Two Geeks in Love

Disclaimer: "The L word" and its characters don't belong to me. They are property of their respective producers Ilene Chaiken and the broadcasting company Showtime.


Chapter one: First kisses

"God, you're such a dork. Such a dork.", Lara Perkins silently scolded herself in her mind, repeating the words over and over again. She still couldn't believe what had just happened in that locker room a few minutes ago, as she sat in her car, eyes closed, trying to regain composure. She still couldn't believe that, in a split-second decision, she had backed Dana Fairbanks against the lockers and kissed her. Right on the lips. Twice.

"Just in case you were still wondering..." Her own words were ringing in her ears. The redhead wasn't even sure anymore if Dana Fairbanks had been wondering at all. If she had been wondering about her, Lara Perkins, being gay. Then again, there had been these four women, seemingly Dana's friends, coming to the country club the day before and Lara had been convinced that they were checking her out, from head to toe, which had ultimately led to her kissing Dana, being sure the other woman was interested. And just a few moments ago the sous chef could have sworn that the athlete had kissed her back, if only softly. But now, sitting in the silence of her car, she wasn't even sure about that.

Lara let out a low growl, her voice filled with frustration and desire. She could still feel the faint taste of the tennis player's lips on her own and her nostrils were filled with the scent of freshly showered hair and skin. To make matters even worse for the already confused woman, her mind kept picturing images of the post-kiss Dana, her eyes and mouth half closed, her face flustered, simply looking incredibly sexy and willing for Lara to continue...

"Fuck, Lara, get a grip.", she scolded herself, this time saying the words out loud. She had never thought that a simple kiss or two could turn her into a total wreck. Shaking her thoughts involving the locker room kiss aside for a moment, the redhead turned the ignition and drove home.

As soon as the door to her apartment fell into its lock, Lara let out a deep breath she hadn't realized she had been holding. Carelessly dropping the bag used to transport her smudged chef uniforms with into the hallway, she made her way to the bathroom. As she met her own gaze in the mirror, she realized, not really surprised, that her usually bright blue eyes had darkened some nuances into dark blue, nearly black.

During the whole drive home, the sous chef hadn't been able to stop herself from fantasizing what would have happened, if... If she hadn't pulled away from the brunette, if they had deepened the kiss, if... The worst thing that could have happened was Dana completely freaking out, telling her to leave her the fuck alone, maybe even attacking her, but this scenario had been left out by her mind. Instead each and every fantasy had somehow ended up with the two women having sex. And now, standing in her bathroom, Lara was paying the price for her vivid imagination. She was aroused and needed relief. Right there and then.

Closing her eyes, she could almost feel a pair of arms slipping around her waist, followed by a female body pressing itself into her back at full lenght.

"I want you so bad, Lara.", a voice laced with heat whispered these words into the sous chef's ears, caressing her skin with hot breath. Lara's eyes flew open and she spinned around, almost expecting Dana to stand behind her.

"Stop fucking with my head.", groaned the frustrated redhead, realizing that the touches and the voice had only been products of her way too vivid imagination.

She had never experienced such intense feelings before in her life and now she was feeling as if her feelings towards the tennis player were slowly beginning to make her lose her sanity. Since she had first laid eyes on the brunette a month or two ago, Lara was finding herself falling deeper and deeper in love with her.

It had been around the time when she had been promoted sous chef at the country club, after one of the other sous chefs-who Lara had liked very much-left to take a new job at some five star restaurant in San Francisco. Lara had been completely surprised by the promotion offer, having only worked at the country club for about two and a half years at that time. Now she was glad for having accepted the offer as it gave her the chance to be in closer touch with the customers...and Dana.

The first time Dana had walked into the dining area of the club -the chef recalled having been chopping parsley- all sweaty from her training, it had hit Lara out of nowhere and she had found herself unable to keep her eyes-and later on her thoughts-off of the athlete the whole day. A few days later she had started sending food to Dana's table, always making sure it contained nothing heavy that would mess with her training.

"Tell her it's on the house.", she had always ordered the waiters, never giving away her name-until recently.

"And see what it has led you to, Lara.", the redhead snapped at her reflection in the mirror.

Letting out a helpless sigh, Lara pulled herself away from the mirror and walked into the small, but nevertheless cozy living room, where she plopped rather ungracefully onto the couch.

"Where is that damn remote again?", she cursed, fumbling for said remote that used to frequently disappear-much to Lara's annoyance. When she finally found the remote underneath some unfinished books on the floor-she didn't even know how the books had ended up there-the chef made herself comfortable on the couch, stretching her tall body to its full lenght and started zapping through the various channels, not really finding anything that caught her interest, which gave her bored mind a chance to wander off to a particular tennis player. Try as she might, the redhead couldn't shake the images out of her head and, giving a sigh laced with heat, finally gave in. She recalled the scent of Dana's freshly showered skin and the feeling of her lips on hers and closed her eyes briefly. As soon as she opened them again, there was Dana kneeing above her, a seductive grin on her lips.

"I want you so bad, Lara.", she repeated her words from the bathroom, sending a shiver down the sous chef's body.

"You're totally losing it, Lara.", the chef thought to herself. "She's not even here. It's just your mind playing some sick trick on you.", she tried to reason with herself, but part of her knew it was totally useless.

"I want you so bad, Lara.", the imagined Dana whispered again, her voice even lower than before.

Running her hands down to the zipper of her jeans, Lara closed her eyes again. Arching her back off of the couch, she eased the jeans off her legs and tossed them to the floor.

"I want you so bad, Lara.", Dana's voice said again.

Lara smiled, as she moved one hand under her red tank top up to her breasts and the other hand into her panties.

"You want me, Dana?", the redhead whispered, her hand starting to rub her clit softly. "Then come and take me, I'm all yours."