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Lilian ran her hand through her long blonde hair and sighed into her cell phone. "Pick UP Adam. For God's sake." She smiled hearing the call being answered. "Ads?" She said hopefully.

"No. It's Ria. He's in the shower. What do you want Lilly?" came the female voice down the receiver.

"As much as you may like to think it, we aren't and never will be on nickname terms. Only my FRIENDS call me Lilly and considering you've STOLEN Adam, we AREN'T friends." She hung up quickly and sighed. Maybe she had been a little harsh, Maria had only tried to be nice. Well Lilian didn't NEED her niceties. Lilian sighed and pushed open the locker room door to see three confused faces stare back at her. "I uh, called Ads. SHE Answered. So I Yelled A little and hung up." Amy shook her head and went back to eating a bar of chocolate Hunter had kindly just given her. Candice sighed slightly and Hunter ignored the fact that she had said anything.

"It's like, he's gone. And he's not coming back because of that stupid little slut." Candice said.

"You know, if it wasn't for Vicky, he would still come see us. But he'd bring her with him," Hunter said, pulling a leather jacket on. "he's scared of what she'll say to Maria. Cause, well, she's never really TRIED to hide the fact that she hates her has she?" Amy laughed loudly.

"Vicky doesn't hide ANYTHING. And why should she? She is juss voicing what everyone else is thinking - Maria is a stupid little hoe who doesn't deserve a fucking WWE contract." Amy smirked as she finished her sentence.

"You're ok. You can get away with saying shit like that. You aren't a diva anymore. We still have to wrestle her. If THAT's what you call it. I Know I'm not exactly the best wrestler the ring's been graced with but at least I TRY to learn. It WOULD help if my trainer hadn't got Knocked Up. But I guess we're not complaining. Those DDT's HURT Ames." Candice said, starting to ramble.

"I'm gunna have this the WHOLE way to the hotel ain't I?" muttered Hunter to himself, opening the door and walking out ahead of the girls.

Ten minutes later...

"And it's not like he's known her LONGER than us. I mean, he's known Jeff, Ames and Hunter, for forever. How can he just up and leave like that? I Swear to God if I was you Hunter, I'd wait until the next match you get against him, and I'd beat his brains out." Candice said.
"No you wouldn't Candice. Let's not get too excited. And you wont be beating ANYONE's brains out until she has had her kid. Vicky ain't gunna train you. Not after the black eye Amy ended up with." Hunter said, laughing.

"yes she would. All I'd have to say is, 'I Wanna be Able To Kick Maria's Ass' And she'd help me like that," said Candice snapping her fingers.

"Look, can we FORGET about Adam and the Hoe for the night? I Juss... Cant's be assed talking about them just now." said Amy grumpily. She hated Maria more than anyone, well maybe not Vicky, but it was pretty close. But she didn't wanna hear 101 Ways to kill Maria Kanellis so she figured if she could shut them up before they got to the hotel, Vicky wouldn't get involved in the conversation and she wouldn't have to hear it.

"Psht," said Candice. "I was enjoying the bitching session."

"That's cause you're a bitch," replied Lilian laughing.

"I am not. I'm just, slightly more outspoken than you. And, you don't call Vicky or Amy a bitch when they talk about people." Candice protested, pouting like a little girl.

Suddenly, Hunter's pocket started vibrating. "Shit, Lilian. Reach into my pocket and answer that will you. It'll be Steph."

"Why cant SHE do it. She's in the front seat," said Lilian hunting around in the outside left pocket of his jacket, which had carelessly been thrown over the driver's seat.

"Cause she'll call Stephanie a whore and get Randy fired. That's why," Hunter replied, as Amy sat smirking and drawing smiley faces in the condensation appearing on the passenger seat window.

"Hello. Oh Hey Stephanie. No he's driving. He can't. He's coming out with us tonight. Like every other Monday night. No he CAN'T change his plans. Screw you too." Lilian laughed as she hung up.

"She wanted to spend 'quality time with her boo'." she giggled.

"Look, can we leave the Stephanie-Bashing till I AIN'T here ?" said Hunter smiling. The truth was, he'd NEVER really loved Stephanie. They'd been together for just over a year. And it had never really gone well. Stephanie was possessive and didn't like the fact that he hung out with four girls every Monday night. He'd grown to learn that, no matter how much he INSISTED he was only friends with the girls, he knew Stephanie would never believe him. Maybe it had something to do with the fact he called her Lilian, at a atime when a girl would rather here her boyfriend say HER Nmae, instead of some random friend of his. He laughed, thinking about this fact as he pulled into the hotel's parking lot.

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