Chapter 15

The doctor's prediction proved correct. The next day Dean was taken for his CAT scan and afterward the decision was made to start weaning him off the ventilator. Dean fought hard and 5 days later the tracheotomy was removed. Three days later and he was still wearing a nasal cannula beneath his nose, but he much preferred that to the vent. The doctors said he would probaby not need it in a few days and Dean could not wait.

"Good moring Dean."

Dean looked up and saw Dr. Brennan enter the room.

"Moring doc."

Dr Brennan checked Dean's vitals and was pleased with what she saw. She also checked the stoma to make sure that it was healing alright.

"Hows it looking Dr. Brennan?" Dean asked after she reapplied the dressing. He didn't miss her frown.

"Unfornately its not closing as I would like it to.

Dean could only think of one thing that Dr. Marks had told him. "Does that mean...?" Dean couldn't get the word out but the monitor he was still attached to started to show his distress.

"It is a good possibility. I'm going to page Dr. Brookes, and have him come in for consult. He'll decide if surgury is necessary."

"Morning dude." both looked up saw that John was walked in. John took one look at Dean and knew that something was up.

" You don't need to that Doc because I want you to get the AMA forms. I'm signing out."

"That's not a good idea Dean, your lungs still need to be monitored and your still getting pain killers in your IV."

"I don't care, I'm signing out now, Just get me the damm forms will you."

"Son, I know you want to go home but listen to the doctor on this one."

"No, either get the forms or I'm just getting up and leaving."

"Your not signing yourself out Dean."

"I'm 27, I don't need your permsisson, now doc the papers."

"I'll be back, ok, I'll let you to talk. Dean please reconsider."

"There is nothing to talk about. I'm getting out of here, today."

Dr. Brennan left and John followed her.

"What happened?"

"Dean asked how the stoma was looking. Mr Chesterwin I believe in being honest with all my patients. I told Dean that the stoma is not closing as I would like it, so I want to call in a surgurical consult

"Which is the reason why he wants to sign himself out. Is it for sure, the surgury."

"Most likely, however the Otolaryngologist, Dr, Brookes will make that decision. Should I page him, if Dean wants to sign out there is nothing I can do."

"Dr. Brennan don't worry about it. Set it up. I'll talk to him and he won't be checking himself out okay."

"Alright, I be back later you can have me paged if you need anything. "

"Thanks doc."

John came back into Dean's room, he sat on the edge of Dean bed so he could look him in the eye.

"You can't stop me dad. I'm an adult I can make my own decisions."

"Dean listen to me. No don't turn you head, listen to me. If surgury is necessary, you'll get through it. You got through it when you were seven, and when you were 13. You got through the two after the car accident. I won't forget my promise son, the last person you see before you go under and the first you see when you wake. Right now try not to think about it okay."

"That's easy for you to say, your not the one going under the knife and I'm not either."

"Let's wait and see what the doctor has to say first ok."

Dean looked like he was about to protest so John put a stop to it "That' an order."

Dean decided to change the subject.

"Where's Sam?"

John knew that the argument was over for now, but he was sure that it would come back up.

"Bobby promised a client that he would finish their car today so he went home and Sam went with him to get another car so that we wouldn't be stuck without transportation."

"Good he can use it to drive me home."

"Ok I was wrong," thought John "Dean isn't done."

"Enough Dean." There was one thing that would work. "Alright I'll let you sign out if you agree to one condition."


"You have to call Bobby and explain why you need him to pick you up."

John knew he was being mean, John wouldn't go against Bobby and he knew that Dean wouldn't either. Dean just glared at his father, he knew that Bobby would never agree to let Dean sign himself out AMA.

"Remember the last time you tried"

"Yeah, My back still remembers the bench." answered John."

"I can't believe he really made you sleep on the porch. "

"He did. I remember it like it was yesterday."

Dean had been seven and he had just been removed from the vent following his heart surgury. Dean started begging to go home, using the argument that he had Sammy to look after, Bobby needed his help in the salvage yard and he had to train with Daddy. Plus Sam had stopped speaking to him, expect to tell him that daddy was mean because he wouldn't bring Dean home. John felt terrible. So he agreed to sign Dean out AMA. Bobby told him in no uncertain terms that he was doing no such thing. He had told Bobby he could decide what was best for his son and not to interfere. Bobby then warned John he what would happen if he tried. He went to the hospital later that day to visit Dean and found John arguing with the doctor about taking Dean home. He had the papers. Bobby had walked up to John took the papers and ripped them up, and told that he cared about the boys just as much as John did and if Dean needed to be in the hospital then thats where he was staying. They aruged but it the end result was the same, Dean remained in the hospital the next five days and John spent the next five nights sleeping on the porch.

"Dad.. hey dad"

John was shaken out of his memories

"Sorry , what is it."

"I'll let the new doc check me out and then well talk."

"Sounds good son." said John hiding a grin.

"Dad, would you um... could you ah... waitherewithme." said Dean in a rush.

"Don't worry I'm not going anywhere. Besides we have something very serious to discuss."

"What's that." Dean asked tentativly

"How can you possibly say that Batman's car is is cooler than KITT from Knight Rider."

John spent the moring trying to keep Dean from thinking to much. He kept bringing up light topics. Sam showed up a little later and John filled him on the situation and asked Sam to call Bobby. Bobby wanted to come right away but he had promised a client that he would have his car today but he would get there as soon as possible.

Much to soon for Dean's comfort Dr Brookes showed up.

"Hi," he said looking at the chart "Jonathan Chesterwin Jr."

"Yeah, but call me Dean, I'm only John Jr when I'm in trouble," explained Dean

"He was John Jr alot as a kid."

"Not half as much as you Samuel Francis"

"Shut up."

"Boys, enough, Sorry Doctor..."

"Brookes. No worries, I have three kids of my own. I was speaking to Dr, Brennan. She filled me in on the situation. Do you mind stepping out of the room while I exam your son."

John stood up, he felt Dean grab his hand.

"I want them to stay."

"Okay, lets see what we have."

Dr. Brookes removed the big bulky bandage and examined Dean. It didn't take long, and he reapplied the bandage.

"It's looks like Dr. Brennan instincts are correct. I'd like to schedule the surgury for around 9am tomorrow."


"Easy son" said John laying a hand on Dean's shoulder.

"It's a fairly simple procedure, shouldn't take more than a half hour tops."

"No, ok I'm signing out. I don't care if I have to call Bobby."

"Dean, the stoma is not going to close on its own."

'You don't know that. It could"

"Chances are it won't. Plus you have to remember that is on open wound, the longer it stays open, the greater the risk of infection."

"No. Its not gonna happen."

"Dean calm down ok." Sam was getting worried. Last last time he had seen Dean this upset was when they worked that phantom traveler case. Sam was not used to seeing his big brother scared.

"Sam stay with your brother, I need to talk to Dr. Brookes." As John walk away Dean rolled over on his side, with his back to Sam and John.

John motioned for the doctor to follow him, and John explained to the promise that he made to his son. He wanted to stay with Dean until he was put to sleep. Dr. Brookes protested that they did not allow anyone in the OR. John stood his ground and said he knows was done and the doctor countered that it was only done for young patients. John didn't care, he promised his son and he wasn't about to break it. Dr. Brookes was about to say no again.


They both turned around at the sound of Sam's cry and when the monitors started screaming. John cursed. When John had turned his back, Dean took advantage of the situation and had ripped out his IV and pulled off the monitor leads, and had tried to get out of bed. Of course being in bed for over a month, when he stood up he was immediately attacked with a bout of vertigo and he ended up on the floor. Dr. Brookes hit the call button. The nurses were alerted quickly when the monitors went off so they showed up fast. John and Doctor Brookes, went to Dean and help him up and back in bed. Once he was back in bed, Nurse Brenda and Nurse Jody tried to go about cleaning up the cut from the ripped IV, and re-attaching the monitors and re-hooking the IV, and checking Dean's dressings to make sure there was no damage however Dean was not making it easy

"I said... I said leave me... alone... I dont... need that... need that stuff. I'm... going home." Dean was trying to catch his breath. Breathing was becoming more difficult.

Brenda could see that Dean was about to hyperventiate and pulled the full face mask off the wall and put it on Dean, he of course immediately pulled it off.

"Dr. the patient is not cooperating can I sedate him."

John took at look and for the first time, in a very long time he saw his son. Not the hunter, and or Sam's protector or his little solider, he saw Dean and right now his son needed him

"Mr. Chesterwin, I'll make arrangements for you to be there." He than told the nurse to give Dean a shot of ativan.

"No," said John, "Your not sedating him. Let me talk to him."

"Mr. Chesterwin it would be best, he needs to calm down now," argued Brenda.

"You only be putting off the inevitable,when he wakes you'll get the same reaction, Now get away from my son. Your not sedating him."

Sam looked at his father in shook, from the times he remember when Dean had been in the hospital and had gotten stubborn like this, John was all for sedation.

John walked over to Dean. "I'm here son. Let them finish what they need to ok, and they will leave you alone."

"No sugury." It was barely a whisper because Dean couldn't catch his breath.

John motioned for the nurse to give him the mask and he put it on, and said once more. "Im here buddy, Its ok."

"Dad don't leave."

"Not going anywhere." While John had Dean distracted the Nurses were able to complete their tasks. Then they left.

Unfornately Nurse Brenda did not help the situation. She was a very outspoken person and most times spoke without thinking. She was having a bad day and when she was leaving the room with Nurse Jody. Brenda had heard the stroies but she figured that since Dean was an adult he should have outgrown his fears and when she was just out the door said the worst thing she could

"Can you believe that, a grown man acting that way. He should be ashamed of himself. My 6 year old had his appendix removed and he didn't act like that. If I was his father I would tell him to grow up and stop acting like a baby."

When Dean heard that he realized that she was right. His father must be digusted with him, he was useless. He was supposed to protect Sam, how could Sam ever trust him again. He was worthless. His family didn't need him. Dean rolled over on his side, closed his eyes.

Both John and Sam were on their feet. A voice stopped them cold.

"Excuse me." The voice was low, but John recognized it and the cold steel it contained. The last time he heard it was when he had pretty much said the same to Dean after they had battled that Fear Demon. For Brenda her bad day was about to get a whole lot worse. Bobby had called his client, who was also a good friend and explained that a friend was in the hospital. He understood and told Bobby that he could wait a couple more days for his car. He had just come around the corner in time to hear Brenda make her comment.

"Sam stay with your brother. I have to make sure that Bobby doesn't end up being charged with homocide."

John stepped out of the room.

"Would you care to repeat what you just said miss." asked Bobby. His voice was still calm, but John wasn't fooled.

"You are?"

"He's family." replied John. Brenda turned around and looked at John. She knew that she was in trouble.

"John, go back and be with Dean. He needs you now. I'll have a little chat with..." he read her name tag "Ms. Connelly."

For a brief moment, John had felt sorry for her. He had been on the receiving end of more than one of Bobby's little chats.

John turned to go back into the room. He heard her asking her for the name of her supervisior.

"Mr. Chesterwin, I'm sorry." Jody felt the need to apologize.

"It's okay, " said John. "Your friends the one you should feel sorry for."

Jody looked scared

"Don't worry Bobby won't hurt her. It's just that cares for my boys like they were his own sons and nobody messes with them, especially Dean.

John went to Dean. He tried to talk to him but Dean refused to look at him or speak. All he could hear was the demons words.

You fight and you fight for this family. But the truth is they don't need you, not like you need them. This kept playing over and over in Dean;s head.

John let him be for now. He knew that when Dean got like this not nothing could budge him.

About half an hour later Brenda came back in the room. She couldn't look at John and she mumbled and apology. A little while later another nurse showed up.

"Mr. Chesterwin, I am Evelyn Martin, I am the nursing supervisor. I just wanted to add my apology for what happened earlier. I have spoken with Brenda. Would you like to lodge a formal complaint."

"Yes we would. What happens than?" said John.

"Well Brenda has a similar compliant so it would mean susupension.

"How do we go about it."

"Come to my office and we can fill out the paper work."

"No." Everyone looked at Dean. He still had not opened his eyes or moved. "Let it go, Dad please. I don't want someone else to get in trouble because of me. I'm not worth it. Just let it go."

"Alright son, if that's what you want. Ms Martin, please tell Brenda she can thank her lucky stars that my son is the man he is. I also don't want her near my boy again though."

"Alright Mr. Chesterwin, once again I am sorry."

After two hours, in which Dean refused to speak again and had refused to eat, which earned him another frown from a nurse, she tried to lecture him that he wouldn't get better if he didn't eat. One glare from John and it stopped before it got started.

John was at a loss. He wanted to ask Bobby what to do. Then John started to get digusted with himself. When did he start relying on Bobby everytime Dean got upset. Not that John didn't appreciate everything Bobby had done for Dean, he did, more that words could ever say but Dean was his son, and it was time that he took care of his boy.

"Sam, Bobby I need you guys to do something for me ok."

"What Dad."

"I want you to go to the cafeteria or somthing just give me about a half hour with Dean before you come back." He saw that Sam was about to protest. "Please Sam don't argue. We both know that right now he is beating himself up over what happened earlier. He needs to get this out. He won't do that in front of you."

"He won't do it front of you either Dad."

"I'll talk to him John if you want."

"Bobby, thank you, for everything you've done but I think Dean needs me right now."

"That was the answer I was hoping for. Come on Sam.

As they left John could hear Sam asking Bobby what he said to that nurse. John made a mental note to ask Bobby later. He wanted to know. Making up his mind he went and closed the door to the room and then he went to Dean's bed and sat down. Startled by the sudden pressure Dean turned and John took advantage and layed back against the head of the bed, pulled Dean into his arms and cradled him against his chest. Dean, suddenly embarressed tried to pull away. John just held on tighter.

"Lay still Dean. That's an order."

The three magic words and Dean lay quiet. If he let himself admit it he didn't care how old he was he did not want his father to let go. Ever since he found out he was having surgury he was desparetly trying to keep his walls up, but they were crumbling faster than he could repair them. The last time Dean could remember his father doing this was the night before his heart surgury and Dean knew the one place he felt the safest was in his fathers arms.

"Let it go kiddo." That was all Dean needed to hear, the build up of everything that happened this last year his father going missing, finding out the demon had plans for his little brother, the demon's and the nurses words, the fear of what was happening the next day, and the last of Dean's reserves fell and the flood gates opened.


A short time later both Sam and Bobby came back to the room. Both were shocked to see John holding Dean. The Winchester's were a family of no chick flick moments. Both were equally suprised to see Dean sound asleep. Usually when something was bugging him he just sat there brooding. Both Sam and Bobby also did not miss the wet spot near on John's shirt near Dean's face. Had he been crying? Dean didn't cry ever!

Dean remained asleep for a couple of hours. When he woke up he was upset with himself. Any respect his father had left had to be gone after that little display and even though he didn't want to he tried to pull out of John's arms. Once again John would not let him.

"Dad let go."


"Dad please take Sam and Bobby go."

"I said no."


"Only if you give me a good reason."

"The demon was right. I'm the weak link. You don't me. Sam doesn't need me, he proved that. He was fine all those years without me. I bet even Bobby thinks that. The nurse was right."

"I said a good reason Dean. And I never heard such bull in my life. You are the strong one, its me whose weak." Sam and Dean stared at their father in shock. " I would have fell apart after your mothers death if it wasn't for you. I'm the one who should be ashamed. I let a four your old take care of me. You always looked after me and Sammy. Just look at what you did after I got hurt that time, workign two jobs."

"And brought Social Services down on top of us."

"No, Dean you gave us a chance to stay together. If you hadn't did that we wouldn't have had money for food, or rent. What do you think they would have done if one of you boys fainted from hunger or they discovered we were living in the car. They would have taken you two for sure. Dean whatever happened at the party, the next day you held your head up high and walked into that school. I would never have had the courage to do that. What about those football players who were failing math, Sam told me they were the ones who picked on you the most and yet you still helped them."

"Only to get them to leave me alone." explained Dean. "I told them if they didn't stay away from me they were on their own."

"Did it work."

"Yeah, they had scholarships riding on that game."

"Why did you tutor them. Why not just put the smack down on them, you could have without breaking a sweat."

"No, social services was around, they were waiting for me or you to mess up. I didn't like working with them but I couldn't let them take Sammy. I also knew you would be upset, you were counting on me not to screw up

"So once again you did what you had to, to take care of me and Sammy."

"I wouldn't have had to do anything if I hadn't given them an oppurtunity to get to me in the first place."

"Dean, I won't pressure I'm going to ask this once and you don't have to answer. What happened at that party?" John knew of course but he had promised Sam. He didn't want to but couldn't stop himself , it all came out. The fake seance they were setting up, the plan to try scare him, and how he put a stop to it and what the kids said to him. John's heart when out to his son.

"Why didn't you let the kids go ahead, you knew it wouldn't scare you."

"You don't mess with that stuff. You never know what could happen."

"You had to know the kids would think you were scared, and tease you."

'I know but sometimes even fake rituals accidently work. I didn't want someone to get hurt."

"You know that sounds an awful lot like you putting someones elses needs before own. Stopping that prank you had to know what you were opening yourself up to yet you did. That takes a stong person Dean. If you want I got a ton more examples.

"You get your strength from your mother did you know that." Dean looked at John is suprise. John rarely spoke about Mary. "You are your mother through and through. When you were born premature I was terrified and I don't know what I would have done if not for her. Your mother though was rock solid she never allowed herself or me to think you were going to be anything put fine. I still remember the first time I held you. You were 17 days old, at first I was so scared I would hurt you, you were still so tiny and you were covered with tubes and wires. Your mother just picked you up, tubes and all. Mary never looked more beautiful then that day, she just glowed when you were in her arms the first time. Same thing happened when your mom held you Sam. Look here." John reached for his wallet and pulled out a small picture.

"The original was destroyed in the fire. Mike gave this to me." Sam and Dean both looked at the photo. There was John and Mary in the Neonatal ICU holding baby Dean.

"It's hard to see you son betneath all those tubes, but trust me your there. After we found out you were going to survive Dean the doctors still wouldn't give us hope. They said you were going to be disabled physically, cerebral palsy, probably blind having to be on the vent so long, said you would also be disabled mentally, never walk, or talk or even sit up. You proved them all wrong again."

"Except the mental part."

"Excuse me."

"The docs were right about that weren' they."

"Why would you say that Dean. "

"I took forever to learn to read, Sam could read when he was 4. It takes me forever to learn anything.:

Bobby decided it was time for him to join the converstion. "Jonathan Dean Winchester Jr, I have heard you say some dumb things but thats about the dumbest thing you ever. I seem to remember a young man who could name every part in a car by the time he was seven. I would let you help me repair cars when you got older and I still have some of my customers compliment the job you did and ask about you. I used alot of your suggestions for the repairs to the Impala and they were great. What about all those hunting gadgets of yours. Do you know that Caleb supplied those rock salt bullets to other hunters, he thought they were the greatest things. Lets not forget that homemade EMF dectector."

"I still use mine." said John "Sam said it saved the day on the plane. He also told me about the school and regional science fair. What was your project on Dean."

Dean rattled off something about car engines that even John and Bobby who knew there way around cars had trouble following.

"Plus I would say a full ride scholarship to MIT definetly proves how smart you are." added John

"Yeah Dean," said Sam "Did you know that MIT only accepts about 13 of the people that apply."

"You would know that geek boy."

"What made you decide to apply?" asked Sam

"I told you Sammy, the damm counsellor wouldn't stop bugging me. "

"Thats bull and you know it." said Sam.

" Sam just drop it okay."

Bobby could see that Dean was getting upset and it was his natural instinct to put a stop to it but he knew that Dean needed to get it out. "Hey kiddo, I want you to tell me okay."

"I told you the councellor..."

"Dean tell me the truth," stated Bobby. "You've never lied to me."

"I... I uh wanted to... um, I just...I ahh. I'm not lying that guy wouldn't stop..."

"Bugging you. Ok Dean, I believe you on that one but I know there's more." John was fighting every instinct in him not to issue those three magic words. He glanced at Dean monitors and noticed that his his reading were evelvated slightly. He did not want the alarms going off. He knew he would get kicked out. It was so rare that Dean opened up to him like this and knew if he gave Dean a chance to shut down those wall would be back up faster than John could blink and he would never get this opportunity again.

" I know how hard this is for you son but your doing great. Please what's wrong. What is it about this letter"

'Nothing. Just.. just leave it alone." Dean was really conflicted. He wanted nothing more than to be alone so he could get his thoughts together, yet at the same time, for the first time is a very long time Dean felt safe, he felt secure in his father's arms and he didn't want John to let go for any reason.

That's when Sam figured it out. There was one thing that Dean would never talk about. The more Sam tried the angrier Dean got. This had to be about...

"Mom.?" Sam stated simply. John felt Dean tense up and he knew Sam was right.

"Son please talk to me. Is this about your your mom?"

"I just... I wanted.. . I ah.. I just wanted... GO AWAY!" with that Dean did try to pull out of his fathers arms. Once again John just held on tighter.

Bobby cast a nervous glance toward the montiors as well. The reading were still up slightly nothing to cause concern yet. Bobby hated to see Dean struggle like this. Bobby could read Dean like a book. He knew what Dean was thinking. He decided to help him out.

"Your mom was a teacher. Education was important to her. You wanted her to be proud of you."

"Yes." the anwser from Dean was so low they almost missed it. "She would have been so upset with me.

"Why would you think that Dean."

"I was so bad at school. I bet mom never had to work with a tutor or go to summer school. She taught summer school, and she was the tutor."

"Dean, listen to me. Your mother WAS proud of you for one reason and that was because your you. The person you were. She was proud that her son was a fighter, he didn't give up no matter what odds were against him. She was proud that her son was a selfless caring person. No matter what you were always there to lend a hand. She was proud that you were the best big brother ever. "

"I'll vouch for that one Dean." answered Sam. "All my friends thought so to. I can't tell you how many times I had one of them tell me they wished you were there brother."

"Dean do you remember the yout brother was born."

"Yeah, I had only been asking for one since I could talk."

"Do you remember what happened in the waiting room."

"I was waiting for you to take me to see mom and Sammy."

"I ran into that other little boys father."

"Oh yeah. I almost forgot about that."

This was something both Sam and Bobby had never heard.

"Dean was in the waiting room with Kathy. There was this other little boy there right around Dean's age. As excited as he was about getting a little brother this little boy was not. By the time Dean got through talking to him he was even more excited about his little brother than Dean was. I was at the nursey a little while later, as I said I ran into that boys father. Something you didn't know kiddo. That little boy asked if he could name his little brother Dean. Said that way he would never forget to be the best big brother ever. The father agreed. Your mother told that story to every one she met. She used to joke that she was starting her own businsess and rent you out to kids that were getting little brothers or sisters.

"Dean your mom would not have been upset with you about school. Once again it's all me. I should have payed more attention. If I had your learning disablity would probably have been diagnosed a whole lot sooner and than school would not have been such a stuggle. I made you go to summer school so you could stay with your class. I felt it would have been worse for you to have to have to repeat an entire year. As for the tutor, at first you needed it. Then later when your grades improved I wwas all for letting you stop. However the school required it. They wanted to keep an eye on your progress. They said that it was very easy for someone with Dyslexia to fall back into old habits."

"So mom was... she was..." Dean tried to say

"Yeah kiddo, and its not just was." John paused. He took one arm and grabbed Sam and pulled him into a one armed hug. "She was, is, and always will be proud of both her boys."

Bobby walked over to the bed and but a hand an Dean's shoulder. "I feel the same way to. Dean there is nothing that you could say or do that would even make me not feel that way. There is only one thing that you could ever do that would make me upset."

Dean looked at his friend in the eye "I know Bobby, no cheering for the Red Sox."


Dean was so emtionally exhausted that he drifted off to sleep. Secure in his fathers arms Dean actually was enjoying a peaceful sleep. John knew that his son would not heal over night but he felt as if they had both taken a big step. He was still scared of the facing surgury but he knew that as long as his family, John, Sam and Bobby were by his side there was nothing he couldn't face. In the morning, when Dr. Brookes brought the consent forms for Dean to sign he was prepared for a battle. He was more than a little shocked, when Dean with a shaking hand signed them without argument. True to his word Dr. Brookes had arranged for John to go right into the OR with Dean.

While Dean was is surgury John did some heavy thinking. John knew that he had to make some changes or he could lose his boys, in more ways than one and there was no way he could survive that. He still wanted to kill that Demon, It was going to be a long time before Dean was stong enough to hunt. However John knew where he was needed the most and he did not think that Mary would object if he waited a little while longer because Dean was right they were stonger as a family. They were going to after that thing together or not at all. The surgury went off without complication and when Dean woke up John was still there by his side.

Dean spent another week in the hospital before he was discharged. The day he left John made sure he got Dean's hospital bracelet and added it to his box. He also made a copy of Dean's letter for it as well and had the orginal laminated so it wouldn't rip and then he gave it back to Dean. Dean was discharged a week later. While he was waiting for Bobby to pick him up, and yes he said it would be in the Impala there was one last thing John wanted to do. He pulled Dean into a big bear hug, looked him straight in the eye and said

"I'm proud of you son."


A/N I hope you don't think that I had John and Dean out of character during the last part. I just figured that everyone had their breaking point, even Dean and he needed to get eveything off his chest. I also want to thank everyone who read and reviewed, . This is the first time I ever had the nerve to post on of my stories. While writing this I had an idea for a follow up to this story, If anyone is interested here is a small sneak peak to the follow up called That's My Boy. .

John put his hand atop Mary's headstone.

"Dad do you think this was a good idea."

"I do." When they got to the cemetary Dean had refused to leave the car. "Just give him time Sam."

"I'm going to go check on him ok."

"Sure Sammy I'll be right there."

Sam headed back to the car and John turned back to Mary's grave.

"Who are you and why are you at my daughter's grave."

John turned when he heard the voice

The man who approached was shocked when he saw who it was. He couldn't believe his eyes.

"John, John Winchester. What the hell are you doing here."

John looked up and said "Hello Frank."