Welcome to the new story. Since Caller Number Nine has ended, or is ending, I decided to spend my time on this new fiction. I spent hours on end thinking of and idea and finally figured one out. Its new, its exciting, and dare I say frightening? Anyhow, I hope you enjoy it and make sure to leave a review. I promise it'll be unlike anything else. Can you say a slight horror story?

Rating: T+

Pairings: Soriku, others to be an.

Warnings: Some intense horror later on, language, or perhaps suggestive themes.

more to be added...


Riku Karada had it all; the brains, the money, and certainly the looks. He had the new and exciting job as a journalist for the ever-popular Gaz. He had the fancy company sponsored sports car that he took everywhere. Hell, he even had the fancy home in the mountains. What else could an eight-teen year old possibly want? What could one want when they had it all?

Love, that was what. Ever since that one day during eighth grade, his love life had taken a major beating. It was at the end of the day, a Friday to be precise. The silver-haired boy had been sitting next to his brunette friend, who's name eluded him (more so forced himself to forget it). The brunette had been laying on the grass next to the sitting Riku, staring up at the clouds. Typically on Friday's their teachers would give the middle-schoolers twenty minutes of free time. Regardless, Riku had blindly admitted his interest in his friend.

And what the weird part was, was that Riku was not ashamed one bit. He knew he was not as straight as everyone would have liked him to be. Hell, he knew it the moment he locked eyes with that boy. Those beautiful blue eyes, that cute smirk and- and now he was getting a head ache from remembering all the details. Going back to the story, Riku had admitted he had a major crush on the boy. He wanted to be with him badly, seeing he was the first person that Riku had actually cared about more than himself.

And that damned boy had stared at him, then told the whole world. The next day, which was Saturday, the whole school knew it, and on Monday snickers and teases were shot at Riku. All because of that little, back-stabbing boy he thought he loved. So basically, that stupid boy had screwed his love life over for good. Damned fool…

Fingers strummed the black steering wheel as the male continued. He had been requested to head down to Texas to report live from that sports dome that everyone was talking about. What ever its name was. And now he had to drive straight down from Canada all the way down to Texas within two weeks. No plane, no money, just the company car that was officially his. The cheap bastards.

Riku grumbled darkly as he eased his foot heavier onto the gas. The red corvette sped along down the dirt road as emerald eyes gazed to the scene around him. He was in the middle of nowhere. There was deserts on every side of him, and the only thing that looked somewhat civilized was the dirt road he followed. Not a soul or fellow car in sight for miles on end. Oh, he better be getting paid enormous amounts for this.

Emerald eyes focused and unfocused on the canyons around him. It was getting warm in this car, and just his luck he had gotten the car with no cover. The sun beat furiously down on his skin, causing Riku to become even hotter than he already was. With a flick of his wrist, the male turned on the air conditioner to pull blast. Cool air greeted his sun-kissed face as he leaned back in his seat, leisurely driving down that crappily made road.

Dexterously, Riku removed the black jacket he had on, swinging it over his shoulder to the seat behind him. Tightly sticking to his chest was a grey tank top accompanying a pair of jeans. He hadn't expected this ride to be so –hot-.

Regardless, Riku continued driving, easing the his foot harder against the gas pedal. The faster he got there the better. More interviews and reports and articles meant more money. And more money meant more happiness. Exactly, precisely, no other way to put it.

Everything was going great, for the most part, but of course-

"What?" Riku muttered darkly, noticing the car slowly losing speed. Eyebrows arched at once, sparing a glance at the gas level. Empty… Damn it all. "You've got to be kidding me." Riku cursed equally darkly, eyes narrowing at the little orange arrow that pointed to the E. Reaching towards it, the silver-haired teen jabbed the circle, thinking if he poked it enough, it would spike back to full. How naïve he really was.

As expected, the car decreased in speed until it came to a complete halt. An unamused sigh passed the business man's lips as he angrily pushed the door open, getting out, and aggressively kicking the tire. "You've got to be kidding me," He repeated with vengeance, leaning against the cherry red door with anger. Oh this was pointless.

An epiphany struck Riku as he moved his way towards the back of his car. Hands reached into the back seat, snagging his jacket. Fingers entered the black jacket, emerging with a black razor. A snicker passed his lips as he flipped the phone open triumphantly. "Thank you technology." He sneered, about to punch in the number to his corporation. Perhaps they could send a tow truck down to him and he could get a lift down to Texas.

"… no service?" Oh this just was not his day. Riku stared emptily at the corner of his cell phone, hoping that just one bar would appear. Hoplessly Riku began to walk back and forth near his car, hoping to pick up some connection. Nope, nothing. Nada. Zip.

Grumbling to himself, Riku tossed the phone onto the ground with rage. Things like this never happened to him. He was … too good looking, too smart for things like this to happen? Why hadn't he put a spare tank of gas in the trunk? That was right… the price of gas was too high to be able to leisurely do that. Damn you society.

Riku grumbled, for what felt like the millionth time that day, and collapsed against his car, back sliding against the slick paint. Today was just a bad day. A horrible day. How he wanted something cold to drink. Something ice cold, perhaps a beer. Wait, he wasn't of drinking age… ah who cared? That sounded so nice right now and-

Riku lifted his gaze up momentarily to look around. The teen's heart instantly stopped as his emerald eyes met with blue ones. Those blue, tranquil, loving eyes that had stabbed him in the back so many years ago and the name flooded back into him like a cascading water fall. Sora. Sora. He repeated it to himself as he scrambled to his feet with sudden shock and hope. Why was his childhood crush here? Here of all places! Wherever here was…

"What are you doing here?" Riku asked emptily, voice trembling. He felt that familiar nervous feeling he got when he looked the other in the eye. He had not seen him for what, five years? Or was it more? And he had not changed much at all. Those familiar locks of brown covered the male's eyes, and he wore black cargo pants and similar clothing that he used to. The only difference was that he had gone from that childish cute to… down right sexy.

The other did not answer, just advanced closer to Riku. The boy's hand reached outward, trailing down Riku's firmly built body, taunting the one he touched. Riku winced from the contact, hands gripping the car door behind him so he would not lose his balance from the pleasure. Green eyes met the taunting blue ones eyes briefly as Riku dared to move his hand. He wanted to touch the face that had caused him so much pain, wanted to run his fingers over the lips he had always wanted to kiss. He wanted to fall back in love and-

When he did reach out to touch the other, his hand slipped right through. Emerald eyes filled with confusion as he stood there. The boy spoke in a haunting voice. "I thought I'd never see you again, Riku."

His name being spoken by the one who had made his life the way it was, was absolutely chilling. Riku knew exactly what this was the moment his hand had slipped through. Anger spilled through Riku's veins as clenched his fists, hope being destroyed.

"A mirage. A damn mirage…"Riku hissed, looking down at his feet. How easily he was fooled.

"Mirage?" The mirage of the one he thought he had loved spoke, hand reaching out to run across Riku's face. And Riku could have sworn he felt those gentle and electrifying fingers trail down his jaw line. As if he was really there.

"That's great and all, but you're damn a mirage so if you don't mind, can you just do what ever you mirages do.. and disappear.." Riku seethed, angered that he was thinking this up. He wanted to forget, and it seemed that his conscious wasn't letting him.

Silence came between the pair as Riku growled and slammed his foot into the ground. "Disappear. Now!" Riku stared ahead at the blue eyes that simply looked back at him. Why oh why was he haunted by this boy?


Riku tilted his head to the side upon hearing a voice. Green eyes fell off of Sora to look to a woman. She was standing by his car in a pink dress. Brown hair fell in front of her face, falling down to her chest. Calm and somewhat chilling eyes looked at him innocently as she stood there. Her voice seemed empty, but she seemed much more alive then the mirage. Riku quickly turned back to the Sora, only to see that he was gone. So he was a mirage after all, right?

"Did you see that boy, just now?" Riku demanded, hands flexing by his side. Desperation was apparent in his voice as he stared at the woman.

"There was nothing there, sir." She stated bluntly then glanced at his car. "You car has broken down?" The way she spoke made Riku angrier by the moment. Riku gave a restless nod, letting his arms fold to his chest in the meantime. Man was it hot out here.

"The town's about a mile from here in that direction." The woman pointed to her right, off the road and to what looked like nothing. "Come with me. There's food and water there. I'm sure we can help you, sir." Without waiting for an answer she began to walk off, expecting the other to follow.

Riku stared blankly at her, and then to his cell phone. He had not remembered a town on his map… Riku shrugged, snatching the phone from the ground and then quickly following after the woman, who's name he learned to be Aerith. Was he really losing his mind? And why was everything so… off lately?