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It was dark. The sky black and the ground beneath him hard and cold.

He couldn't see anything around him. The blackness of night enveloping him in nothingness. It was different. He was so used to the regular inner world. He never thought before to come here.

Well…he had thought of it, but being this deep was dangerous. Here he was weak. Here the King was KING. There was no fighting here. There was no doubts and no weakness in Ichigo. This was the source of his power, the source of his will.

The Hollow felt weirdly comfortable here.

So he sat in silence. As far and deep into Ichigo's soul as he could. He didn't want to even look at Zangetsu. He didn't want to hear Ichigo's waking thoughts or see the occasional image hidden in the clouds.

He just wanted to think. Just sit and try to sort out his feelings. He could do that here.

He was so deep within Ichigo's soul that it was beyond sub conscious. It was his core. The same stuff a newborn soul is composed of. No feelings, no thoughts, nothing but its basic make up.

He could think freely here. He could feel freely.

But…were they his feelings?

Was anything he considered him really his?

He was a part of Ichigo, just like the bastard Zangetsu. Yet he was different. He might as well be another soul. Separated and free.

He didn't know what he wanted to do.

He had made a promise.

But…he wanted freedom.

He wanted time.

He wanted to be king.

He wanted to kill.

He wanted blood on his hand.

He wanted to fight.

He wanted to win.

He wanted…

He wanted Rukia.

But he had made a promise.

It was harder than he thought it would be. To even consider breaking that promise. Just thinking about it had driven him here.

Still Zangetsu had made it clear, and he agreed, that they couldn't keep on like this.

Ichigo hated him.

He wasn't fond of the King either.

There was simply no trust between them. How could they co-exist without trust?

One always looking over the others back.

And then…there was the girl.

She added a whole new dimension of confusion to the situation.

He loved her. Or at least he thought he did. Ichigo obviously loved the girl. So Whitey wasn't sure if it was his feelings or Ichigo's he was feeling. Still they were the same so it made sense they would feel the same about certain things.

Whitey wasn't jealous of Ichigo. If Ichigo got the girl he would be fine with that. In fact he would have fun with the memories such a relationship would bring.

He just…

He wasn't really sure what bothered him so much. Maybe it was the way she flinched when he tried to touch her. Maybe it was the fear and loathing in her eyes. Maybe it was her…fear FOR Ichigo that was bothering him so much.

In the end, no matter what happened he was a part of Ichigo. Whether the king stayed king, or became the horse, Whitey could never leave.

So…if this girl loved Ichigo, but hated him…did that mean she also hated Ichigo?

Whitey growled softly as he bit down on his knuckled.

He could taste the copperish bite of blood. He couldn't see it, but he could imagine the blood as it oozed from the wounds. The pain helped to focus his mind. He needed physical pain to keep him from being lost in his mental anguish.


She was the key.

He was so confused. He couldn't focus and he couldn't decide.

All because of that woman.

One more time. I need to talk to her. One on one.

Depending on her answers, he would make the final decision.

The hollow paused.

Ichigo was sleeping right now. He could feel it, even in this dark place.

He was supposed to wait 24 hours before he had his time again. But maybe…he could get by while the king was sleeping.

As long as he didn't attack anyone or raise their spiritual energy the king should stay asleep.

Closing his eyes the hollow reached out. He tested the waters so to speak. He was deep within Ichigo's soul but that didn't mean he was cut off.

Ichigo was dreaming.

The hollow opened his eyes and faded away.


The Hollow opened his eyes and looked down at his hands. He was kind of surprised Ichigo allowed this. Usually the guy was more careful.

Looking inside he saw Ichigo laying on the ground snoring peacefully. Zangetsu stood over him watching as he drooled.


He echoed just loud enough for the sword to hear. Zangetsu looked up and frowned harshly. For half a second Whitely was afraid the damn sword would wake Ichigo up. However he did something very surprising. Gently he bent over and picked the lax form of the death god.

"I will take him into the dark."

Whitey frowned.

Zangetsu started to fade.

"If this will make you decide I will help. You cannot…we cannot stand much longer on the edge. This razor we walk will cut us, and we will bleed."

Ichigo shook his head. Figures Zangetsu would give a weird ass explanation like that. That guy never made much sense.

At least I don't have to worry about Ichigo waking up. Wonder how long I have?

Looking around the hollow tried to figure out where they were. It was night time, the moon full thus giving enough light to see by.

It took a moment but Ichigo's memories came to him.

It was the river bank…not far where their mother had been murdered.

Ichigo frowned at that. Unprepared for the assault of feelings that came with that thought.

He had never known the woman. It had been before his time.

Yet it seemed Ichigo's feelings were his. He felt pain, sadness and regret…guilt.

The hollow shook his head banishing the feelings deep inside. They were not his feelings, no matter how hollow like they were.

Stuffing his hands into his pockets Ichigo started home. He wasn't sure if Rukia was still there, but it was a good place to check first.


"What the fuck?"

Ichigo had time to mutter before something attacked his head. He didn't get a good look at it…just a flying blob of color out of the corner of his eye. Crying out in panic he grabbed at the thing and tried to pull it off.

It was attached.

Ichigo was assaulted with memories. Not his but memories of some movie Ichigo had seen. Something to do with face huggers and parasites in the chest.

Whirling around wildly he tried his best to dislodge whatever was attacking him. Kind of hard as he couldn't see, couldn't breath, hell he couldn't even hear anything.


He cried out…although to anyone listening it sounded more like gmmofgmmofmmm!

Fuck this where was the king? Let him deal with this. Whitey did NOT do aliens.


He…he wasn't there.

For a panicked moment he searched their inner world. The king…wasn't anywhere to be found. Neither was Zangetsu.


Ichigo forced himself to calm down. That's right…Zangetsu had taken Ichigo deep within their soul so he wouldn't wake up.

Damn he wasn't kidding when he said he was taking the king into the dark. I can't feel them.

It was weird…almost like he was alone. Like this was his body and he wasn't just a lowly horse out for a joy ride. It felt like he was the king.

Just then Ichigo slipped. Him and parasite fell to the ground with a loud crash.

He cracked his head against the sidewalk hard enough for him to see stars.

"hehe Do it again ICHI-SAN!"
Screamed the thing as it let go of his head and sat down on his neck. He gagged and finally opened an eye to see what attacked him.

No aliens…just a pink haired girl. She looked familiar.

Yachiru…was the name Ichigo's memories gave him.

Wait a minute…

A shadow fell across his face. Ichigo blinked and slowly turned his head and looked up.

Where Yachiru was…

His eyes got wide as he took in the huge form of a certain someone.

Kenpachi Zaraki

He looked different than what Ichigo remembered.

Of course being in a gigai was different, as well as the jeans and leather biker jacket.

The insane smile was the same, as well as the hair.

What was Kenpachi and his pink menace doing in the human world?

Gulping he reached down into his pocket for their death god seal.

For a horrible moment he just groped at nothing.

It wasn't there!


The King didn't have his seal on him. They were stuck in their human body!

This was not good!

Now…he was a hollow, sort of. A rather strong sort of hollow at that. He liked to kill things, bug the hell out of the king. He loved to fight, more so than even Ichigo. Apparently he liked to shop as he had found that little expedition hilarious.

He wasn't a genius, and ya he got a little carried away sometimes but there was one thing he knew…

He wasn't stupid.

So when the looming figure of the 11th division captain smiled down at him. He did the only logical thing that a hollow could do.

He screamed like a little girl and tried to run away.

To bad, Yachiru was still sitting on his neck.

Kenpachi didn't even need to try as he reached out and grabbed Ichigo by the back of his shirt collar.

Lifting him up he grinned wickedly, showing way to many teeth.

"Yo, Ichigo."

Ichigo blinked.

What? I know Kenpachi isn't all that great at feeling energies…but he should…feel me.

It was then Ichigo realized something. His energies…they didn't feel like a hollows. The last three times he had changed the energy difference had been obvious.

Now however his energy seemed…almost like someone was reigning it in.


He was the only one the hollow thought would…could do this. After all the King SUCKED at controlling his energy, the hollow wasn't any better.

Ok so for some reason Zangetsu was keeping his hollow powers in check.

I think I preferred the alien.

"We never did get a rematch bastard."

Kenpachi said with a vicious sneer. Yachiru cheered and jumped from Ichigo's neck to Kenpachi's shoulder.

"Is Ken-Chan and Ichi-san going to play?"


The hollow looked between the two.

"The Kings not here right now. Can I take a message?"

The seemed to confuse both Kenpachi and Yachiru at the same time. That was good considering he used that confusion to escape. He lifted his arms and slid out of his shirt. It was a little chilly as it was night time out by the water. But Ichigo didn't give a damn right now.

He ran, as fast as he could.



Kenpachi's roared in outrage and delight as he charged after the youth.

Ichigo cursed loudly and picked up the pace.

The maniac behind him laughed loudly as the little girl cheered him on.

AH he's gaining!

The hollow forced their human legs to run faster. Pumping his arms he hauled ass like neither him or the king had ever hauled ass before.

"I swear to god Ichigo. If we die because of this I will haunt you!"

He didn't stop to consider if you could even haunt another dead guy.

Turning a corner around a building Ichigo slipped. He fell to his knee with a sickening crack. It hurt, a lot but he didn't stop. Quickly getting up he sprinted again. If he could get to his house…he might survive. Kenpachi would probably leave them alone.

At the very least he hope Rukia was there to talk some sense into him.

"OI Ichigo!"

The Hollow yelped as it seemed like out of nowhere a brown haired kid was waving at him. He tried to avoid a collision. It didn't work. He couldn't pull away quick enough thanks to a painful knee and they both went for a ride.

The hollow groaned in pain as he tried to place the face. He was a friend of the Kings. A weak annoying fool. Keigo or something.

"Ouch…hehe hey Ichigo. What happened to your shirt?"

Keigo didn't seem to alarmed that Ichigo had just bowled him over. In fact he was smiling widely.

Blinking Ichigo rubbed his head. Ok that made twice now that he hit their head hard enough for stars.

"A madman stole it."

He muttered as he tried to stand up. Kind of hard as Keigo was partly on him.



Kenpachi rounded the corner. His sword in hand.


Keigo screamed out as he noticed the giant.

Ichigo without really thinking picked Keigo up and threw him at Kenpachi. The King was probably going to be mad at him for hurting his friend…but that was later. Right now he had to make sure they were alive for Ichigo to get mad at him. Besides he was fairly certain the Captain wouldn't kill the human.

Keigo screamed shrilly as he was launched at a monster of a man.

Kenpachi easily dodged the human missile and Keigo went flying past and into several trash cans.

The crash was loud enough to wake the dead.


Kenpachi screamed as Ichigo used the distraction to run.


Keigo whimpered pathetically as he sat up. With a disgusted Ew he pulled a banana peel off his head.

"Ichi-san and Ken-chan are playing."
Keigo jumped as the cutest little girl he'd ever seen spoke. She had a yellow sun dress with pink flower on and was smiling brightly.

"NANI! Why doesn't Ichigo ever invite me! He's always hanging around the weirdo's during class and and and…."

Keigo went on for a good few minutes. Yachiru merely tilted her head and held her nose.



Rukia screamed in surprise.

Beside her Renji poked a finger in his ear to hopefully stop the ringing.

Urahara blinked innocently.

"I'm just the messenger Miss Rukia."

"But…But…3 Captains! Why the hell are they sending 3 Captains HERE!"

Renji rolled his eyes.

"He said sent Rukia. They are already here. And why? Why ask Why? You felt that fuckin Hollow. We'll need at least 3 to take it out. Personally I think they should have sent more."

"Who are they sending?"
Rukia turned toward Urahara. Her face was grim and slightly afraid.

I can't believe they are reacting this fast. I haven't had time to figure out what is going on? No…I have to save Ichigo. They'll kill him.

"Hmm who indeed."

Urahara mumbled as he tapped his chin as if thinking. Rukia frowned, he knew damn well who was here. He didn't need to put on the act. He might be banned from Soul Society but that didn't mean he wasn't in the know.

"Ah yes I remember. Kyōraku Shunsui, Hitsugaya Tōshirō, Zaraki Kenpachi…seems like a few others from the 11th came as well."

Rukia felt faint.

On one hand, Ichigo was lucky. Out of all of the captains those three were probably the most likely to try and save him. Well mostly Kenpachi was insane. He'd probably just want to fight the hollow. Still even Kenpachi probably wouldn't want Ichigo dead.

What do I do? Maybe I should find them and explain what I know….NO I can't do that. They might hate hurting Ichigo, but if they felt there was no other way. I have to get more information. I have to find Ichigo.

"You're actin like this is a bad thing Rukia."

Renji said leaning toward her slightly. He might not look like it but he was watching her closely. She'd been acting weird ever since that hollow.

He knew something was up. What was with the way she was questioning Ichigo? What had happened between them? And how did the hollow fit into the picture?

Sighing he turned slightly. The sky was starting to turn pink from the morning sun. It'd been almost 10 hours since that hollow attacked. He was actually surprised they had taken this long to act.

"I think I'll go see what Yumichika and Ikkaku are planning to do. We should probably patrol in two or three's anyhow."

Rukia nodded. Seeing this as an opportunity to find Ichigo.

"I'll head back home. See if Ichigo has come in yet."

Urahara fanned himself.

"Are you sure you'll be ok?"

Rukia frowned feeling that perhaps Urahara knew a lot more than he was telling. The way his hat shaded both his eyes, and how he covered his mouth with the fan gave him away.

"Of course. Its just Ichigo."

Rukia crossed her arms giving her best displeased look.

"I am a perfectly capable death god. Stop treating me like I'm helpless."

Renji turned away from the rising sun and blew a raspberry at her.

"Fuck Rukia. What are you talking about? None of us can go toe to toe with that monster."


Rukia felt her spine stiffen. She didn't know why but she was taking offense to that word.

Maybe its because its Ichigo. Something is controlling him…or possessing him or something. I'm afraid Ichigo will turn into the monster.

Stretching wide Renji crossed his arms behind his head.

"Our best hope is to gang bang it! Hard and fast!"

Rukia's mouth dropped in shock…then she turned bright red at Renji's lewd language.


She shouted embarrassed and outraged.

"Now now."

Urahara said smacking Renji over the head with his cane.

"Kids behave. I apologize for doubting you Miss. Rukia."

Lifting her head still feeling kind of patronized Rukia turned and headed home.

Renji still rubbing his head glared at Urahara.

"What the fuck man!?"

He started to go after her. With that hollow around it wasn't safe for Rukia being alone. Not that he doubted her abilities, he just didn't think any of them could beat it alone.

Urahara however whacked him over the head again, this time hard enough to make him drop to his knees. He ducked his head to the ground as he viciously rubbed at his scalp trying to ease the pain.


He roared rubbing the new lump on his head..

"Let her go."

Urahara said softly, again hiding behind his fan.

"Hell no! Its dangerous right now."

Urahara shrugged.

"For you maybe. She is in absolutely no danger."

Renji blinked as he drew out his legs so he could flop onto his ass. Looking up he gave Urahara a confused look.


"We can not defeat that hollow. I don't believe anyone can."

Urahara sighed titling his hat to where the shadow almost covered all his face.

"Even if we all die. She will remain unharmed. That hollow will not harm her."

"What? Why?"

Urahara sighed suddenly looking old. He titled his head back, looking at the rising sun. The wind blew lightly stirring his hair and jacket.

"He didn't know any better."

Renji frowned but didn't say anything. He had learned since he'd come from Soul Society that Urahara rarely gave any straight answer when questioned. He would give you the run around until you were dizzy. But sometimes he would…well he would talk to himself. And during those times he almost seemed to forget you were there. He'd give more information than if drilled.

"I did. I knew what would happen. Yet I still pushed him down that damn hole."

Urahara frowned, and Renji fell speechless as the greedy merchant actually showed some other emotion than annoying cheerful. Pain, regret, fear? Renji couldn't really tell. Maybe it was a bit of all.

"Whom is the truer monster I wonder?"

He just stood there, looking at the sun as it rose higher in the sky. The pink turned to red and orange and the sky slowly faded into the normal blue.

Renji not knowing why, but feeling that perhaps it was best, kept the banished Death god company as they watched the sunrise together.

A strange kind of silence fell and for once Renji couldn't find any words that he wanted to say important enough to break it. He had so many questions and fears.

But he couldn't seem to open his mouth. He couldn't get up off the pavement and he couldn't go after Rukia.

The man standing beside him was the reason for a lot of pain and suffering. Rukia had been through hell, they all had thanks in part to him. He didn't give them a damn single reason to trust him.

Yet…for some reason Renji did. He trusted Urahara.

And if he said Rukia was safe. Well then good. Even if all of them died at that hollows hand, he could take comfort in knowing Rukia was safe. Granted it would suck if he died, he didn't want that. But he could deal with it as long as Rukia was safe.

Rukia is safe. Urahara said so.

And he believed it.