It was New Years Eve, just like today! Various people stood infront of a giant clock that said Happy New Years! Billy stared upon it.

Billy: Grim do you ever have the feeling that we're in a story written by some guy who's penname is Insane Guy of DOOM?

Grim: Dat's da stupidist ting I've ever heard.

All of a suddening Danny appeared.

Danny: Hello and welcomem to the New Years Eve story thingy. Oh I can't do this! Come on who ever heard of a New Year's Eve special.

Billy: The Angry Beavers had one.

Danny: True.

Sam: And its individual.

Grim: How da heck did you get here?

Ed: Bunnies are my friends!

Billy: Killer tomatoes! YEAH!!!!!!

An army of killer tomatoes marched on and grabbed Grim.

Grim: Hey what are doing? Hey, HEY! AHHHHH!

Billy: You show em' Grim!

Danny: This is just stupid.

Sam: No this is stupid. Give it up for the musical stylings of Goodbling and Irwin!

Goodbling: Yo, yo, yo, yo. Take it from my hippo man H2O!

Irwin: YO!

H2O: (Makes funny noises with his hands and mouth that are like pahfdosahfah)


Eddy: Now what?

Ed: Lets sing a song!

Sam: I'm going to go kill myself. (leaves)

Ed: Old McMoosehead had a chicken. QUACK, QUACK, QUACK!

Jack-O-Lantern: Uhh, I guess this concludes our new years special. By.