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Dean and Bobby took everything into the house. Jessica followed with the twins.

"Dean, let me go with you,"

"No Jessica." Dean replied, "I don't want you getting hurt."

"I wont if I'm with you," Jessica told him.

Dean looked up at her, "Just stay here with Bobby,"

He walked up to her, "Please?"

Jessica smiled, "Fine,"

"Thanks," he said, "I'll be back with my dad in about a day or two,"

"Take this," bobby said, handing him a weird gun, "You daddy told me to make sure the demons didn't get it. But I think you might need it,"

Dean took the gun, "Thanks,"

Dean kissed Jessica on the cheek, then left. Jessica watched from the door, as Dean left the driveway, then she looked up at Bobby.

"I'll show you were you are staying," Bobby said

Jessica followed him into the hall.

Dean drove down the road, mumbling to himself. He reached the place where his dad had gone. He pulled up to a building. He dad's truck was just a few feet from him. He turned his car off, and got out. He ran up to his dad's truck. It was empty. He looked around, and saw the door to the biulding open. He went back to his car and grabbed a flashlight.

He slowly walked into the building. He had the flashlight in one hand and a gun in the other. He slowly walked around the building. He walked down a hall, where he found water all over the floor. He looked around, and saw footprints. He slowly followed them into another room. He was about to leave the building, when he heard shuffling.

"Who's there?"

"They aren't here," a young woman said, walking out of the shadows.

The woman had long wavy black hair and green eyes.

"Who are you?" Dean asked, pointing the gun at her.

"My name is Larissa Stone," she replied, "And I know where they are. I can help you."

"How do I know you're not lying?"

"Well, your father is in trouble," Larissa said, "And I have the power to help you get him back."


Larissa sighed, "I'm a witch."

"What?" Dean said, "Witches aren't real."

"Oh and demons are?" Larissa said, crossing her arms.

Dean thought for a minute, "Okay than. How can you help?"

"They took him to Sunrise Apartments," Larissa said, "But, we've got until ten o'clock tomorrow to get to him, before they kill him."

Dean slowly lowered the gun.


They then left the building. Larissa told him directions to the apartments. They got there, and Dean parked behind the building. They got out. Larissa closed her eyes. Dean walked around the car and stood next to her. A minute later, she opened her eyes, and looked up at the windows.

"It's the third window on the forth floor,"

"How do you know?"

"Hello? Witch, remember?"

"Oh. Right,"

"Okay, I'll go first to distract them. Then you can come in and get your father and leave,"

"What about you?" Dean asked

"You're gonna need some time to get away from here," Larissa replied, "There is a cabin about two miles north of town. You can hide out there for the night,"

Larissa then started climbing up the fire escape. Dean slowly followed. Dean stayed a floor down, until he heard Larissa enter the window. He then climbed up the last ladder, and looked in the window. His dad was laying on the bed. He saw Larissa exit the bedroom, and close the door behind her.

Dean then climbed into the room, and up to the bed.

"Dad?" he said, feeling for a pulse.

When he felt one, he started untying his dad's wrists from the bed. As he walked around the bed, his dad started waking up.


"Yeah," Dean replied

"What are you doing here?"

"Getting you out of here," Dean replied, "Come on."

Dean helped his dad off the bed, and towards the window. As they got onto the platform outside, Dean heard the bedroom door smash open. He looked back though he window. Larissa had been thrown through the door. Dean quickly helped his dad down to the alley and into the car. He then left, speeding down the road, for the cabin Larissa told him about.

At the cabin, Dean helped his dad into one of the bedrooms to lay down. He then placed protection salt at every window and door, and made sure that they were all locked. He then sat on the table looking at the gun that Bobby had handed him before he left. He had brought in his laptop, and started searching things up to find out what kind of gun it was.

It had taken him until nine thirty, but he had finally found something about the gun. He was reading about it, when his dad came into the room. Just before either of them said anything, the wind picked up outside. John went to the window.

"It's the demon,"

"What?!" Dean said, standing up, forgetting the gun on the table.

Before Dean said anything else, John looked at him. His eyes were not brown, but yellow. He smiled at Dean. Then Dean went flying back into the far wall. He had pinned to the wall, and couldn't really move. He looked up at his dad, who he figured he was now the demon they've been hunting.

"Damnit," he said, hitting the back of his head on the wall.

The demon walked up to Dean. Dean just stared back at him.

"I've been waiting a long time to kill you myself," the demon told him.

"Then why don't you already?" Dean hissed

"Because," the demon replied, "I'm gonna leave that to your dad."

"He wouldn't,"

"I wouldn't be to sure about that,"

Dean just looked at the demon, using he father like a puppet.

"You see, he knew what was happening to poor little Sammy, and he just let it happen,"

"You lair," Dean hissed, trying to move.

The demon didn't replied.

"Tell me why," Dean said, "Why did you kill him?"

"Isn't it obvious. His children are of more importance," the demon replied, "And I couldn't have really killed Jessica now could I?"

"That still doesn't answer my question,"

"I didn't need him in my way. But then you came along,"

"Well then," Dean said, "Ain't I luck I did, cause you are not getting Jessica's and Sam's children."

The demon leaned in closer, "Watch me,"

The demon turned around and walked a few steps away, then turned back around. Suddenly, Dean screamed. He looked down, and he was bleeding. He screamed again as the gashes now forming on his chest and stomach got deeper. Blood started coming out of his mouth. He slowly looked up and at the table. The gun was gone.

Suddenly, a gun shot rang out through the cabin, and the demon went down. And so did Dean.



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