-1AN: Ok well I'd just like to say that this is my first Bleach fic. I've seen like up to episode 100 of the series so I'd like to think I know the show a bit. Um I've read enough Fanfiction to know a little bit about what happens after the Bounto but I haven't really studied it. I actually don't have any idea when people start to learn more about Ichigo's hollow self, so in this story no one but ichigo (and of course sandal hat) know about it.

This is after SS arc, but before the Bounto. I don't much care for the Bounto thing so I'm ignoring it. :P Thus far I've been disappointed in how few Hollow Ichigo stories there are. Thus the reason for this story. From what I've seen of the story I have no real idea what he's like. Crazy, kind of fucked up and weird I can guess, but other than that I actually don't know. So Sorry if I fuck things up or make people OoC. It's just a little piece of fan fiction so don't get upset. (like certain halo fans do for my other story.)

Oh and P.S. I've decided on Whitey when refering to the Hollow part. No idea what he's actually called. He goes by whitey in the inner world or when he's in Ichigo's body he's Ichigo.


Such a strange world he lived in.

Tall glass buildings, blue skies with a few spare clouds here and there. All of it sideways in a dizzying fashion.

After so long he'd gotten used to it. After all it was his and the Kings soul, their own inner world. It made sense if it was fucked up.

He was supposed to be a hollow. Or at least that was what Ichigo thought. After all hollows had masks. Whitey as Ichigo referred to him as couldn't deny that he himself had a mask. A skull with red crimson stripes that golden eyes glowed out from within.

Still, he didn't think he was a Hollow. Hollows were supposed to be, well…hollow. They didn't feel much but anger and pain, or whatever drove them to become hollows.

Whitey didn't feel any of that. Ya he was pissed off that he was stuck here, while the king went out and played. Damn carrot top wouldn't even let him fight. It wasn't fair, didn't Ichigo learn anything about sharing in kindergarten.

Whitey could share. The thought was actually kind of interesting. Two parts of the same soul taking turns with the body. Wouldn't a shrink love to get a hold of them.

A guy could make a living on just trying to figure out their head.

Whitey smiled, enjoying the thought. That actually sounded like fun.

He felt…deep down that he was supposed to fight Ichigo for control. That that was how it all was supposed to go. But hell he didn't feel like doing that. After all he had gotten kind of lazy in this laid back cloud watching world. Why the hell would he want to fight with himself when there were so many enemies to fight on the outside.

Besides Ichigo was interesting enough. Kind of weak sometimes…but other times…well there was a reason Whitey called him king.

"Hey Zanny!"

The black cloaked figure in the distance didn't move. Whitey smiled, knowing full well the old man hated to be called that.

"I know you can hear me old man. Get Ichigo in here."

The old man frowned at this, proving that he was indeed listening to him. He turned and jumped off his little pole. Damn sword hardly did anything except lecture or watch the clouds.

"So you are finally getting to it."

Whitey blinked, then laughed at the old mans serious expression.

"No no no…let the king stay king."

Another deeper frown.

"That is not how it is done."

Whitey wondered how much Zangetsu knew about their current situation. Wasn't the sword supposed to be another part of Ichigo, and if that was the case how could he know more than them.

"Ya I got that feeling too, still I don't wanna."

"Then you yield? Without a fight?"

Zangetsu raised an eyebrow at the white version of Ichigo. Whitey laughed high pitched and insane.

"Not even! We're all adults here…sort of. I thought I'd ask Ichigo if he'd share with me."

Zangetsue frowned even more harshly.

"This is not a custody battle."

"Its not a battle period, unless one of us decides to fight."

Whitey's smile faulted as he stared at Zangetsu

"What do you know old man. What am I…what are we?"

The old man paused and tilted his head down covering his eyes in a shadow of hair.

"I'm surprised you don't know."


Ichigo's voice rang through their lonely world. Whitey turned slightly to see Ichigo's form walking toward them.

"You called him?"

"You asked me to."

"I didn't think you would."

Zangetsu lifted his head studying Ichigo's other half.

"Do you really intent to just share? Like children on a playground."

Whitey smirked.

"Would you have us try to fight it out like two drunks in a bar?"

"This will not work."

Whitey shrugged.

"We'll just have to see won't we?"

Zangetsu shook his head.

"This will not work."

He said as he faded away, leaving Whitey and Ichigo alone inside their world.

"Oi bastard!"

Ichigo called out once he got close enough to see who the lone figure was. Whitey didn't answer him, rather he stared up at the sky a frown on his face.

What does that old man know that they didn't? Why was Zangetsu surprised that he didn't know already? What was he supposed to know?


Ichigo yelled louder, annoyed that he was being ignored.

"What the hell is going on here? I was at school you know!"


Whitey said offhandedly still distracted by his thoughts. Finally he shook his head. Now wasn't the time to think about the sword.

"I didn't know, so sorry."

Ichigo blinked taken aback by the somewhat civil remark. When had the white thing in his soul even been anything but violent.

"What is going on here?"

Ichigo asked again scratching the back of his head. This was different, for one the old man was no where to be seen, two he'd never been pulled into this world when he wasn't fighting. Usually he was forced here when the old man wanted to lecture him over something.

"Oh ya!"

Whitey perked up remembering why he had asked for Ichigo to come.

"Do you know who I am King?"

Ichigo paused his eyebrow furrowing deeper as he thought it over. For some reason something was telling him this wasn't an ideal question.

"You're a hollow…I think. I mean, you got the mask and your energies feel like a hollows."

Whitey nodded in a snobbish manner as he crossed his arms, looking like a teacher about to give a lecture.


The clone was unable to keep a straight face as it grinned suddenly.

"I think…then again I don't know."

"You don't know?"
Ichigo asked as he just managed to keep from face vaulting.

"Neither do you."

"Well I'm not you."

"Yes you are, and I am you as well."

"You dragged me here to tell me that?"
Ichigo said a vein popping out of his forehead. He was in Math class for crying out loud. What was the teacher going to say if he caught him snoozing. Damn Mr. Kallers didn't like him anyway, stereotyping him as a young punk. Couldn't stand the fact that Ichigo actually studied and got good marks.

"Hear me out King. Did Cha know the old man said I was supposed to try and fight you for control."

Ichigo screamed suddenly very very nervous. Granted he didn't know a lot about the hollow thing, he did know it was very dangerous. And it was hard to control whenever it got out. Hell it almost killed Rukia's brother. He glared at the white form wondering if he was strong enough to actually fight it, after all last time they had fought it had been a difficult lesson.

"I guess I can do that if you want. But I'd rather not."

The white form said as it stuck a finger in its ear.

"Watching clouds all day seems to have made me lazy. HOWEVER!"

It moved, suddenly right beside Ichigo. Ichigo jumped back eyes wide and hands up ready for a fight.


Its voice rose and deepened in pitch, giving it a weirdly creepy and insane sound to Ichigo's own voice.

"I thought maybe we could come to a compromise."

"A compromise?"
Ichigo's eyes narrowed.

"You can still be the king, but I get to play to!"


"I get control over the body. Or as Zangetsue put it, sharing like two kids in a playground."

Whitey's eyes narrowed dangerous, energy suddenly crackling around it. Ichigo gulped and stood a step back.

"I said I was to lazy to fight it out, but that doesn't mean I won't. I'm bored here king. Haven't I the right to play as well. I am a part of you after all."

Ichigo took a deep breath. This was not good. This thing was evil, it was a hollow after all. What the fuck did it want to do in his body. Slaughter everyone, pick fights, destroy the town, take over the world?

What should he do? They could fight it out, but something told him that it would be a hard battle. Something he might not win, then what? Would he become a hollow and kill everyone.

"What…would you do if we did share?"
the hollow paused, seemly taken aback by the question.

"I dunno? Hmmm."
It tapped its chin thoughtfully.

"First off, I want to kill some Hollows. Maybe those bastards on the south side of town."

"Oh come on King. I know you felt them. I could tell by the clouds."

Ichigo paused thinking back.

Well…now that it mentioned it. Yes he had felt something. It was so faint though he hadn't given it much thought.

"Then what?"

Ichigo asked feeling a little better, letting it kill hollows wouldn't be so bad.

"I want some ice cream."
"Ice cream?"

The hollow nodded.


It paused noticing Ichigo's raised eyebrows.

"What you'd rather me eat souls?"


It nodded.

"Good cause I don't wanna. Hmm still…I wonder what a soul would taste like? Do you think someone that ate a lot of ice cream would taste like it. You know, the whole you are what you eat?"


Whitely chuckled, amused at its others self explosion. It once again wondered about itself. From what they knew of hollows, hollows wanted to eat souls. They were heartless and evil creatures. They were full of pain and hate and whatever emotion they felt while still whole. To him the thought of eating a high powered soul was…confusing. On one hand it didn't disgust him. Something he knew Ichigo felt. Then on the other it was something he really didn't want to do.

"OK, King how about this. I get free for three hours a day."

Ichigo didn't answer but Whitey could clearly understand what was worrying him. He rolled his eyes.

"No I won't take over during school hours, I won't hurt your friends or random people…unless provoked…and I won't eat anyone's soul."

The hollow added with a leer.

"Good enough for ya king? Cause those are the only rules I'm agreeing to."

"Three hours…that's it."

"For now. Later we can negotiate, but right now four is good enough for me."

Ichigo took a deep breath.

"I can't believe I'm even considering this. OK."
He said holding out his hand.

"but if you break the rules I break your skull."

Ichigo snarled meaning ever word.

"NO problem king. I'll be a good boy."

Suddenly a loud buzzing sound echoed through Ichigo's world.

"Oh looky there."

The hollow said absolutely delighted.

"Math class is over. Isn't that the last class of the day?"

Ichigo's eyebrows shot up.

"Oh no."

"OH YES. Have fun with Zangetsu! Bye bye king!"

With that the hollow disappeared


Ichigo muttered as he looked around the lonely world within himself.

Whitey or rather ICHIGO woke up with a start. Shivering in excitement he lifted his head and looked around. Everyone was getting up, getting ready to leave school.

He looked down at his hands, then reached up and touched him face. He half expected the hollow mask to be there, but only smooth skin met his fingers.

Must only get that in shinigami form.

He couldn't believe the king actually went for this. Then again…the king was part of him so since he thought it was a good compromise the king probably thought the same thing.

Better than us trying to destroy each other.

He felt kind of light headed but other than that the transfer was all good.

Now what to do?

He was torn between exploring or fighting. True he could go after them hollows. But they weren't really the kind he'd like to fight. To weak for his tastes.

It would just waste time.

Ok exploring. The world looks so…so filled out here. Like every little space has been filled with something.

It was a sharp contrast to what he was used to.

Ichigo stood up, gathering his books and throwing the backpack over his shoulder.

He felt a little strange. He didn't think he'd ever been awake in Ichigo's body. Usually the boy was fighting when he came out. It didn't feel bad, just different.

As soon as he stepped out of the school and into the sun he dropped the backpack and lifted his arms as he tilted back his head.

AH yes this felt good. REAL sunlight, a real breeze, real smells, it was so much, so wonderful that he could hardly stand it.

Well it felt good until something kicked him hard enough in the back to send him sprawling. For a moment he laid on the ground, his face in the dirt. Ya he liked the real world and all but that didn't mean he wanted to kiss it like this.

Ichigo was livid, rolling over he got his hands behind himself ready to push himself up. He fully intended to beat the snot out of whoever kicked him. After all he only said he wouldn't hurt people that didn't provoke him. He was fairly certain kicking was a type of provocation.

A small girl well not a girl, a woman really was staring at him. She had her arms crossed over her tiny chest looking at him with a raised eyebrow.

"What the hell are you doing Ichigo? I realize it's the beginning of break, but still you looked like an idiot."

Ichigo stared, his eyes wide.


Was his only thought for what felt like forever. He didn't know who she was but god was she beautiful. She had this spirit energy to her that made his want to reach out and touch her. Hell if he was into the whole eating souls thing he might just want to take a bite or two. As it was he stared, he had to think for a moment but he finally managed to get into Ichigo's memories. Memories of the outside.


Everything the King knew about her flooded through his mind. She was the reason the King had become a death god. It was because of her that the hollow part of him had even been created.

"what are you staring at?"

Rukia asked a little annoyed and kind of puzzled. Ichigo wasn't acting right.

Ichigo was suddenly to close to her, grabbing at her hands and leaning down his face near hers. Rukia's eyes bulged.

"But soft! What light through yonder window breaks?
It is the East, and Rukia is the sun!
Arise, fair sun, and kill the envious moon,
who is already sick and pale with grief
That thou her maid art far more fair than she."


Rukia asked not understanding what the hell?! She didn't understand word he was saying. Was that English he was speaking. She knew that Ichigo took a class of famous English literature but she didn't think he actually spoke it.

Was this Ichigo? He was smiling at her. Kind of creepy actually. Looking into his eyes she felt shock ripple through her.

She could have sworn Ichigo had brown eyes, now however…his eyes were orange. They were bright and seemed to be lit from behind by some sort of light.

"Ichigo! What is the matter with you!"

Rukia pushed him away as hard as she could. She knew he was stronger than her so she really didn't expect him to let go, but he did. She took a step back.

"What is going on? You're not acting like yourself."

Ichigo laughed, and she felt goose bumps raise on her arms.

"Naw just different. After all every coin has two sides."

She was silent a moment.

"I think you need to go home and get some rest. You obviously hit your head or something."

With that Rukia turned sharply around and left the (unknown) hollow behind.

Ichigo smiled, his grin too wide, showing too many teeth.

Why haven't I noticed her before now. She's obviously very important to Ichigo. I knew who Rukia was, but I never thought…so beautiful. So very very beautiful.

He watched her leave, watching the way her hair bounced with each step, the way her skirt seemed to sway with her body. He felt warm all over. A strange heat that would have settled lower than his stomach if he allowed it to. However despite the fact this was the first time in a human body, he knew how to keep himself contained.

The heat stayed in his stomach giving him a strange butterfly feeling.

"I wanna kill stuff."

He decided suddenly, stretching out his senses he found the two hollows he'd mentioned earlier.

Ok, home is in the same direction. I drop the body off, and then I get to have some fun.

Still smiling he turned and ran. He enjoyed the feeling of the wind on his face, and the sound of his feet hitting the pavement.

To bad it for only three hours. Still I made a deal. I might be a hollow, or not, but I am a hollow (or not) of my word.

It hadn't taken long to get home. However it had taken longer than he thought to ditch the body.

Good god!

He thought as he laid their body on the bed. As an after thought he placed a book on their chest. If someone happened to look in here they would think he feel asleep reading.

Our father is weird. I need to pay more attention while on the inside. I kind of feel sorry for Ichigo. Dealing with me, and then coming home to that psycho.

He stood there in the room a moment. He felt good, he felt powerful. He was in their death god robes and as he had originally thought in this form his mask was present.

Reaching up he touched the cold object.

He didn't know why he had a mask. He wasn't really a hollow was he?

Or maybe he was, but a different kind. He didn't know.

He liked his mask, after all it was wicked looking. Better than the random hollows they killed everyday. It was a part of them now. More of him than Ichigo, after all Ichigo had let that little healer throw it away, had let the cat take it from him.

That was rude king. It had taken a lot of effect to time it right, so that you didn't get cut up to badly. And look what you did with my gift, you tossed it away.

He looked at the clock. He had about two hours left.

"Better get going."

With that he jumped out the window. He used flash step most of the way. After all he had a limited time frame to work with. He didn't want to go back inside and let Ichigo finish.

It only took a few minutes to reach the hollows territory. He slowed down, walking down the deserted sidewalk. This was mostly a industrial park. Hardly any houses so hardly anyone walked the streets here.

He paused as he stretched his senses out. He couldn't feel the hollows for some reason. Maybe they had left? No that didn't make sense, the air was still…well it kind of smelled like a hollow. They were close.

Looking around he smiled as he noticed a tiny ghost at the streets corner. It wasn't looking at him, rather away and down the street.

Walking up he put a hand of the ghost.


He said in a sing song voiced.

"Know where any hollows are?"

The ghost turned around Ichigo smiled as the guy first looked at his chest (it was a short ghost) then looked up at his face.

"Oh my god no! DON"T EAT ME!"

He screamed as he tried to turn and run. However Ichigo had a firm grip on his shoulders. The ghost was no match for the hollowed Shinigami.

"I ain't gonna eat cha."

He said with a chuckle. The ghost didn't seem to consoled. It was in a panic.

"Where are the hollows? I know they are here."

The ghost fell to its knee's its voice and soul shaking in fear.

"I…I don't know. They…hide."

Ichigo squatted down near the man. He studied the ghost for a long moment.

"Where do they hide?"

The ghost shook its head.

"They…they took most of the other ghosts. I have to hide from them all the time. I don't want to go to hell."

The man lowered his face to the ground in a formal bow.

"Please don't eat me. I beg of you. Don't eat me."

Ichigo frowned annoyed.

"where do they hide…show me."
"NO nonnonono. Don't make me go near them!"

The ghost stood up surprisingly quick for one with no spiritual power. He tried to run. Not that Ichigo let him go far, with an insane grin he attacked the ghost. Attacked him in such a way to scare the hell out of him…or rather scare away his fear of the other hollows. He had a very dangerous one in front of him. Ichigo had to teach him who he truly should fear.

He attacked teeth first. He didn't bite him hard. Just enough to draw blood on the shoulder. He had no intention of actually eating him. The taste however was something he didn't expect.

Bitter sweet, disgustingly so. It was more than he could stomach although he didn't let go. He didn't let the man know how much he just wanted to spit and gag.

Do all souls taste like this? Nasssty.


He was screaming as he tried to beat the hollow off him. Ichigo smiled. His teeth inside the mask showing as he lifted his lips.

"Show me where they are."

He felt Ichigo starting to wake up. No doubt the bastard thought he might actually eat the guy. He gently shoved the king down deeper. He still had time and he hadn't broken any rules.


The souls with tears in his eyes nodded.

Ichigo let go of him, turning his head so the soul didn't see him spit the blood out of his mouth.

Blood stained his mask however. He could actually feel it. He didn't think he liked it to much. He wondered if other hollows felt this, tasted that, or if he was just different.

"Over…over there."

The soul said trembling as he held his injured shoulder. He started walking toward some warehouses.

"They…they go in and disappear. I see them dragging ghosts in…no one ever comes out."

Ichigo nodded.

"Sounds like quite the banquet. I'm surprised they managed to avoid attracting the death gods attentions."

Ichigo grabbed Zangetsu's handle. He felt the old man through the power of the sword. He was annoyed and impatient. Ichigo clearly hear his voice echoing through his memories.

This will not work.

Well it was working for now. He didn't understand why the old man was being so jack ass about this.

"Oh well…time for killin."

Whistling to himself he started toward one the warehouses.

As soon as he walked into the building…he grinned.

The buildings are shielded somehow. No wonder I couldn't feel them. Hmmm interesting. What in the world are Hollows doing inside of a shielded building.

While exploring Ichigo stumbled across a strange scene. He didn't find the hollows. But something stranger.

What in the world?

Ghosts…dozens of ghosts. All of them tied to the ground by their severed chains of fate.

Are these the missing ghosts the other was talking about? Hollows eat souls. Why the hell are they keeping them here.

They all noticed him. There was a slight murmur as some of the more timid ones started to cry. Most were woman, although a few men and children were in the group.

"Oh god, not another one."

One of the woman whispered in fear.

"Hush woman. Don't bring attention to yourself."

An old man chided the woman, as he placed a hand of her shoulder.

What in the world is going on?

Ichigo scratched the side of his head. This was not normal Hollow behavior.


He said raising a hand in greeting.

"What's going on here?"

"Leave us alone monster."

A braver soul cried out. The man squeaked in fright as Ichigo turned his head toward him. With a sigh he sat down on a crate of whatever was stored in the warehouse. Crossing his arms he leaned back, looking up at the ceiling.

"Oi oi oi, all I wanted to do was kill some weak hollows. Now I'm stuck in a mystery…with only."

He checked his inner clock.

"with only a half hour before the king comes back."

"they want to make us into hollows."

Ichigo's head snapped up and turned toward the child that had spoke. The little girl didn't look away as their eyes met.

That ones got guts.

"Cindy shush…he's obviously with them!"

Another man said but the little girl ignored him.

"They want to attack the death gods in the city, but not alone. They want to make all of us hollows."

Ichigo studied the small girl for a long moment.

"Being a hollow isn't fun."

He said quietly. He wasn't even sure if he was a hollow himself, but the memory of that empty world he had to go back to made his shudder. It was so empty in there, so lonesome with only Zengetsu and himself…occasionally the king came, but that was rare. He imagined being a hollow was that emptiness all the time, on the outside world as well as in.

"Has anyone turned yet?"

Ichigo asked, wondering what kind of technique they were trying to use.

The little girl nodded no.

"They haven't figured it out yet…but…"

She looked down at her chain. Ichigo then noticed how worn it was. In fact all of the prisoners chains were worn. That was not a good sign.

"Getting closer ne?"

Something inside Ichigo pounded against his head. It was his other self, paying close attention to what whitey as doing.

"Hm? Oi king. Still my turn. What? I don't wanna…"

All the ghosts looked at each other as the Hollow seemed to have a conversation to himself.

"I know its not normal behavior. I think I'd know. Well I don't know."

There were pauses between each sentence as if he was talking to someone and they were answering.

"Just let me kill the hollows. I still got half an hour."

Whitey shook his head, once again forcing the king down. He would have to talk to him about this. This was his time. The king needed to stay out of it.

Right now it was ok, after all this was a fragile beginning. He understood the king was nervous, especially after he had bitten that guy.

"Any idea where they are?"

He asked with a soft chuckle that seemed to somehow echo through the air.

Ichigo paused as he studied the worn chains. They were too worn. He doubted they would be able to release them without actually forcing a change of them. That meant they needed to do a soul burial for all of them.

He looked at Zangetsu. The old sword had had the seal on the bottom. Ichigo might be an official death god now, but that didn't mean they had the power to send ghost to soul society.

He needed a death god here. A real one, not some death god, hollow, crossover freak like himself.


He smiled suddenly, as her pretty face, full of anger and spirit entered his mind. He reached for his seal.

"Yo Rukia."

He had never used it as a walkie talkie before but for some reason he knew it would work.

She took a moment to answer.

"Where the hell are you Ichigo. I found your body in your bed."

"South side. Got about two dozen souls that need to be sent to soul society now!"

He tried to sound exactly like the king. He didn't need her to be suspicious and maybe not come. There was no way in hell he wanted to fight a bunch of little new born hollows. It would be a waste of his time. Not to mention the king would be mad at him for allowing them to turn.


With that Rukia cut the connection.


He muttered to himself…

"To find those hollows."

Rukia ran into the warehouses. She was following the signal his seal sent. It was weird. Until she actually went into the warehouse she didn't feel anything.

When she went through the thresh hold however everything hit her at once.

The smell of blood, the feeling a very powerful hollow and the fear of souls.

She gagged, as she withdrew her sword.

She started to shake as she searched for Ichigo's spirit energy. All she felt was the throbbing of a hollow. The most powerful hollow she had ever felt. It scared the hell out of her. She felt her limps shake as she slowly went in.

Ichigo…were are you. Please don't be dead.

Turning the corner she blinked.

The area was literally covered in blood. It was everywhere, on the walls the floors, everywhere!

The still twitching bodies of at least 3 hollows littered the ground around her. That was unusual if a hollow was destroyed the body disappeared. Standing amongst the gore was a black clad and orange haired youth. Rukia felt her throat close. She wanted to call out to him. Ask him what the hell was going on. Ask him why she couldn't feel him and instead felt…felt THAT! If she didn't know better she would think the hollow feeling came from Ichigo

Finally she whispered out.


The substitute death god whirled around.


He asked his voice shaky.

"Don't…don't…come any closer."

He said as Rukia started toward him. He moved, obviously trying to hide something. Rukia blinked as she realized the feeling of the strong hollow had disappeared.

"What happened here?"

She asked feeling she was missing something. Walking forward she ignored Ichigo's threats and pleads. She pushed him aside, looking at what he was trying to find.

"Oh my god…"

She whispered as she reached up to ward off the suddenly nausea that assaulted her.

The hollows were not dead. Their bodies were ripped to shreds but their masks remained. After all the mask was the power of a hollow. The three masks stared at her half dead and crying in pain. That wasn't all…written in blood…was a message.

'To my little Rukia. Feel free to kick me around anytime.'

There was even a little ribbon of cloth tied in a neat bow and literally soaked in blood.

"Ichigo…what the fuck!"

She said turning her eyes toward him and away from the gristly 'gifts'.

"I didn't…do it."

He said his eyes wide. This was…this was disgusting.

"You've…got blood on your mouth."

She said casually. Like she was mentioning a smudge of dirt, or a misplaced piece of rice.

Ichigo reached up touching the blood and smearing it across his face. He looked bewildered and confused.

"Rukia…I didn't…"

"where are the souls you mentioned."

She said cutting him off. She felt…strange inside. Scared and unsure, but one thing was for sure, she didn't want to talk about this right now!

That is not right, that is NOT sane!

Ichigo pointed.

"Ok, I'll deal with them. You….you finish this."

She walked away.