The Misadventures of Padfoot and Moonstar

Summary: The misadventures of Sirius Orion "Padfoot" Black and Hermione Jane "Moonstar" Granger

Disclaimer: Harry Potter is not mine

Warning: AR, OOC, language

Pairing: SBHG


Hermione is a Marauder; she was born in their time and was a part of all the fun. There's no time-turner, and no I won't be going into a fully detailed chapter about how they all met and befriended each other. These are just a series of fics focusing mainly on Sirius and Hermione, though some might take place in the 1970's and others will take place in the natural time line. I will NOT differentiate between times unless I've made it absolutely impossible to tell what time they are in or around, and I feel it's actually important to whatever plot I've come up with.

They aren't really related other than the fact that all involve Hermione as a Marauder called Moonstar. In some worlds Voldemort will exist, in others he'll be defeated, and in some no one will have ever heard of him. Also, sometimes these stories will be drabbles from 100 words – if I ever accomplish that – to maybe a paragraph or two. Others will be medium sized one-shots, and some (most of them, hopefully) will be long one-shots.


Episode One

Summary: In which Sirius decides Muggle art isn't as boring as he thought


Sixteen-year-old Sirius Black grumbled as he followed his mother into the large building. The lady Black switched hobbies like he switched girlfriends, a new one every other week, and her latest obsession happened to be art. Now, this wasn't all that abnormal, and he could handle dealing with her new found interest while she had it, but this intrigue in art had been going on for a month. That was abnormal.

If it had been wizarding art, he could understand. While he certainly had nothing against Muggle-borns, the entire Black clan made sure to stay away from that kind of prejudice lest they be looked down on, he just didn't find their world too terribly interesting. They had some funny pranks, but everything was so much funnier with the help of magic.

His mother, however, seemed to find their artwork terribly interesting. The pictures didn't move, which caught her fancy, and she claimed that the stillness captured the importance of a single moment better than a moving wizard picture. Whatever that meant, Sirius had no clue and he didn't fancy finding out either. The only thing he was worried about was how he planned to tell Hermione his feelings.

Prongs was tired of their consistency to ignore the obvious, – despite the fact he still chased the elusive Lily Evans and proclaimed continuously, much to her chagrin, they would one day wed – and said if Padfoot didn't come clean to Moonstar, he would do it for him! Had Wormtail made the threat, or even Moony, Sirius wouldn't have given it a second thought. He was content to skip from girl to girl and watch jealously as the only female Marauder was taken on dates by guys that weren't him. James would go through with his threat, and nothing Sirius could do or say to him would change his mind. Thus, after the holidays ended – in only four short days, he would have to come clean.

Just as he expected, the art museum was full of dull business men in boring suits with slicked back hair and annoyingly shiny shoes. The women in the room either wore their own variations of the men's business suits, or were decked out in colorful dresses so bright they would make even the ever cheerful Hufflepuffs sick. Only a few Muggles wore the casual dress of jeans and a t-shirt, as he did, but they obviously would rather be anywhere else and were either here to score brownie points with their crush, or had been talked (more like tricked) into coming on this long, dull sojourn into the world of art.

"Just look at all these magical pieces!" Salva Black exclaimed happily, clapping her hands together.

Sirius arched a brow as he looked at one painting simply called circle. He could understand why too, since someone had obviously traced the bottom of a can, then painted the light line in a red, and decided it was worth hanging in an art gallery. He was mildly shocked anyone would consider such a lame piece art, but then again, this was Muggle art. He never really cared for it much.

"Isn't it though?" a woman in one of those god awful dresses sauntered over to them. Her blonde hair pulled so tight her face looked like it might rip in two. Her lips were a bit big for her face, and she obviously didn't know the meaning of the words 'too much makeup'. Sirius grimaced; there was more paint on her face than on "Circle".

As his mother and the woman began talking about the wonders of the painting, Sirius didn't have the guts to actually look at that one, he moved slowly yet steadily away from her. Once he was a safe enough distance to attempt running with a small chance of actually making it outside, he turned tail and headed for the exit. He stopped, however, when a blast of color caught his eye.

It wasn't the bright colors of the women's dresses, nor was it particularly colorful. It wasn't bland either, though, and that's what caught Sirius' attention. It was...well, just right.

He walked over to the painting hanging there, admiring it. While the colors almost blended together, one could easily make out the shapes of animals. In the upper right corner of the painting was a full moon, which, after glancing at the plaque, Sirius found was the name of the painting.

A rat looked like he wanted to scurry away the first chance he got, but at the same time Sirius could detect a hint of mischief in his eye. There were three dogs, two brown – though one was considerably larger, and the other black. The black dog and brown dog were lying side by side, but Sirius got the impression both would jump up at any moment and run off, most likely to explore the surrounding trees that were only slightly visible on either side of the canvas. Finally, a stag stood, magnificent and tall. Though the eyes were blurry, it was obvious he was looking at each of the animals with pride and care, maybe even love to a certain degree.

The picture reminded Sirius eerily of the full moon nights spent with Moony in the Forbidden Forest. How he and the others got away with becoming unregistered animagi, and Dumbledore still hadn't discovered them, he would never know. The man seemed to know everything, but Sirius was absolutely certain he remained oblivious to their excursions with Remus during 'that time of the month'.

"Sirius?" the female voice caught him by surprise, and he whirled around to face whoever had called his name. He blinked rapidly, trying to register that he was, indeed, seeing Hermione standing before him. He smiled slightly at her.

"'Mione!" he greeted, catching a quick whiff of her strawberry-scented hair when she embraced him. "What are you doin' here? Mother drag you to this place too?" he glared in his own mother's direction, grinning slightly when Hermione giggled.

"Why no!" she said, glancing at the art. "I'm here of my own free will, though that does explain why you're here."

"You come to this place willingly?" Sirius asked aghast. Who would want too? Sure, Hermione could be strange sometimes, like when she read Hogwarts: A History, even though she'd read it a million times already. Or when she insisted on finishing her homework first, with Moony of course, but that was just the way she was. He never imagined she'd go to a place like this of her own free will.

"Of course," Hermione smiled. "I am Muggle-born, remember?"

"'Course I do!" Sirius said, mock-affronted she'd think he didn't remember. "I just don't see how you could like this place!"

"Why, Mister Padfoot, are you insinuating I am not a classy lady?" Hermione asked, placing her hands on her hips. A playful glint was the only proof she was just joking, for she sounded every bit the vexed girlfriend who's boyfriend accidentally insulted her.

"Of course not, Lady Moonstar!" Sirius said, feeling a smile tugging at his lips. Maybe his stay here wouldn't be so bad after all, so long as Hermione didn't leave anytime soon and his mother wasn't drawn into any other conversations with the dress ladies.

"Good," Hermione said with a firm nod. She turned back to the painting, her amused smile softening as she looked at it. Sirius didn't blame her. It really did remind him of them, the Marauders.

"This piece isn't so bad," he muttered softly. "It really reminds me of us during the full moon. I wouldn't mind meeting the artist who did this one. It's incredible!"

Hermione's lips quirked and she turned to face him, holding out a hand. Sirius looked at it curiously, then at her, wondering if she'd lost her mind by any chance. She had seemed sane, or as sane as a Marauder could be, just a moment earlier.

"Nice to meet you, then. I'm Hermione J. Granger, the woman who painted this. I'm glad it had the desired affect."

Sirius gaped at the girl before him. "You painted this?" he asked incredulously.

"Don't act so surprised," she responded dryly, quirking a brow at him and smirking. Sirius shut his mouth and shook his head amusedly, not nearly as surprised as he probably should've been that Hermione was good at art. After all, what wasn't she good at? Well, besides flying...and failing...and...well, that wasn't important.

"It's incredible," he said again. Hermione smiled and blushed.

"Ya really think?"

He nodded frantically, eager to reassure her that he really did enjoy her painting. Looking at it now, he could see the largest brown dog was actually a werewolf, though only a wizard would guess as much, and even then only with a clue. It certainly stood out, but it wasn't too obvious what was going on in the picture. He supposed anyone could draw their own conclusions, but he knew what it really was. Friends sticking together on one of the most painful, but funnest, nights of the month.

"It's the best one I've seen, by far!" he told her honestly. Hermione grinned and let out what might've been a squeal had Hermione been the type to squeal. Throwing her arms around his neck, she kissed his cheek in thanks. Sirius blushed, though only lightly, and smiled when he saw similar pink patches on Moonstar's cheeks.

"Thanks, Snuffles," she said quietly. A loud cough caught their attention, and she turned to grin at an older version of herself wearing a nice business suit and looking for all the world like a rich politician. "Coming mum," she said, rolling her eyes at Sirius. "See ya at school, Sirius."

"Yeah, see ya," Sirius agreed. "Bye Mrs. Granger!"

"Good to see you, Sirius," Eleanor Granger said with a smile. "Tell your mother I said to come by any time."

Sirius nodded as Eleanor and Hermione walked out of the gallery. He looked back at "Full Moon", and grinned when he saw on the plaque, a tiny caption that read: Art by Hermione J. Granger, Age: 17. Suddenly, art seemed a lot more interesting.