Title: I'm Proud of you Son.
Summary: John recalls significant events in Dean's life
Disclaimer: I don't own supernatural, it is owned by the CW and Eric Kripke and company. No money is being made from this.


John Winchester sat in a wheelchair in room 1013, at Angel of Mercy General hospital. It had been four days since the incident at the cabin and the subsequent accident. John had to have surgery on his leg and he had several broken ribs. One of the ribs had punctured his lung and John had just had the chest tube that drained the build up of fluid removed that morning. This was the first time he had seen Dean since the accident. Sam had been lucky, he had only suffered a concussion, broken wrist and various cuts and bruises. He was due to be discharged any day. John had come in this moring to stay with Dean and sent Sam back to his room for some much needed rest.

John watched as the ventilator pushed air in and out of Dean's lungs. He looked as white as a ghost. Don't go there John, he thought to himself. He looked up as he heard someone come into the room.

"Hello, you must be Dean's father, John Chesterwin. I'm nurse Susan Taylor," the nurse said greeting John.

"Yes, how did you know?"

"Your son, Sam, mentioned you."

"How's Dean?"

"His vitals are steady, Mr Chesterwin, but as you know, he is still in critical condition he's, still in a coma. He's a fighter though, that's for sure. Most people I've treated with injuries as severe as your son' don't even make it to the hospital."

"Dean's definitely a fighter, he always has been," John said softly.

"I know it must be hard to see him like this, no parent should have to watch their child suffer," Susan offered sympathetically.

"You never get used to it. I wish I could say this is the first time that I've seen him like this."

"Your son was on a vent before?" Susan queried.

"Yeah, the first time was when Dean was a just a few minutes old," said John recalling the memory.

"I was so overjoyed when Mary told me she was pregnant. I went out the next day and opened an account and put a hundred dollars into it. I decided that it was never to too early to start saving for my child's college fund. Unfortunately, Mary's pregnancy was difficult right from the start, you name the complication and she had it. At six months, she actually went into labour. The doctors managed to stop it and Mary was put on bed rest. However, when Dean sets his mind to something, nothing stops him. I'm not sure if he thought he was missing something important or what, but four weeks later, my son, Jonathan Dean Chesterwin Jr, decided to introduce himself. We called him Dean to avoid confusion. There was nothing the doctor could do to stop labour this time. As soon as he was born, he was whisked away before we even got to see him. When we finally could, he was in an incubator and on a ventilator. He was so tiny," John paused.

Susan remained silent, she didn't want to say anything that would cause John to stop. She couldn't place it, she tried not to get too involved with patients, especially working in ICU, something about the young man in the bed made Susan want to hear more. She was glad when John continued.

"The doctors gave us almost no hope. They kept saying that Dean wouldn't make it through the night and we should prepare ourselves, and that even if by some miracle he did survive, he would have a whole host of physical and mental problems. I was a marine and saw combat in 'Nam, but nothing had ever scared me more than when the doctors told me my son might die. My wife would hear none of it though. She was my rock, kept me going. Dean made it through that first night. It may sound strange, but the first thing I felt when I woke up the next moring and found my son was still alive was not relief but pride. I was so proud of him. Even at 3 pounds, 4 ounces, my son took on the world and kicked its ass."

Susan chuckled at that. John looked up, he had forgotten she was there. Susan hoped he would continue, she wanted to hear more.

"Dean made it through the second night and then the first week, and then the month. He spent a total of ten weeks in the NICU, seven of those on a ventilator. I was ecstatic when the doctors told us we could take Dean home, I was also really nervous though, because the doctors were right there in the hospital if something were to go wrong. It was still touch and go after that, he was in and out of the hospital for the first two years of his life. He picked up every cold and flu that came around. One thing that went in our favour was that Dean seemed to be developing normally with regards to walking and talking. He took a while to catch up to everyone height wise, Dean's not short, but the Wi...Chesterwins are tall. Most of us average at least 6"3, he's the shortest in the family, his brother's 6"4, Dean's six feet even. It always irritated Dean that his little brother ended up taller than him, and believe me, Sam rubbed that in every chance he got." John smiled at the memory.

"I met your other son, Sam. He and Dean seem close."

"They are. After my wife and I got married, we decided to have three kids at two years apart. That changed after Dean was born, because of Mary's complications, we were both nervous to try again. There was also Dean's health. He needed a lot of care those first couple of years and we both felt that it wouldn't be fair to another child because we wouldn't be able to give that child the attention he or she would need.

His health improved as he got older, he was only in the hospital once just after he turned 3. With everythin that he'd been through, Dean was a good kid, he seemed to take whatever was happening to him in his stride. He didn't ask ask for much, except that he nagged constantly for a baby brother. When Dean turned four, and went without any major health issues or hospital admissions for almost a year, we decided to try again, We were both unsure of what to expect, but again, we were lucky. As complicated as Mary's first pregnancy was, her second was the complete opposite. It went text book from beginning to end and nine months later, 7 lb 10 ounce Samuel Francis Chesterwin entered the world. He was named after both my father and Mary's. Dean was so happy when he found out he had a brother, he was so protective of him right from the start. I was a lucky man. We decided that we'd had our share of miracles and decided not to tempt fate a third time. Our family was complete. I had a beautiful loving wife and two healthy sons and my business was becoming a success, my partner and I were talking about opening a second garage. A man couldn't have asked for more. To me, life was perfect."

Susan heard her name over the PA, she had to go.

"Mr. Chesterwin, I believe if anyone can beat this it's Dean. I'll be back to check on him later."

"Thanks. Sorry for talking your ear off," John said.

"Actually, it was my no bother, sometimes we just need to talk," Susan said with a smile.

Susan walked out the door and John continued to watch over his son.

A/N: I love the character of Dean. This is my attempt to describe events in Dean's life that made him the way he is. I know that John would not open up to a stranger, but I figure since John is so worried about Dean, he would be talking without thinking.