The Play

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Summary: For the upcoming play, "The Arabian Prince," a tale about forbidden love between an already engaged Arabian prince and a thief, the class has selected Daisuke and Satoshi to star as Dark and Krad. However, unknown to the audience, what they see on stage really is Dark being cast as himself and Krad as the "White Prince." Behind the curtains, Daisuke and Satoshi are falling in love, and Dark is trying to win the love of Krad.

The idea of this fic belongs entirely to I am just writing it out.

Chapter One: "Casting"

The students sat at the edge of their seats. Waiting anxiously as the teacher reached into the basket of ideas to draw out what would be the theme of this year's play. Last year it was "Ice and Snow." What will it be this year?

For the boys, they hoped to God that it wouldn't be another romance where the girls get to have all the fun casting boys to do all their dirty work. They wanted something more adventurous packed with loads of actions. Yes. That would be the ideal play for a boy. And maybe a seen where the hero walks in with a chick on a leash. Crawling. Definitely. That would make your average adolescence boy happy.

As for the girls, they wanted romance. But this year, not just any romance. No. Most of girls yearned something a little more extreme. Something that would catch everyone's attention. Something that would put people at the edge of their seats! They wanted a tale featuring forbidden love between two men. And not just any men. They wanted there to be an extreme class difference between the two. And to make sure they got what they wanted, they rigged the basket.

The teacher's hand searched through the basket until she decided it was time to pick one. "Ok, here it is! Cross your fingers!" She drew it out, and everyone leaned forwards. She slowly opened it, and everyone held their breath. She gaped and everyone did the same. "For this year's class play, we will be featuring a play along the lines of 'Aladdin.'"

The boys fell forwards and awed. The girls, on the other hand, squeaked and squealed. "Yes!!! Yes!!!" they cheered and hugged.

"Settle down, class. This doesn't mean that we have our play figured out. Boys, we can still have action."

The boys grinned and the girls gulped. Why did the teacher have to suggest that? "Teacher," said a girl, "We want it to mostly be about love!"

"Well, there will definitely be some in there. It's along the tale of Aladdin after all. So, first we need to decide on a plot," the teacher turned around to face the board and wrote 'Aladdin.' "Now, we can keep that name, or we can change it."

"Desert Rose!" screamed one girl.

"Arabian Night!" screamed another.

"Crimson desert!" cried a boy.

"Once Upon A Time in Arabia!" cried Riku.

"The Prince and the Thief!"

"No! That's stupid! How about the Golden Prince?!"

"Calm down everyone," the teacher tried to hush her students, "Something not too long. Nothing that would give away the plot. However, something that would probably give the people an idea about what this play will be about."

"How about the Arabian Prince? It's simple, doesn't give away the plot, but people will know it goes along the line of Aladdin," Satoshi suggested.

"Perfect," the teacher turned around to write the new title of the play, "Now, how about plot. Shall we keep the idea of the original plot? Or shall we change it?"

"Change it!" everyone nearly screamed at once.

"How about something along the lines of forbidden desires?" suggested a girl, "Like, pretend that the thief is in love with the prince of Arabia, but the prince is already engaged to the princess!"

"Yes! And… and, in order to get to the prince, he has to get through the princess. So he pretends to be in love with the princess, and when she turns her back, he tries to get to the prince!" exclaimed Risa.

"Yes, but the prince doesn't like the thief. He hates him!" said a boy, "He wants to kill him, and secretly plots it out with the Sultan's right hand man!"

"Yes!!!" cheered the boys, "Action!"

"How about the genie?" asked the teacher, "And the monkey, and the talking parrot, and the tiger?"

"What would the genie do?" asked one of the girls, "Aladdin isn't going to go on any expedition. And he's going to sneak into the palace. He's not going to pretend to be a prince."

Daisuke hesitantly raised his hand, "Um, I have a pet that could be the monkey. He learns fast and he's really friendly and clever."

"Ok, so then Daisuke's pet will play the monkey," the teacher wrote it on the board.

"No need for a parrot," someone said, "As for the tiger. How are we supposed to get a tiger on the set? And I don't think anyone wants to play as a tiger."

"Hey, you know, there will always be those people," said the teacher.

The class went silent and shook their heads.

So, then the teacher reviewed what the play was going to be about. A thief meets a princess disguised as a "commoner" in the market, and she instantly falls in love with him. She tells him to come to the palace, but he gets caught. She breaks him out of prison and passes him as a friend, and at some point the thief catches a glimpse of the royal prince. Instantly falling in love with him, the thief tries to track down the prince every second he can, but when he notices that the princess is getting bored of him, he immediately tries to win her over again so that he can come to the palace to see the prince.

At least, all that would take care of the beginning of play. There was still more to discuss. Of course everyone agreed that the thief would confess his undying love to the prince when he got him alone, but the prince wouldn't accept him, and secretly plan to have the thief assassinated. This satisfied the boys' needs for action. Now, there was one final question to be discussed. Would the princess get the thief in the end? Would the thief get the prince in the end? Or will the prince kill the thief and end the play with a tragedy?

The ending was debated. No one seemed to be able to decide which would be appropriate for a school play, but if you asked anyone, just the gay theme didn't seem appropriate because not everyone is as open minded as others. Even when they voted, there seemed to be an equal number of votes for all three topics. So, the teacher decided to put off the ending until later.

Right now, they had to discuss characters and who will be part of the cast. "We need actors and actresses to fill in the parts of Aladdin, the princess, the prince, the Sultan, the Sultan's right hand man, as well as all the extras who will fill in the less important parts. Like the maids, guards, cell keeper, etc…"

"I think we should change something," said Risa, "May I suggest that instead of the main character being Aladdin, how about we change his name to Dark? What girl wouldn't want Dark as the main character on stage?!" she sighed dreamily.

"Well, I think that's a great idea," said the teacher.

"Yes! And for the prince, we should have that bad ass white angel that fights Dark!" said Saehara.

"You mean the white sadistic one?" asked Riku, "The one that will kill you if you even-so-much-as look at him?"

"Yes!!" the boys roared.

(Come, come now,) whispered Krad in Satoshi's mind, (Satoshi, why didn't you tell me that I am famous? Look at these kids. They fear me. The tremble at the thought of me. Look at the power I have over these wrenched brats.)

Daisuke gulped. His class wanted Dark to be a part of this play just like last year? They would probably pick Satoshi again to be Dark, but then did that mean they would pick him to be Krad? How ironic. He was going to play the part of a sadistic angel that in reality wanted to kill him. (I don't think Satoshi makes a good me.) Said Dark, (I mean look at him. The kid's all skin and bones. Not much meat on him anywhere! Wait, I have an idea! Daisuke, when they ask who will be willing to play the part of Dark raise your hand!)

("Whatever for, Dark?")

(I want to be Dark! I want to play myself! And I will blow this crowd of fan girls and boys away!)

("Don't you think they'll notice the difference?")

(Nah. I'll use your voice when talking to them, but in the play, I'll be myself. And it's perfect! I'm a real thief after all.)


The teacher then said aloud, "Who will be willing to play Dark?"

Daisuke's hand shot in the air, and Satoshi smirked. This was defiantly going to be interesting. Dark playing as Dark.

No one objected to Daisuke playing the part, so Daisuke received the role as Dark.

"Now we need someone to play Princess Jasmine."

"Oh, pick me!" Risa's hand shot in the air.

Once again, no one objected, so Risa's name went onto the board.

(Satoshi, I want to play as the Arabian prince. Volunteer, and if you get picked, I will be more than willing to allow you one romantic moment without interruption so you can enjoy yourself.) Krad forced Satoshi to look over at Daisuke. (I'll let you have a moment with him without trying to ruin your life and take his.)

"It's a deal," Satoshi wasn't offered many deals with Krad like this. He knew better than to reject it. After all, it wasn't every day that the sadistic angel wanted something and was willing to give you something in return.

"Now, as for the Arabian prince, who will…"

The teacher didn't even have to finish her sentence. Satoshi's hand was already in the air, which made Daisuke lower himself in the chair. He knew very well that Krad had something to do with Satoshi's decision. Satoshi was very calm and collected. He didn't care much for volunteering when it came to plays. Daisuke knew then that Dark wasn't going to be the only authentic character. As Satoshi turned to look at Daisuke, Daisuke caught a glimpse of the two golden eyes of the devil's angel. Krad was smirking at him. He was plotting something. Daisuke felt shivers run along his spin, and that only made him slump down further.

As for the rest of the characters, Saehara was cast as the Sultan, and Riku was cast as the Sultan's right hand man. This play was definitely going to be interesting, amusing, and something that no one wanted to miss.

A/N: Typing this play is going to be quite a challenge for me. I never tried doing a fic where there are two main pairing trying get with each other. I usually just have one and the plot revolves around them. Also, I never imaged that I would write a fic about a play. In order to do this and keep everyone interested, I may just have to write separate chapters containing the play itself, but typed as if it was a story all on its own. I don't know. I'll figure it out in the process of writing it.