The Play

By HikariIceAngel

Edited by XMizzfreestyleX

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Chapter Eight: Props and the Walk

Daisuke was still thinking about what had happened between Satoshi, Daisuke, and Krad. It had kept him thinking and from sleeping to the point that he was almost late for school, but as usual Daisuke had made it in the classroom right at the bell. He saw Satoshi sitting at his desk reading a book when he was walking to his desk to take a seat. It seemed as if nothing had happened, but Daisuke could tell that Satoshi looked a little more tired than usual. "Now class, since we have yet to finish the props for the school play those who are participating in the play will be doing props instead of lessons. And those not participating will be sent to another teacher where they will do their usual lessons."

Cheers were heard from those who were helping with the play, while the others just groaned. The other students shuffled to their feet, grabbed their things, and followed the teacher out of the classroom and into the other classroom. The students all chattered happily about the play, it seemed as if there was much excitement in store for the play, and its actors and actresses. While everyone chatted and gossiped, Daisuke just stared off into space in a daze as if to be thinking very deeply about something.

(Dark, why would Krad want to hurt Satoshi like that?)

(Krad doesn't care for his tamers, Daisuke. But in a way it seems like he doesn't mean to hurt his tamers.)

(What do you mean? Dark, do you know why Krad always hurts Satoshi when he transforms?)

(In a way, yes, I know why, but it isn't as simple to explain.)

(Please go on.)

(Daisuke, Krad has always been suppressed, and locked away by his tamers, so in a way it isn't his fault. The Hikari have always thought Krad as a curse. The Niwa did the opposite. They were actually thrilled by my presence, because they felt as if it enhanced their thievery. While your family has developed ways of stopping the pain, Satoshi's family never did any of those things, because they always thought as Krad as a curse, and not as a spirit. With was made so that the pain of sprouting wings did not occur, because it hurt the tamer so much.)


(And now you know why Krad is insane. From being locked away for so long it drove him to insanity. Without any company a person can go insane with just himself, and his own thoughts.)

Daisuke started thinking about it, while across the room, Satoshi watched him. The only time he would get that look was when he was speaking to Dark. Satoshi knew what was going on, then the teacher made it clear that she would be assigning what they would be doing. "Niwa-kun, Hiwatari-kun. You both will be working on the prop for the Princess's room." Satoshi nodded, and followed the teacher to his assigned task, and Daisuke followed.

They were lead by their teacher into the school theatre where other people were working on the props for the school play. They saw that people were put into pairs to work on their assigned prop. Mostly the actors, and actresses were those working on the props, but certain people also did other things. For instance, those who were composing, designing, and putting together the costumes were doing just that. Mostly everything that was supposed to be for the play was behind schedule. Only those doing their lines were on schedule. "Now the materials, and supplies are backstage. The art teacher has left a checklist, and instructions for how he wants this done. Now, get started." and she left them to work on their prop.

Satoshi gathered the instructions together, read off what the needed and what their art teacher wanted them to do. Daisuke looked at Satoshi as he concentrated at the work at hand. Satoshi looked back at Daisuke, "Can you help me gather the supplies we need?" Satoshi asked; Daisuke nodded and followed him backstage.

Daisuke saw Satoshi cringe when he noticed some of his fan girls looking his way and giggling. Then one blushing girl stepped forth from the crowd, a letter in hand close to her chest and slight determination on her face. Satoshi recognized the pink envelope immediately and prepared himself. When she came up to Satoshi she said," Hiwatari-kun, please except my letter." She then looked down and stretched her arms out in a gesture to give him the love letter, but he did not except it.

"I'm sorry. I have no time for girls." Satoshi's voice displayed the obstinate coldness a boy needed to make his intentions clear. Having been rejected without a drop of sympathy, the girl ran off crying.

From his audience, he got the usual 'Jerk!' comments, but it didn't faze him in the least bit. Satoshi was used to it. Daisuke looked at his friend in a curious manner, but didn't say a word. He had a promising idea why Satoshi didn't except it, so Daisuke was rather pleased with Satoshi's direct coldness towards the girl.

They carried on until Daisuke found where the supplies were being kept. "Satoshi, what are the supplies we need?" Daisuke asked.

Satoshi pulled the list from his pocket and began, "Pink paint, black paint, purple paint, painting sponges, paint brushes, and masking tape." Daisuke gathered what they needed, and Satoshi helped carry the supplies to their workspace.

Satoshi brought out the sketch of the prop that the art teacher had attached with the instructions, and the list. It was made in a paint-by-numbers sort of way, but they were supposed to sketch it onto their prop. While sketching out the design, Daisuke tried to lighten their moods with some friendly, random conversations, but alas, he failed. Satoshi didn't care much about the weather, he didn't want to discuss homework or studying techniques, he was seemingly uninterested with what movies had come out, and he didn't watch those sitcoms the class was always talking about.

Daisuke ran out of ideas, turned, and slapped himself. What was he thinking? He just embarrassed himself even more so than he thought possible in front of Satoshi.

Seeing Daisuke in distress made Satoshi anxious. After a few seconds, Satoshi decided to rescue his friend from further humiliation. "Daisuke, do you have anything planned for the weekend?" Daisuke had planned on asking Satoshi that, but he beat him to the punch.

"No, not exactly. All I have to do is clean out the basement. And you?"

"No. Since no notes have been sent out, life has been pretty calm and laid back."

"Well, better enjoy the peace while it lasts."

"I kind of like it, Daisuke. I wish it could always be like this, but sometimes wishes don't come true." Daisuke smiled at him.

"Maybe if you want it bad enough, then it will come true." There was a sense of peace shared between them both as they smile and then went back to work on their project.

When lunchtime came around, they both were only one-fourth of the way through with the prop. As they walked through the halls to the cafeteria, they both talked to each other about just about everything they could really think of. Instead of Satoshi sitting with his usual friends, they both decided to find their own spot on the school lawn. It seemed like today couldn't get any better. The spot beneath the Sakura tree during the time when the blossoms were in full bloom was the most fought over. For some reason, today there wasn't a student in sight

Satoshi led Daisuke beneath the tree and they sat down together. Once Daisuke found a comfortable position, he placed his lunch bag on the grass and to Satoshi's surprised withdrew not one, but two Bento boxes (1). Both Bento boxes were filled with Steamed Rice, Onigiri(2), Yakitori(3), the usual Sushi, and other assorted foods. Satoshi stared at Daisuke's food, wondering if Daisuke had actually prepared him lunch or if Daisuke ate just that much. "Do you really need to eat that much food? And how do you even have the time to plan, and pack all of that?"

"Well, I usually train everyday, and usually when there is a note out I usually need a lot of food so I can keep my energy up, but really there is no need. My mom promised not to send out any notes, and no more training until we are finished with the play. Also, I usually pack and make my own lunch. I do it all the night before since I have little to no time to get ready in the mornings."

"Then, why did you pack that much?"

"Cause of habit." he said with a nervous laugh, and a slight blush. Satoshi stared at him skeptically. "Ummm...would you like to share?" Daisuke asked withdrawing a second set of chopsticks smiling slightly.

"I'm guessing you did this purposely." Daisuke gave a big smile, and a very happy nod that shook his hair.

Satoshi smiled, and took the other set of chopsticks from him. He took the food into his mouth and tasted each item one at a time. He clewed slowly, savoring its flavor and allowing Daisuke to see the rewarding look of satisfaction on his face. "Daisuke, I never knew you could cook so well." He commented while holding Daisuke's eyes.

Daisuke smiled and tried to hide his blush, "Well, I've been cooking since I was 5. I loved to help Mom in the kitchen when I was little, and since then she's been teaching me a little bit of cooking here and there, she gave me suggestions and some pointers. Actually, she was the only one that ever taught me how to cook; it's something that she really loves."

"She must be an amazing cook. Your cooking is extraordinarily delicious."

Daisuke once again tried to hide his blushing face. "I think it's just all part of being a mother."

"Yeah, it probably is."

The bell sounded signaling the end of lunch, and the beginning of the rest of the time Daisuke would have left with Satoshi until the end of the school day. The day seemed to have flown by so fast. Daisuke blamed it on the interruptions that stole away Daisuke's time with Satoshi. But they had spent a lot of time with each other, mostly talking, but it seemed that the more they spoke to each other; the better they got to know each other. This may have been making them closer than they should have been at the moment. With Krad's lingering presences, he could appear and ruin their moment any time. Like he had always did. "Satoshi?" Daisuke was a bit worried for their blossoming relationship. He just hoped that their relationship would not be as brief as the life time of the blossoms above them.


"I'm worried that our other halves will ruin us. I know you can't promise anything, but please promise me that you'll never let your other half take control of your life."

"Daisuke, I would never allow him to do that. I promise." A smile spread across Daisuke's face.

"I'm just so worried, Satoshi, because of what happened in the Computer Lab. And what did he mean by not allowing you 'multiple opportunities' ?" Satoshi's eyes were graced with a hint of sadness.

"To tell you the truth Daisuke, I made a deal with my angel. In turn for allowing him to participate in the play, he offered me one romantic moment with you without any interruptions. I accepted because I am no fool and I know how rare it is for me to be offered something like that. Especially from him." Daisuke nodded understanding what he meant.

"I confess I made a similar deal with Dark, but in a bit of a different way. Dark promised me as many romantic moments with you without interruptions final performance so long as he gets to play himself in the play." Daisuke admitted.

When the bell for the end of the school day rang, the students of II-B cleaned up quickly so that they could get out of school. The end of the school day was always exciting for those who had to sit in a boring classroom all day. After Daisuke and Satoshi had cleaned their area, they gathered their things, and headed in the direction of the school entrance. Once they had reached the gates, the usual fan girls were standing there waiting for him to just pass by. But unlike before, Daisuke received many glares as he walked by the girls. "Daisuke, would you like to walk home together?" Satoshi asked suddenly.

"Why? You live in the opposite direction."

"I would like to talk to you a little more before going home."

Daisuke heard a yawn in the back of his mind.

(Good Evening, Dark.)

(Hey, Daisuke.)

"I guess it's alright." A soft tug at Satoshi's lips was visible; it wasn't a smile, but it was close.

Satoshi and Daisuke walked down Daisuke's street; both chatting calmly before the setting sun. Though they took their time walking, in the distance Daisuke's home was quickly approaching. The pair could see Daisuke's father, Kosuke, outside with a watering can. He must've just finished watering the flowers, because he then set the can down and walked inside.

When they both reached the doorway, they both turned, and faced each other. They were first unsure of what to do though they both clearly knew what they wanted. A smile could be seen playing on both of their lips. And then...

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(1)Bento Box – A Japanese lunch box with delicious assortments of Japanese foods(yum...).

(2)Onigiri – Japanese for Rice Balls, but I think most people know this (just in case...).

(3)Yakitori – Japanese miniature kebabs made traditionally of chicken and scallions, but can be made with whatever you want.