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I had this little tradition, on New Years Eve I would kiss someone for luck. It started back when I was a little girl and on New Years Eve my parents would kiss me on the head just as the count down ended. They said it would bring me luck. I had a good childhood, maybe a little lonely but it wasn't unlucky so I started to fret in second year when I wasn't home for Christmas. I never ended up kissing anyone and where did it land me the next year…petrified. I blamed that whole situation on my lack of a New Years Kiss.

So in third year I went home for Christmas and all went well when Sirius Black escaped and was free again, once again from my New Year kiss. In fourth year I was sort of dating Viktor Krum who I did kiss on New Years saving Harry from Voldemort. In fifth year I was with Harry and Ron, since I had a crush on Ron I didn't kiss him or anybody for that matter which in the end killed Sirius.

In sixth year I wasn't kissed which filled me with terror the moment the New Year started. Why my parents didn't kiss me on the head like they did so long ago I didn't know but this New Year brought the death of my most trusted advisor Albus Dumbledore. Maybe these were just coincidences but to me this kiss thing is serious. And after the death of Dumbledore I was dead set on getting my New Years kiss and I did.

I was all alone New Years, Harry and Ron had gone to the Weasley's, Neville to his Gran's almost everyone had gone home. I was wandering aimlessly down to the prefect's bathroom, I knew it was late but I really didn't care, a hot bath sounded amazing at the time. Along the way I had to avoid Filch (Harry had left me his Marauders Map, thank God!) and Flitwick so I was taking the long way to the bathroom. I glanced at the watch that was upon my wrist it read 11:57!

I had 3 minutes to find a male. I want to mention right away that I was desperate. I didn't want to know how the war was going turn out without my kiss. I glanced at the map to identify the nearest male and to my horror I found him only 3 turns to the left, now my clock read 11:58. My stomach dropped, I was almost out of time then finally I found him. And the him I sadly admit was Gregory Goyle.

"Hello" I said conversationally, he looked at me like I was crazy but I didn't care at least he was alone. I could only imagine if Malfoy would have been there.

"Er…Hi," he replied, he didn't look as stupid when he talked, he had I noticed deep voice. Hurriedly I glanced at my watch 11:59 with 52 seconds to go. I spoke extremely fast, "I have a tradition I need to fulfill so could you please help me"

46 seconds…

He looked unsure and confused, "Please," I begged.

35 seconds to go…

"Sure…ok. What do I have to do?" he asked rather eloquently I might add.

"Just stand there" I said exasperatedly

20 seconds…

I walked closer, all my bath stuff in my arms, my bra was probably hanging but I really didn't care at the moment. I looked at him for a moment he really wasn't that bad looking, he was tall and stocky, black hair. His eyes were a rather pretty blue. I leaned up to kiss him but he was too tall.

10 seconds…

I think he realized what I was trying to do because he leaned down and kissed me. I was expecting just a peck on the lips but he really kissed me. I could have pulled away but the sad thing was that I was enjoying. Yes, I was actually being kissed by Gregory Goyle and enjoying it. Finally we pulled apart it was so weird when I opened my eyes and seeing Gregory Goyle so close to me.

0 seconds…

"Thank you," I said breathlessly. "Could you not mention this to anyone?"

"Wasn't planning on it," He grinned. "Happy New Year." He went in for another kiss which I let him take.