A/N: Alright, this is an extremely short one-shot. It's written kind of in Zexion's point of view. I know, it's a crap-fest, but bare with me. And it's probably filled with grammar errors galore. And I know this isn't at all how it happened, but I thought, what the hell! I was listening to "Our Farewell" by Within Temptation, and the last sentence isn't the last part of the song, but that's what popped into my head when I wrote this last night. I just want to know what you guys think. If you liked my other one "When You Were There" I hope you aren't dissapointed by this one. Thanks, and I hope you enjoy!

Our Farewell
Written by Devastation-Eve

A betrayal between friends, Zexion thought. Warmth trailed down his temple, a dull, aching throb present over his entire body. His head fell back to erst against the wall as his mind floated in and out of consciousness. A stray strand of hair hung down, tickign his cheek lightly. There was no attempt to brush it away. His arms lay heavy by his side; shallow breathing as his lungs tightened in an attempt to grasp any air possible. He had survived the attack by the Replica Riku -thus far-. But he knew without averting his eyes that he was fading. Zexion snorted softly; he felt himself fading quickly. He furrowed his eyebrows when his wandering mind drifted to the feiry red head he fled from not too long ago. What was he doing now? Could he take on the key bearer as instructed? Zexion felt himself slipping. The idea of his charismatic aquantance losing...He sighed and shook his head, stars erupting behind his eyes. Boy, was he suddenly very tired...He let his eye lids slide closed, relieving the tension building in his head.

One very profound feeling- something so aggrivating for him even to confess to himself- spread through his fading body. The illusion of emotion caught him, so forceful he found tears stinging his shut eyes. A soft tune drifted to hm, snatching his attention for a few moments. The Melodious Nocturne. It was a sound he had grown accoustomed to, one he was secretly fond of. the melody was sad, soft, and very slow. Zexion knew the song; it was one he had memorized. But somehow...he knew he had never heard it before. It came clearly now from the room nect to him; his mind turning up the image of the Nocturne plucking tired fingers over numb strings. A good bye song, a departure melody that made Zexion ache with something new.

Someone began to sing a low, almost heavenly voice to Zexion. The Cloaked Schemer's eyes flickered open once, surprised. The Graceful Assassin's familiar voice. Everything was so familiar to him, yet now that he was fading, it was all so new. A slight bewilderment flashed through him as another voice joined the Graceful Assassin's. His lips were moving, hoarse words forming into the song of their departure. He became painfully aware of what was being sung, but couldn't stop it from flowing out of his pale lips. A small, remniscent smile graced his lips when the Nocturne sang with the two men. Unaware of the smiles that ghosted over their features, the three of them gave into the darkness. Zexion choked on the last words, but they revibrated around the room as he joined the shadows.

You are not alone in life, although you may think that you are.

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