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In Hell With: Draco Malfoy (Literally)

Chapter 1

Why We're Dead

It was all because of a stupid prank gone wrong. Hermione Granger and Draco Malfoy sat side by side together in a line. The line led threw rather big wooden doors, what was behind it no one knew. The line was filled with people just like them, dead.

They were not sure where they were. It seemed as if they were in nothing. Everything around them was just white. The floors, the walls, and the ceilings, where all white. Maybe they were in heaven or maybe they were in the line for judgment.

Hermione thought back to what happen. The whole incident was just a blur. Hermione was minding her own business in the Gryffindor common room. She had skipped lunch that day to finish her transformation essay. Halfway threw the period Hermione had found herself stuck on one part of the essay and went up to the girl's bedroom to grab her book. That's when she heard it. There was rustling coming from the common room. At first Hermione didn't think anything of it but she soon she heard the voices.

"Where do I put this?"

"Over there stupid."


"Don't drop that! Be careful! You goon's aren't good for anything!"

The voices were not Gryffindor voices but they were Slytherin. Hermione was sure of it. She quietly walked a little more then halfway down the stairs. She poked her head up to see who it was.

"Active at," Draco snapped.

Crabbe pointed his wand towards a small floating orb. "Okay we have five minutes."

"Good, lets get out of here." Draco started to leave.

"And what the bloody hell is that?" Hermione asked. She had stepped out of her hiding place.

"Wouldn't you like to know?" Malfoy sneered. "I'll advise you to leave the room before this activates."

"Is it a weapon?" Hermione walked around the floating orb. She was examining it closely.

Goyle shook his head. "Do you think we would be stupid enough to bring a weapon to school? It'll just leave a little stain."

Hermione's eyes widen as she noticed a spot on the ball. "This is a weapon!" Hermione shouted. The time was now on 3 minutes. "We have to leave now!"

Draco laughed. "Stop trying to scare us Granger. We made it ourselves. There's nothing dangerous about it, but you know we aren't planning on letting you go. I mean we don't want to get into any trouble." Draco took out his wand and started to approach Hermione.

Hermione started to back away. "What are you doing?"

Draco grinned. "Just a little spell to make you forget about this whole thing but maybe one to knock you out first." Draco pointed his at Hermione and a few blue sparks went flying out of it. Hermione quickly ducked and rolled out of the way.

"You'll kill me." Hermione said. "I'm telling you it's a bomb!"

"Stop trying to get out of this and hold still. No matter what you are not leaving this room."

Hermione quickly glanced at the orb. It said 2 minutes. Hermione turned her gaze back at Draco. He was such a fool. He had made the orb wrong. It wasn't that hard to do. Just one little extra drop of unicorn blood the thing becomes explosive. The little dot on the orb shows that they put a tad too much.

Draco started to approach Hermione once again. "Now do you want all of us to get covered in slim or just you?"

"How about this, I don't want to die." Hermione once again moved out of the way of Draco's curse.

Draco was getting frustrated now. "Look Granger, these robes were just washed and I don't plan on getting crap on them. Crabbe, Goyle hold her down."

Both of them started to make their way towards her. Hermione quickly started to make a break towards the exit. She jumped over the couch. Her feet were so close to hitting the floor but she found herself being thrown to the ground. Goyle was holding her down.

The Orb began to tick. Hermione's heart began to race. Only ten more seconds. "Hurry up Draco," Crabbe complained. "It's almost time."

Draco was about to say the curse but the exploding of the orb interrupted him. The room filled with a bright red light that blinded everyone there. It was the last thing Hermione could remember.

She felt unbearable pain go throughout her body as the explosion tore her apart. Then suddenly it all stopped. Hermione found herself floating in nothing. Everything was entirely black. As quickly as the pain went it came back. Then Hermione found herself falling in a black Abyss. She let out a scream but it could not be heard. The Abyss seemed to be never ending. She was falling for minutes, hours, maybe even days. Then she saw white light. It was the end of the Abyss.

Suddenly Hermione realized that she was going to slow down. Hermione body was going to hit the floor with full force and somehow she knew she was going to feel every bit of it. There was a crashing and shattering sound as Hermione hit the floor. Every bone in her body was broken. The pain was unbearable. She wanted to die, but she knew that was not possible because she was already dead.

Hermione was lying in the position that she had landed. She felt the bone beginning to heal inside her body it itched terribly. She couldn't scratch it though because she could not move. There was another loud crashing sound and Hermione knew that another body had just flown into Hell.

After a very long time Hermione felt the life come back to her body. Even though she was fully healed her body still ached. It felt as if a thousand pounds was placed on her stomach. She didn't want to move. Suddenly she felt herself being hit with something rather hard. This made her jump up. She saw what looked like a troll with horns glaring at her.

"Move," he said pointing towards the line. Hermione quickly got to her feet a stumbled towards the line of dead people.

She was behind a very blond headed boy. "Malfoy," she whispered.

He turned around. "What the bloody hell is going on?" he asked her.

"I think we are dead."

"What!" Draco shouted. That was not a good move. He was hit in the back of the head with a club. Hermione could see his hair and some skin attached to the club. Gross.

"No talking," the creature said.

Draco shut up only until he was sure the creature was out of earshot. "How are we dead?"

"Because of you," Hermione hissed. "You and your idiotic prank."

"Did you fall here?" Draco asked her.

Hermione nodded her head. "Yes, I think that's the only way to get in."

An old man standing from behind Hermione butted in. "I floated here."

"Floated?" Hermione and Draco said at once.

The old man shook his baldhead. "Yes, but I think its how you die. I died peacefully in my sleep."

"Well we got torn apart," Hermione said glaring at Draco.

"I still don't believe we're dead. This has to be some kind of joke. Oh I get it Hermione you did something to my mind. Yeah while I wasn't looking you slipped me something to get revenge on messing up your common room."

Hermione sighed. "Yes you're right Malfoy. This is all just a joke. Do you want to know how to get out of it? All you have to do is go up to one of those overly huge demon things and ask where the exit is."

Draco looked at her. "You've got to be kidding me."

"No joke." Hermione said sarcastically.

The man looked at him oddly, like he was afraid of what Draco was about to do. Draco decided there was only one way to get out. He waited until one of the demon walked passed him. "Um excuse me," Draco said. "How the bloody hell do we get out of this shit hole?" WHAM Draco face was slammed in by the club. It would have been funny if it weren't so gross. Draco faces was pushed in and bleeding. He was on the floor, motionless. He began to twitch and his face began to heal.

After a few minutes Draco stood up. His face was completely healed. "I'm going to bloody murder you."

"Sorry I'm already dead." Hermione said. "But to bad your face healed. It looked much better smashed in."

"When I wake up…"

Hermione hit her hand to her head. "You still seriously think that this is prank?" Draco nodded. "Well I take it as a complement that you think I could pull something like this off, but I am telling you the truth, we are dead."

Draco opened his mouth to protest but quickly closed it when he saw another demon walk by. He stopped in front of Draco and Hermione. "Are you Ms. Granger and Mr. Malfoy?" It asked. They nodded their head. "Come with me."

The two exchanged glances. Too scared to not listen to the big thing with a club they silently followed it to the overly big doors. Waiting in front of the doors was Crabbe and Goyle. The demon made a gesture to go in and that's what the four of them did.

Crabbe pushed the door open and they walked in. The room wasn't too bad. It looked like a regular office. It would have been big if the room wasn't filled with millions of filling cabinets. The room had a wooden desk that was accompanied by a chair and a demon. The demon didn't look like the other ones outside of the room. It was much smaller and seemed less scary, almost civil. In front of the desk were four dirty chairs that looked like they were about to fall apart.

Draco, Hermione, Crabbe, and Goyle all took a seat. There was silence as the demon looked over a couple of papers placed on his desk. When he was done scanning them he put them to the side and looked up at the students.

"This is a very strange incident, if you haven't noticed you three," he said looked at Draco, Hermione, and Goyle, "got to cut the line. That usually never happens, but the other demons wanted all of you to be judge together. Again very strange."

The demon stole another glance at the papers before he continued. "You all died in a bomb accident and three of you helped create the bomb. You are wizards yes?"

"Yes," they said together.

"I hate wizards. They're always causing trouble." The demon stated. "To get to the point, if you haven't noticed all of you are dead. Yes I know a shame, tear, tear. I hope all of you had the time to get over it while you were coming here. So I bet all of you heard of heaven and hell. Well guess what this is the time when you are decided where to be place. Welcome to the room of judgment."

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