Answer to challenge 1193, issued by Marcus Rowland on the 15th January 2006.
Anyanka and D'Hoffryn were created by Joss Whedon and are owned by Mutant Enemy.
Fables and all associated characters were created by Bill Willingham and are owned by Vertigo Comics.
Set century's before Buffy the Vampire Slayer, during the "A Most Troublesome Woman" segment of the Fables Graphic novel "1001 nights of Snowfall".
Rated for the graphic nature of the subject matter; not intended for anyone below the age of 15.

Self Fulfilment

Anyanka felt her stomach lurch as she leaned against the tree; it had been almost an hour since she'd arrived at the secluded cottage in the middle of the forest. The sight that had greeted her had already cost her her lunch, and would probably haunt her dreams for some time.

She'd been surprised when D'Hoffryn had summoned her; ok, she wasn't operating in her regular demotion, but there were only so many vengeance demons to go round, so she'd been forced to expand her reach a little. He'd been smiling when she'd arrived, a sure sign that she was either in deep trouble, or he was pleased with her work. She'd only cast two vengeance-spells since arriving in this reality; one for a young shepherds daughter who's intended had been stolen by another, and one for a young runaway who'd been living alone in the woods for some time.

It had taken only a few moments for her to realize which wish he'd been talking about, and for her to realize that she hadn't properly formulated the incantation: there was no telling just what she'd created. Teleporting herself to the young woman's location.

She didn't much care for Dwarf's; they fell outside of he jurisdiction for the most part, and the one in this demotion were ugly, smelly things far below her contempt. But the sight of the three bodies, and what had been done to them before they'd been killed, shocked even her. The fact that the perpetrator of the crime was the same young woman who's wish she hadn't completed had been too much.

Reality returned with a bump as the cottage door opened again, and the woman stepped out. When they had forest met, she had been dressed in rags, while now she wore an almost regal dress and matching hat, but the look was destroyed by the still bloody sword in her hand.

"Don't you dare cry for them." The woman looked at her with cold, hard eyes, "You know what the did to me, and other young girls who fell into their trap."

"But you...and then you..." Anyanka grabbed the tree for support as she lost what little food remained in her stomach.

"Yes, I did." The woman nodded, grabbing a flask of lamp oil and a pair of flints from the sack hanging from the saddle of her nearby horse, "I only wish it could have lasted longer."

"That one wish even I can't grant," The vengeance demon groaned, "even if I wanted to."

"Then stand aside and let those of us made of sterner stuff finish the job." The woman re-entered the cottage and poured the lamp oil around the bodies, before making her way back to the door. It was the work of a moment to set light to the highly flammable oil, and soon the building was aflame. She turned to Anyanka as she headed for her horse, "And I bid you fair well; prey to what ever gods you believe in that we do not meet again."

Anyanka watched the cottage burn, until the sound of approaching horse's warned her that staying would not be good for her health. Transporting herself away, she sort out another wronged woman she could avenge, and found the perfect specimen in a young women who's twin sister had abandoned her years before, and had since married into royalty.

That was more her style...

The End