Jessica slowly walked over to Dean, and took the gun from him. She then helped him to the couch, and he sat down. She then went and got the twins and placed them on the couch next to him. She then went into the kitchen. Bobby moved over to the girl, and knelt in front of her. He was trying to figure out what to do.

Dean leaned his head back on the couch, and closed his eyes. He quickly fell asleep. Jessica returned to the living room with a warm washcloth. She placed it on Dean's forehead, making sure not to wake him. She then took the twins and placed them in the playpen, just behind the couch.

Two hours later, Dean woke up. He looked around. The loiving room was clean. The books were back on the bookcase. He then looked at the floor. Larissa's body was gone. There wasn't even blood on the floor. He stood up and walked around the couch. Lizzie and Sammy were both asleep in the playpen. He then heard voices in the kitchen.

"Do you think he'll be okay?" Jessica asked Bobby, as they were fixing the table.

"He'll be fine," Bobby reasured her, "It was a nessesary thing to do. She would have taken your children,"

"Yeah, but he didn't say a word after he killed her, and then all he did was star at her body,"

Dean walked into the kitchen. Jessica and Bobby both looked up at him.

"Where's Larissa's body?" he asked

"You don't need to worry about that," Bobby replied walking up to him, "I've taken care of it,"

"How are you feeling?" Jessica asked

"Very tired," Dean replied

"Come on then," Jessica said, standing up from the floor, "Lets get you to bed,"

Dean followed Jessica into their room. He laid down, and Jessica pulled the covers up to his neck. He closed his eyes, and fell back to sleep. Jessica left, and went back to help Bobby clean the rest of the house.

Three days later, it started to snow lightly. John was released from the hospital, and was now at Bobby's. Dean was talking more after what happend. Now that Sammy and Lizzie where safe, Jessica put them in daycare so they wouldn't have to worry about them if something attacked at the house. They still had three bullets left in the colt, and had no clue where the demon was.

"So what do we do now?" Jessica asked, sitting at the fixed kitchen table.

"There's nothing much we can do," Bobby replied

"Yeah," Dean said, "I mean, the demon wont show up again until the twins are around the age of twenty-two,"

"How do you know?" Jessica asked him.

"Well, it attacked Sam when he was six months and then he was twenty-two when the demon showed up and killed him in the fire,"

Everyone looked at him.


"Nothing," everyone said

"So, when Sammy and Lizzie are twenty-two, the demon will be back for them?" Jessica asked

"Yes," John said, "Unless we find it now and kill it,"

"Yeah, we've still got three bullets left," Dean said

"So we have to come up with a plan and find the demon," Bobby added