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This one particular night, the moon was shining brightly. Not over Japan, but over the other side of Earth. For those who'd be observing the sky this very night, they'll be able to find a shadow, which seemed to be moving over the moon.

What caused this shadow, was a shuttle. A spaceship, that is property of S.P.D., was headed towards the Earth Branch's Moon Base. All S.P.D. agents aboard (Ban, Hoji, Sen, Jasmine, Umeko and Shelly, who was controlling the shuttle) were exited about this. Who wouldn't be, to finally be standing on something that had always appeared out of reach. The reason for their trip: a space ship was found buried under the moon's surface.

"What I can't understand is why they need a whole team of us to help with the dig up!" Hoji complained.

"They don't need us to dig!" Ban replied, "They need us to guard over the base! The space ship is too important to leave unguarded!"

"So that's why they had hired all available members of the Fire Squad to assist them?" Sen asked.

"Yep!" Ban answered, "And Given that I now take part of another team, I was allowed to bring whoever I wanted with me!"

"Then I'm surprised that you let him tag along!" Tetsu stated, as he pointed to one of the other passengers.

He pointed at Wells, the only Earthling that works for S.P.D. that's not Asian, who also wore a uniform for once, to whom Ban seemed to hold a grudge, just because of his origin.

"Yeah, well he's just lucky that we had an extra seat!" Ban replied.

"Actually, the extra seat was added ever since he joined our team!" Sen reasoned.

Ban grumbled in anger.

Wells, in the meantime, kept pulling on his uniform's collar, as if he was uneasy over something. Next to him sat Jasmine, who was also his girlfriend, who just couldn't help noticing his uneasiness.

"Something wrong, Bill?" she asked him, being the only one to call him by his first name.

"Yeah!" he answered, "I really need to get used to wearing this!"

She looked at him up and down, at his black uniform with a silver colored star on it, and said: "You should! 'Cause you look so handsome in it!"

"Thanks, but that doesn't really help me enjoying this!" Wells replied, "This here's even less comfortable than what they made me wear back in the States!"

"You know what, you westerner? Maybe you should've stayed there, if you like it so much better over there!" Ban remarked.

"Did I say I like it better there then?" Wells bit back.

"Is this why you wanted him to come along?" Jasmine complained, "Just so you could still make snide remarks at him?"

"No! It was because I had no choice!" Ban answered.

"Good day, everybody!" a voice from the screen in the front said.It was Gyoku Rou, Ban's formal leader from the Fire Squad.

"Gyoku! Sir!" Ban called in reflex.

"Banban!" Gyoku greeted.

"How many times do I have to tell you? Call me Ban!" Ban replied.

Wells had his own say on this to Jasmine: "I wonder if it would help if I start telling him to call me by my name."

"As you may all be aware by now," Gyoku continued, as if uninterrupted, "we found the legendary DaiJin!"

Wells raised his hand by the sound of that name. Gyoku took notice of that: "Yes?"

"Am I supposed to know this DaiJin?" Wells asked.

"Do you mind?" Ban shouted at him.

But before he could go on any further, Gyoku answered: "Oh right! You're that new member to Earth Branch! Wells, isn't it? Well let me explain!"

His frame shrunk, and moved to the upper right corner, to make room for a few images, as Gyoku explained.

"DaiJin was, according to the legends, a giant man, capable of great destruction. It appeared many times in folklore of many planets! They'd describe some kind of a giant bird that would change into a giant robot, and fight a whatever threatened the planet. At some point it disappeared, but now we know that whoever controlled this was more than likely the first Alienizer to ever travel across the universe. Also, we now believe to have found it beneath the surface of your moon!"

"So our moon has kept a legend for us! How great is that!" Umeko was as enthusiastic about this as always.

"What I wonder is what makes them think this really is this DaiJin!" Jasmine said to Wells.

"What I wonder is how so many planets, who never interacted with each other before, could have possibly chosen the same name for one alien visitor!" Wells replied, with his usual dry tone.

"What is it that makes S.P.D. so interested in this DaiJin anyway?" Hoji asked.

"A space ship this old, and according to the legends so powerful, could make an interesting object for our scientists to study, and perhaps even enhance our current technology!" Gyoku answered.

"Unless somebody feels the need to hide it somewhere else, like he did last time!" Ban remarked while turning his head to look at Wells.

"Oh yes!" Gyoku merely said, "The meteor rocks."

Wells sighed. He mumbled something in English before he said: "When are they going to forget about that?"

"Just make one promise to us, Wells!" Gyoku ordered, "This time, let us hide it, when it comes to it!"

Wells mumbles something in English. Not that anyone understood what he said, but by the sound if, it suggested that he was annoyed with the order.

"What did you just say?" Gyoku asked.

"Yessir." Wells answered, sounding dry as usual.

"Good! Now, before you land let me tell you this! There will be two officers ready for you to take you up to your dorms. When you arrive there, I want you to organize your shifts."

"Roger!" everybody said.

"Oh, and Banban!" Gyoku called. Before Ban could remind his formal boss as to how to call him, Gyoku continued: "You'll recognize them as your formal teammates. Rigusu Nao and Murtagufu Yujiro."

"Cool!" Ban answered enthusiastically, "Now you'll all meet some of the friends I made!"

Only Wells didn't seem to be so much thrilled. In fact, he seemed to have something else on his mind.

"I'll see you all when you get here!" Gyoku said before he disappeared from the screen.

While everyone else had their own opinion on this mission, Jasmine only just noticed her boyfriend's mind was somewhere else.

"Something wrong?" she asked him.

"Rigusu and Murtagufu. Why do those names sound so familiar?" he said.

Note: Rigusu Nao and Murtagufu Yujiro are my creations.