missed her and how he spent a lot of his time training. He had told her that Baki had become a temporary Kazekage until a new one was selected. He hoped that he would be chosen. He wanted a chance to show the citizens of Suna that he is not a demon and that he is human.

Outside of Kiri

After 2 weeks of traveling Jiraiya and Naruko had finally made it to Kiri. Along the way Naruko's speed had increased exsponentially. She now had 45x gravity seals that would increase by 1 each day automatically. She was never allowed to remove the weights, even during her spars with Jiraiya.

"Alright brat." called Jiraiya. "Now that we're here we need to find an old friend of mine. He is one of the best swordsmiths you'll ever meet. I'm going to get him to forge a blade for you and get him to teach you his kenjutsu style. Before we go though I'm going to say one thing. He absolutely hates arrogance. Never act like that around him. His name is Raiden by the way. Now let's hurry. I want to start researching as soon as possible."

Naruko just sighed and followed the toad sannin as he led her through the busy streets of Kiri. Soon they stopped outside a dingy looking shop with a sign that hung crookedly.

"Ero-sennin are you sure this is the right place?" Naruko asked skeptically. She had expected that the shop belonging to such a great swordsmith to be a little more...grand.

"Gaki I'm sure. Remember what I said before. He hates arrogance. Now lets go meet your new sensei." When the pair entered the shop they couldn't help but be amazed. The inside was the total opposite of what it looked outside. Instead of being dank, dirty and dusty like one would expect it was prestinely clean. There were shelves of merchandise ranging from kuani to zanbatos along the walls with racks of many different styles of clothing in the middle of the room. At the far end sat a desk with an old man sitting behind it sleeping. Jiraiya strode forwards to gently shake the man awake. Apparantely the man had been pretending to be asleep because suddenly Jiraiya found himself with a tip of a sword at his throat.

"Hey there Raiden who's it going?" asked Jiraiya. He acted as if having a sword resting on his jugular vein was nothing. "Can you remove the sword from my throat? I'd appreciate it." Without hesitation the blade was removed before a grin broke out onto Raiden's face.

"Is that you Jiraiya? You haven't changed a bit." exclaimed Raiden. He stood up from behind his desk and walked around to greet him. He didn't even notice Naruko at first until she shifted slightly. "Oh who do we have here? A new student maybe?" Jiraiya gestured for Naruko to come forwards and meet the man.

"Raiden I would like to introduce you to Naruko. She is my adopted daughter and hopefully your new student if you choose to teach her."

"Of course. I've been wanting to get a new student lately. I'm getting old and it is now time to pass on my kenjutsu style. Step forwards and remove your cloak so I can get a good look at you." Reluctantly Naruko removed her cloak and revealed herself to him. Like everyone else he stared open mouthed until he got a hold of himself. "Well aren't you a beauty. I still won't go easy on you though. I will only start teaching you if you promise me that you'll work as hard as you can and never quit. During this next year I am going to push you past your limits and never give you a break. Are you able to handle this?"

Without missing a beat Naruko answered with a determined, "Yes." After giving her a nod Raiden turned back to Jiraiya.

"Come back in 1 year. I will be taking her to my cabin up in the mountains. There I will put her through the same training my sensei gave me. I will take care of her and ensure her safety."

"Alright. Naruko I will come and get you in a year. Make sure you don't die or Tsunade will kill me after making me suffer over a long period of torture." With that Jiraiya gave Naruko one last hug before disappearing out the door not to be seen by her again for another year. As she was lost in thought a slight cough caught her attention.

"Now that we are alone grab whatever you think we will need. I want to reach the mountains before nightfall."

As she collected all the items she couldn't help but think, 'What did I get myself into?'

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