Mark of the Wolves/ Ranma 1/2
Quiet Control Chapter 9
"Redline Fury"

Freeman precariously licked his lips, almost as if tasting the blood that he presumed would fall upon them quite soon, as he walked closer to Rock then stopped. For a few seconds neither moved, awaiting the other to strike. Rock knew that it would be inevitable for the fight, no matter how long he stalled, and he knew that the oily carrot haired demon in front of him expected Rock to make the move, so with a shrug, Rock thought to himself, "why disappoint?"

Almost beyond Freeman's sense, Rock dashed at him, using his own ki to power his speed, and creating the illusion of a multicolored streak aimed towards him. In reaction, Freeman slashed in a wide arc horizontally with his right hand at the point he anticipated it's target would lie, his claws leaving a blood red ki trail, as if the very reality was scarred in it's swath.

The blond haired fighter lept at the last moment over the slash and spun into the air before thrusting towards Freeman with a ki enveloped fist. Freeman pulled to his left back and out of the way of the attack, noting from the sound of pulverized concrete that the blow was intending to finish the match.

Throwing a back kick behind him, Freeman hoped to catch the recovering Rock and stagger him a bit so he could disable him in a more grevious manner. Unfortunatly for him, Rock made sure not to commit so much to his first attack as it appeared, having aimed his fist for what looked like a very weak section of concrete to give it the illusion of power. Rock stayed low and bent backwards toward Freeman's kick, allowing it to skim over his nose by mere millimeters, continuing the motion, Rock twisted his body and lashed out at Freeman's legs, and with the grace of a bullwhip in whiplash, snapped Freeman into the air.

The Grim fighter instinctively anticipated the attack, and in defiance of the inertia behind the toss, bent foward and grabbed Rock's wrist before he let go, and converted the momentum to his own advantage, as he pulled the Blond haired fighter into the air to toss him away. Rock cursed his own limits as his mind calculated his next move. Twisting in Freeman's grip, Rock locked his own hand onto Freeman's wrist, arresting his flight and snapping both fighters towards each other like an old rubberband released from taunt. Rock brought up both his feet and planted them into Freeman's gut, this time not interested in keeping into the airgame of toss the opponent, Rock landed onto his back, rolling with the fall and kicking Freeman back into the air behind him. With a deadly grace, Freeman twisted and summersaulted onto his feet, still facing Rock, by this time he was grinning estatically, for the boy had learned a few new tricks, it was going to be an interesting fight for him yet.....

"IDIOT! Why is it everytime I try to be nice and make a simple suggestion, you have to be such a JERK!" Akane bellowed as she launched another piece of heavy furniture after Ranma, who simply dodged it and made a face back.

"Probably because your suggestions are about as good as your cook'n's edible, and at least I've *survived* your cooking."

The new taunt gave Akane fuel to her anger, and a nice little burst of adrenaline, as well as suddenly perfect aim, which in turn gave Ranma a good sized headache as the stone garden lantern crashed into him.

"I....te" Ranma squeaked out as Nabiki came bursting through the front door, not even bothering to remove her shoes, panting as if she had been on a maraton run, and a look of uncharactoristic fear plastered on her face.

There were few opponents Rock thrived against, and some that he would disparage against. Even fewer could ever be both as the battle before him filled Rock with anxiousness, in continuing the fight, and finishing it.

After trading attacks in a tight and deadly game of chess, neither still managed to gain a clear advantage on the other. By now their attacks were reaching a fever pitch to where one blow would quite easily win this debaucle.

Rock back handsprung away from the three hit rush that Freeman delivered, each strike seeming to be drawing blood from the very air, proof of the attacks effectiveness. After gaining a safe distance, but not full footing, Rock released his Galefist attack at his opponent, hoping to bide him some time.

Freeman would not be denied his advantage as he rushed foward and drew his claws down across him, leaving an "X" slash in the front of him that rent Rock's Reppuken harmless. Continuing foward, the red headed creature drew his right hand back ready to disembowl what was before it's master.

In a near impossible split second. Rock managed to stalemate the attack by shifting his right foot back while he was still falling back, and while gritting his teeth as he felt a slight pop in his ankle. He then pushed foward towards Freeman which allowed him to bring left forearm down to block the slash aimed for his gut, robbing it of it's momentum which he used to fuel his own counterattack.

Before Freeman could even bat an eye, Rock spun to his right as he used his left leg to push himself off the ground. Rock's right leg came around and down towards Freeman's head at a diagonal Ax Kick. Rock had not been able to recover his balance as he dropped onto his right foot at an angle, causing the burning sensation in it's ankle to become an agonizing inferno, of course the gambit was not without it's benefit as he saw Freeman rise slowly and reset his jaw.

"Boy, this was supposed to be fun and games," commented Freeman in British accented English, "and now you gone and upset your ol' pal." Freeman turned to spit a blot of blood that had pooled in his mouth so he could speak further, "that's okay, Ol' Freeman still gets to finish the game."

Freeman rushed at Rock, both knowing that the blond haired fighter was now going to be running slower than before due to his ankle, and launched into a flurry off attacks that almost seemed to paint the air crimson in their abundance. Rock tried in earnest to keep as far as he could from the curved wall of blood red razor thin ki, but could only desperatly manage to stay an inch or two from in front of it. In a fit of inspiration, Rock took less than a split second to remove his jacket and toss it into Freeman's barrage.

Freeman growled as the leather jacket managed to block his view a bit and slow his attacks down, as the tough leather made it difficult to tear through, though only needing a couple of seconds to remove the obstacle and reduce it to leather boot laces, it was all the time Rock needed to disappear from in front of Freeman's vision. On a hunch, the orange haired man looked up to see an inverted Rock Howard, smirking triumphantly, aiming his left foot's toe down for a knockout blow towards the crown of his opponent's head....

Rock landed after missing, cursing himself for being so cocky as he heard the tell-tale growl of Freeman concentrating for his final attack...

The concrete wall they were fighting along was slashed in half horizontally for 8 meters down while the sidewalk before Freeman suddenly grew a new ditch about a foot wide that also went 8 meters down.

Freeman only clicked his tongue in irritation for the interferance on behalf of Rock before commenting, "This was a one on one game, boy, shoulda told your pallies that it woulda been healtier they not interfere."

"I appreciate the assist, Rock commented as he had his left arm hooked around the redheads waist while Ranma's right arm was hooked under Rock's right armpit around his back, "I already know that you will not listen to me and let me handle this myself; so just try not to stay at arm's range with him, either stay out of range or stay well tight against him."

Ranma only nodded in confirmation as they both landed. Ranma being the bull headed redhead she was(hey, when have you ever known a redhead to not be bull headed?), rushed for the attack. Before Rock could join him, he felt a femenine hand catch his shoulder.

"Nabiki, it is not safe for you to be here right now," stated Rock almost casually. Nabiki's retort, was uncharactoristically uncasual, lacking any sardonic or sarcastic tones, "and it's not safe for you either, Ranma told me you hurt your ankle, just let him handle it, Ranma can handle anything."

Rock's pride stung a bit from hearing her favor Ranma over him at the moment, but as he turned towards Ranma to see him battle Freeman, Rock noted the thin slashes Ranma's already gained. Shaking his head, Rock turned to glance at Nabiki to see her face in stone, yet with pleading eyes. With a sigh he ran towards Ranma and Freeman to begin the fight in earnest....