A/N: This starts where the last fic (From Bad To Worse) left off, where the Decepticon werewolf Orcas was captured by the Autobots. Thing are pretty much back to normal, except the reappearance of five of my 3rd War characters, Syus (scythe), Mic, Bullet, Needle, and Windstriker.

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The bots led Orcas to a cell in the high-security section, posting Sunstreaker and Sideswipe inside the large room, and Cliffjumper and Hound outside, on either side of the double doors. Primw shook his head and looked at Prowl. "Some how, I still don't feel secure knowing he might escape." he said. Prowl nodded. "There may be alternatives to keeping him locked up from now until eternity." he said. The two walked away.

Orucs snapped at the boys and then growled.

Alpha glanced at the two. She looked at Omega.

"Ya don't think..." Omega started.

"But the blue twit"

"Oh come on...dammit, I hate when ya do that"

Alpha grinned. She decided contacting Indy would be a good idea.

Jade woke up, and HighRoad wasn't beside her where he'd been when they fell asleep. "...figures." she mumbled, rolling over. HighRoad and Ratchet were talking on the other side of the room.

"Can I go now." she asked. they stopped and looked at her.

"I promise I'll go right home, and get some rest." she said, parroting what Ratchet allways told his patients when he kicked them out of the repairbay.

Ratchet nodded, and HighRoad helped Jade to her feet. "Thanks for saving me Ratch..again." Jade called as they walked out. Said mech folded his arms and harrumphed, but smiled anyway.

"Yeah, just because it's my job doesn't mean I have to like it." he replied.

Jade glanced back and grinned. The doors shut behind them.

When they walked in, Bullet and Mic were fighting over the game controller.

"lemme see it!" Mic tried to pull it away.

"No! you'll make it go the wrong direction and the cons'll see it!" Bullet yanked back.

"what are you two up to now?" Jade said from behind them.

"Nothing." they chorused. Jade looked at the screen.

"You didn't"

"You did!"

The Decepticon leader walked down the halls of the Nemesis, not even noticing the tiny black speck perched on his shopulder. The fly-sized spycamera bounced with Megatron's steps, showing everything he passed.

Bullet grinned. "We thought it might be a usefull way to get information." he glanced at her. Jade's grin widened.

Alpha appeared behind the group and peeked over their shoulder. She watched the screen and then smiled, seeing what Megatron had planned or was up to was a good thing.

Omega plopped down and watched, eating popcorn like he was at a movie.

"Neesa, no agu"

"Beeta...sela naga heela show." Alpha answered.

((translation: Omega: Sis, no soda? Alpha: Bro...not even gonna bother...))

Jade glanced at them


Bullet directed the fly to fly away (no pun intended), and turned a corner, deftly steering over Motormaster's head, and spiraling, which made the screen turn sideways in a barrel-roll type maneuver. Mic glanced at him.

"Come on, I can steer better than that. Here, let me try." he said.

"Hang on, in a minute." Bullet replied, and turned another corner. The fly ducked into a side corridor, and turned again, catching back up with Megatron.

Alpha glanced at her. "Seesh'ka no'agu." She answered, shrugging.

"She means...well...I'm not really sure"

Alpha facepalmed. "Beeta"

"Ah, that means brother"

Alpha nodded. She paid attention to the screen.

"We Al and Omega twins were taught a specical language...I forgot what it is"

"Narusisha." Alphas answered.

"Right. Narusisha." Omega nodded.

HighRoad tapped Jade on the shoulder. "you're supposed to be in bed resting, remember?" he reminded. Jade shrugged the shoulder he tapped.

"In a minute. We might get some usefull information on the Decepticons this way." she glanced at Driveby's group, who had gathered in the background.

"or what they are planning." Driveby added.

"Hey, can we hook that up to the bigscreen?" Cable asked. Bullet shrugged.

"I think I know how." HighRoad started.

"We can hook the A/V up to the input on that and output of that and..." Jade slapped a hand over his mouth.

"Honey, if it's anything like you hook up the videogames at home, forget it. I am not going to change the vcr, dvd, and tv channels, turn one on, turn the other off, and put the vcr on the vcr/tv setting and make sure everything is on channel 3 and channel 4, just so we can watch a bug."

everyone blinked.

"I'll do it." Needle and Mic said at the same time.

"Hang on... Guys, look at this." Bullet pointed.

The grey door opened, and Megatron walked into the repairbay. Hook looked up from where he was working on something.

"Have you finished the advanced chip yet?" he asked.

Hook walked over. "Well, it was sort of difficult to block all his memory sub-routines, but I think I may have blocked most of them." he nodded, Megatron turned and looked at the sleeping tank on the repair table.

Alpha's jaw dropped. "Ha-Hammertread?" She managed. "Seeska no asto"

"I don't know, Neesa." Omega answered. He watched.

((translation: Alpha: What's going on? Omega: don't know, Sis.))

Megatron nodded. "and what about him seeing these memories while he's in recharge?" he asked.

"I can't tell for sure where those are coming from. Perhaps they are..." he trailed off when Megatron glared at him.

"I'll reconfigure the chip as soon as it's installed, to make sure it blocks everything." and he went over to the tank.

"No way!" Jade took a step forward.

"Who's he?" HighRoad asked.

"Hammertread!" Alpha yelled. "They're blocking his memories! That's why he attacked me"

Omega's optic twitched.

"Oh shut up, Beeta!" Alpha scoffed. She swallowed. "We've gotta help him!" She said, looking at them. Fear for her friend shone in her optics. She was worried about him.

HighRoad nodded. "who is he?" he asked again.

"They're... going to erase his memory." Cable said softly. Bullet glanced at him.

"Or they allready have." he replied.

Hook opened one of the panels at the back of the tank's head, and carefully inserted the chip, using a thin, penlike tool to adjust it. He stepped back, glancing at the monitor, and Megatron looked too, giving everyone a clear view of the readouts.

"So, what did Prime decide to do with that werewolf?" Mic asked, looking up at Omega.

Alpha ignored HighRoad. "...HT..." She whispered to herself.

Omega looked at Mic. "Nothing yet..."

"he's a friend of ours." Jade answered for her. "It's a really long story, but I can't tell you because it would take all night and you insisted I go to sleep sometime tonight." she added, turning back to the screen.

Bullet looked thoughtful for a second, then said: "I don't know how we can help him. He's still inside the Nemesis. and if he doesn't remember us..."

Jade cut him off. "unless we can somehow seperate him from the rest of the Decepticons, like in a fight or something, and have someone get his memories back around the chip, long enough for him to not fight us while we take it out." she said.

Bullet Mic and Cable all looked at her.

"What?" she scoffed. "I'm imaginative. so sue me"

"I don't think Alpha's psychic enought to get around that chip if it's reinforced, though." Bullet commented, watching as the two Decepticons brought Hammertread back to conciousness and explained what had happened (which was all lies, of course)

"But we know someone who Is psychic enough. and a way to get rid of Orcas permanently." Cable grinned.

"No." Jade scowled. "Absolutely not. I do not want anyone associated with that blur Git here at all. Especially not with my old team here now."

she glanced at HighRoad. She hadn't told him about any of her run-ins with Klutch. "It's also a long story." she added.

"I'm gonna get Indy to help us." Alpha said, straitening up. She folded her arms and then glanced at them. She looked away from the screen where Hammertread was and then gently touched Indy's mind, which was hard to do.

Indy, who was in recharge, felt someone poke her mind, and woke up, rolling over. Klutch stirred beside her, mumbling something, and went back to sleep. His arm that was draped around her tightened, so she couldn't get up without disturbing him. "Drat." she thought.


Hammertread plodded out of the repairbay and headed for his quarters. Bullet would have directed the fly to follow, but in the small area Megatron would have seen it for sure. so it stayed put.


Jade looked at the flooring for a second. Then back at the screen. She sighed. She opened her mouth to say something, then shut it again. She tried again. But still couldn't find an argument. She finally just looked at Alpha.

"Yaknow." she thought about it some more.

"that's not a half bad idea." she imagined Orcas being hauled away and chuckled.

"heh. I'd almost feel sorry for him...heh heheh"

"NOT!" She grinned.

"You should go tell Prime about your idea. I can't go or Ratchet'd have my afterburners.

"I'll go." HighRoad offered. Jade grabbed his arm, and purred "Why don't you stay here with me, honey. I've been lonely without you." she mock-pouted. "I've missed you"

Actually, she didn't want him to go, because she knew what would happen if he found out about all the trouble she'd been in while he was gone. She didn't want her reputation with him ruined just because he was told wrong. Oh no, she'd explain that to him herself.

"You should tell Prime about it." HighRoad agreed, not realizing Alpha was ignoring him.

Alpha sighed. "Indy! I need your help...can you please help us out?" She asked.

Wuh...alpha? Indy glanced at Klutch, and turned away from him. We'll talk latah. she sent quickly. She couldn't tell Alpha, but Klutch was well... they were linked, and he could hear her thoughts, especuially when she used her mind-voice.

"Three in duh mhonin social call?" Klutch slurred sleepily.

"I dunno." Indy curled up beside him.

Alpha groaned.


She said quickly, leaving Indy to take care of it. She knew that Klutch, hal asleep, wouldnt be able to read it all clearly.

((Translation: I need your help to put HT's memories back in his head and take care of a bastard of a werewolf who hurt and almost killed a bunch of us.))

Klutch blinked.

Indy blinked.

Klutch went back to sleep snoring softly. Indy waited a moment, then sent "I can't help you. klutch was banned from yoah country. and I cont leave heah to go theah without him. Unless Proyme does something."

She just hoped Alpha heard it.
"Ya have to help! Please! I'm begging you...what if it was Klutch that had his memories erased...you'd want me to do anything to help...please..." Alpha begged.

Indy thought-sighed. "tell proyme. He can help you."

"Well?" Jade prompted.

Bullet blinked. On the screen, Megatron had gone into the storage bay, where the trio of seekers were playing kick the can with a brightly decorated, yelling, frenzy.

The bright orange,red,and blue cassetee was yelling. "Get Soundwave! HEEELP!" as he was flung across the bay.

"I got im, I got him." Skywarp ran over, missing, and the casetticon clattered to the floor.


"Oops, I missed." Skywarp grinned, then punted the small con.

"What is going on in here!?." Megatron demanded. Frenzy stood up, stumbling to the left dizzily.

"Meh-meh-thank goodness euuerre heeere." Frenzy slurred, still stumbling, then ducked behind a canister to cough up the contents of his lunch.

"We were just having a little fun." Skywarp grinned, shugging. Megatron growled, and angry look across his face. Bullet laughed at his expression, reflected in the side of the canister behind the jet.

Megatron looked at Frenzy. "You, return to Soundwave." he turned to the seekers. "Clean up the mess and get back to work." He turned on his heel and left, Frenzy running/stumbling to keep up.

Alpha sighed. "Please. Help." She begged and then decided to get Prime.

Jade looked at her. "What did she say?" she asked.

HighRoad blinked, and Jade explained who Indy was. In short.

He nodded.

Alpha looked at Jade and told her.

She nodded. "We should also tell Prime about the bug, too."

Bullet glanced at her, but she smiled back. "he might find it an interesting way to get information about the Decepticons." she turned to HighRoad. "We could call him here." she added.

Alpha nodded. She commed Prime and told him to come to the room.

A minute later, the doorchime rang, and Cable yelled "Come on in the door's not locked." The door slid open and Prime entered, Prowl following him.

"So...who wants ta tell him the news?" Omega grinned.

"E'shanko tow!" Alpha cursed.

"...Fine, I will..." Omega muttered. He told Prime what was going on.

Prime looked at the videoscreen, and Prowl raised an optic ridge in interest.

"He's a genius. Let's face it." Jade grinned and jerked a thumb in Bullet's direction.

"You might wanna tell him about 'tread." Cable put in. Prime listened as Alpha explained the situation, and the possible solution. He rubbed his chin thoughtfully.

"It would give us an alternative to permanently imprisoning Orcas. I'll have to contact Klutch and Indy, however. We cannot sidestep the human rules. But we may be able to have Skyfire transport him over there." he looked at Alpha, then glanced at Jade. "How do you intend to get Hammertread here so Indy could recover his memories?" he asked.

Alpha blinked. "Well...we're not quite...sure on that part yet..." She muttered, looking at the floor.

Prime nodded. "I see"

Cable also piped up. "Megatron erased his memory, and we gotta find a way to get 'em back. Maybe..." he shrugged. "I dunno, try to catch him alone or something. If Indy came here, though, she'd be able to help us istead of taking 'tread over there." he suggested.

Prime nodded. "I sincerely doubt Klutch would let Indy travel to the states alone. If something happens that we are able to capture Hammertread, we could take him with us over there. But I don't want you all trying to carry out any plans to capture Hammertread alone, and get yourselves injured." Prime looked at the group.

Jade glanced at them, then back at Prime like "Who, us?" but she was allready planning the ways they could get Hammertread out into the open, alone...

Alpha looked at the them and then started planning. she would bring her brother with her...and her master...that should be enough.

"I've got an idea." Bullet suggested. "If we can use the bug to monitor the Decepticon activities, we might be able to find out what communication frequency Hammertread is on, and Alpha can send him messages."

Syus nodded, turning to the pickup-truck femme. "You said he said he wanted revenge on you or something like that?"

"If you can send him messages, why not lure him out into the open with the chance of revenge, and we catch him there?" he suggested.

"Where's there, exactly?" Cable asked.

Bullet typed something on his laptop. "How about the valley... here." he pointed to the red dot on the screen. "It's away from the Ark, so the Autobots won't be able to interfere. And it has lots of trees and places to hide. We can jump out and ambush him." he stated.

"Uh.." Jade put in. "You're forgetting this is a massive tank we're talking about. He can take on five autobots." she added.

Syus scrutinized the map. "How was he taken down before?" The group looked up at him with a dawning realization, and Jade grinned.

"Yeah, but how do we get into the medbay to steel Ratchet's chemical coctail?"

Syus looked at her and rumbled. She glanced at him. "Uh, Syus, I'm not very good at lying."

"Not to mention, you're talking about stealing." HighRoad added, frowning.

"It's not stealing if we give the autobots something back." Syus replied.

"Which in this case is one of their warriors." he looked at HighRoad, who looked at Jade.

She shrugged.

Alpha nodded. She glanced at them. "Alright. I can do that...I can contact him if you guys can get the junk ready"

Omega appeared out of no where. "Ey'o ni'oh"

"Eeka." Alpha nodded, "Ya can help"

Omega grinned.

HighRoad glared at Syus.

Jade glanced at him. "Um... I dunno how we'd get the stuff to knock him out with... I'm really not good at lying. Or acting." She looked at Alpha.

Syus added. "I don't know any other way to subdue him. There are..." he silently counted how many people were in the room. "ten of us." he shrugged, and looked at Alpha. "It's your friend we ar going after, so the final desicion should be up to you." he said.

Alpha looked at them. "D'ya even 'ave ta ask"

"That's a yes." Omega grinned.


"Ow! Eek-ana!" He cursed.

Alpha rolled her optics.

Omega rubbed his head. He looked at them. "Er...I could sneak into Ratchet's office, cloaked, and take it? Or do you 'ave another plan"

Ty and Gunlock walked in, Beacon between them.

"You three can help us, also." Syus pointed to them. Beacon and Gunlock looked at each other.

"With what?" the shorter light-grey Beacon asked.

Gunlock nodded, and went to the storage locker on the wall beside the T.V.

"You may not have to knock him out using chemicals." he said as he rooted through the various items. "A large electrical shock should be enough to paralize his motor functions long enough to tie him up..." he glanced back "Or whatever." he added.

He pulled out a box and set it on the floor, then another next to it.

"Or you could just throw a knockout gas grenade in his direction and hope it hits before he gets angrier." he set another box on top of the first.

Syus blinked.

Cable blinked.

Beacon chuckled. "That's what ya get for having an ex-weapons specialist on our side." he grinned.

Syus nodded. "I think we should have the chemical also, just in case." he turned to Omega. "you can get it invisibly, that would work."

"uh.." Jade added. "It's in a locked storage cupboard in the repairbay. It shouldn't be that hard to break into. But just don't let him see you." she said.

Omega nodded. He went invisable and snuck off to do what he did best.
alpha glanced at them.

"...So how long until we put this plan into action?" She asked, looking at them.

Jade asked "What time is it now?"

Bullet glanced at them. "We also have to make sure Indy is coming here. We can't take a chance at getting Hammertread, and then have no way to recover his memory"

Syus nodded. "Once we get him, we might be able to take him with us, if Prime decides to take Orcas over to Klutch and Indy."

Jade folded her arms. "No. We can't go over there. We'd be on his turf. And you know full well what he's capable of."

"Calm down, Jade." Syus said. "we have no way of knowing how the Autobots would react to us bringing him back here anyway.

"Yeah." cable piped. "For all we know they could think he's really a Con and send him over there for good"

Syus nodded. "Gunlock, what all did you say you have?" He went over across the room to where the black jet was going through his bozes of weapons, rifles, a box of grenades, and some thick metal cable"

"Well." jade shrugged. "probably whenever you can get him out into the open, Alpha." she said.

Alpha looked at them. She smiled. "Get me his comm link and I'll have him out in no time flat." she said, looking at her friends. The femme winced as her brother walked in, visable, with the vial. "Bro?"

"I got it." Omega grinned. He winced as his wing drooped, "But I kinda hit something with my wing...I don't think Ratchet was in there, though."

Bullet started typing on his laptop. The screen with the bug moved to one side as he brought up the new program. "Give me just a second, and I'll see what I can do." he typed quickly. "Hey, you said something about being pychic, maybe you can contact him that way." he glanced at Alpha.


Meanwhile, HighRoad and Driveby were discussing whetrher or not to tel Prime about the group's plan.

"I think if he wantes to be a Decepticon, let him stay a Decepticon. He seems to enjoy inflicting pain on others." Driveby frowned, folding her arms.

Alpha nodded. She looked around and then touched Hammertread's mind. Hey! She growled in his head, Hammertread! Ya 'ear me?

Said tank growled, shaking his head. "Hook must've put something back in my head backwards. I'm starting to hear things." he thought.


Bullet directed the fly towards the repairbay, Hammertread wasn't there. He went down a side hall, catching sight of the tank dissapearing into his room.
"There he is." he said.

Syus and Gunlock selected three stun guns, one rifle, and several small gas grenades. He also had several electro-pellets, which were a type of bullet that would stick and give off a strong electric current when they struck. One would be enough to take down a regular transformer, but the jet had a small box full of them. "Outlawed in three galaxies, including our own." he beamed.

Syus nodded.


HighRoad shook his head. "We should tell Prime. If we don't, someone's gonna wind up getting hurt." he said. Driveby nodded.

"tell Prime what?" Cap rounded the corner and nearly smacked into the two. He blinked. "Uh..."

He looked at the Prime mimic confusedly, thinking he actually was Prime.


Hammertread shook his head again, and alpha's voice sounded even louder, this time as clear as if she were standing right next to him.

"Hey, you big lug! It's me, alpha! Ya know...the psychic glitch? Alpha snarled in his head, trying to sound angry. she figideted.

Omega watched his sister.

"look, You wanna get revenge on me for putting those memories in your head? Meet me here..."

alpha gave him the coordinates.


Hammertread blinked, then grinned. He glanced out of his door. He couldn't tell Megatron, for fear of being thought of as crazy. But he could go alone.

He thought "Well what if it's a trap?" then mentally smacked himself.

"So what if it's a trap? i can fight five Autobots at once and rip them all to shreds."

he chuckled darkly, leaving his room, and going down the hall.


"He's on the move!" Bullet reported.

The group gathered around. Gunlock (reluctantly) handed out the stun guns to the group. He hated parting with his weapons.

"I want those back later." he said. "And take care of those. They are valuable, fine tunes weapons. And dropping them or banging them around will only damage them. And I don't wanna have to repair them." he groused.


Driveby chuckled and explained who HighRoad was, and how he was part of the first group to enter the TF world from Jade's world.

"Oh. I see." Cap nodded. Then HighRoad told him about the plan. He nodded to Driveby. "uh 'scuse me sir." he nodded to driveby. "sir." he nodded to HighRoad.

"I...uh... forgot I tols Terra I'd go meet her." he hurried away. He ran into the crew quarters, startling everyone. "If you guys are gonna get Hammertread back, you'd best be for hurrying. Highroad and Driveby are thinkin' about tellin Prime!" he said.

Syus and his group hurried, stowing grenades, rifles, blasters, stun guns, and some of the thick metal roping into their subspace pockets.

Alpha nodded. She transformed and then headed towards the cooradnites. "Time to save my friend." She whispered, driving towards it. She sighed and then went faster. One there, the femme transformed and looked around. Omega was nearby in, cloaked form.

"Hammertread?! You there?" She yelled. "come on, Ht..." She whispered.

Ty, Gunlock, Beacon, Cap, Cable, Syus, Mic, Bullet, and Jade peeked out from their spots. (Windstriker had gone flying earlier in the day with Powerglide, so she wasn't there)

"Ready?" Syus silently radioed.

"Ready." came the reply.

Guns clicked softly, and Bullet transformed into gun mode. Syus slipped the vial with part of the chemicals into the gun's barrel. It was enough to knock him out, but they still had the rest of the vial, just in case.

"Here he comes." Beacon radioed from above. A dust cloud made it's way across the dry landscape, kicking up a trail of reddish dust in his wake.

Hammertread snickered. "That white jet doesn't think I see him." He transformed at the edge of the valley, pulling out his gunturret shotgun, and fired at Beacon.

The white MQ1Predator yelped as the shot hit his wing. The tank fired again hitting him in the chest. Hammertread snickered as the jet trailed smoke, and circled to make a landing off in the distance.

"We have to help him." Cable whispered.

"No. He's fine." Syus replied, also whispering. "Hold your positions." he radioed silently.

The tank straightned. "Come out, come out, wherever you are." he laughed, deep voice echoing around the valley.

Alpha stood up straight. She looked over at her brother, or rather where she thought her bro was, and then walked into view.

"Nice to see you again, Ht." She said, looking at him.

Her smile fell, "Ht, come on. You can't tell me you don't remember anything. Do you really think that I'm strong enough to put those kinds of memories in your head?" she spread her arms. "I didn't."

Hammertread tilted his head to one side slightly, and looked at her. He glanced around the edges of the valley.

He took a step back and aimed his rifle at her. "Oh, I think you did." he rumbled, starting to squeeze the trigger.

Syus sighted the tank thrught Bullet's scope.

"Syus, what's taking you so long?" Jade transmitted silently from a few meters away behind a tree.

"I can't get a clear shot at him." the dragon said back. He saw Alpha's signal, throwing her arms out, and moved. The edge of Syus's wing caught the bush and it moved, rattling loudly. He froze. He leaned forward, so the scales on his belly were scraping the ground, and inched forward, trying to get around the brush.

"Any time now Syus." Mic said. Syus glanced at the rocks the camaro was behind.


Highroad ran into the control room. "Prime. Jade and Syus and Alpha and the others have gone to try to lure Hammetread out into the open and trap him." he said.

Prime turned away from Teletraan. "What?"

Driveby, who was behind the mimic nodded. Prime clicked on his comm.

"Prowl, Ratchet, meet me in the command room." he turned to HighRoad.

"We have to stop them. They don't know what they're going up against." Prime rumbled. Prowl ran into the control room, and Ironhide, who was beside him, transformed. Ratchet appeared and joined the group as they drove out. Prime and HighRoad accelerated side-by-side, with Ironhide and Prowl behind them, and Ratchet and Driveby in the back.


Alpha swallowed. She looked at Hammertread and then sighed. "I didn't." She said as she lowered her arms, optics dimming slightly. "Dammit, HT, I wouldn't harm you." Omega looked at his sister and then at Hammertread. He readied the laser he hand in his hand. "Be careful, sis..." He whispered.

Anytime now... Alpha thought. She looked at Hammertread and then reached out towards him with her mind.

The tank narrowed his optics, remembering megatron's explanation of his memories, and why he had pictures of them on that datapad.

Prime thundered up the ridge. Hammertread turned and fired. As he turned, he was facing straight at Syus.

"Hah." The dragon fired.

HT squeezed off two more shots before grabbing Alpha from behind, not even noticing the small syringe in his neckplating.

"Shoot at me and you'll hit your femme friend." he tightened his arm around her neck, aiming his shotgun over her right shoulder.

In the distance he heard Prime call "hold your fire!"

Alpha gagged and grabbed his arm, trying to stop him. She clawed at him weakly, "H-Ht...that's enough...stop it...please." She whimpered, "You're my friend...not my enemy...don't do this." The femme said, looking up at him.

He backed up, firing off a couple more shots. Syus loaded the rest of the vial into the cartridge and reloaded. He tried to sight the tank with his gunscope, but Alpha was in the way.

He clicked on his commline. "Throw the grenades and break cover. It won't hurt Alpha to knock her out.

Hammertread glanced up as ten more figures appeared from around the valley.
The first few threw smoke grenades at him, then the others.

"Uh-oh." he thought.

The blue smoke wavered up as the first one landed a few meters away.

"What kind of a throw is that? I can throw better." Mic called to Needle, who shrugged and threw another one.

Mic threw his, which whizzed past HT completely.

Syus rolled his optics and threw one.

The next one hit Alpha, "Sorry!" Cable eeped.

And the fifth bounced off his head. "Hey!" he snarled.

"Sorry." Cap stifled a snicker. "Sorry!" he called.

The next five got close enough the tank was starting to feel dizzy.

Hammertread stumbled as he backed up, tightening his grip on his hostage.

Alpha gagged, but the smoke was getting to her. She clawed at him weakly until the smoke got to her. She closed her optics and lost consciousness.

Hammertread coughed, and everything faded. He collapsed. Syus's group were the first ones to run up, and Syus injected the rest of the chemicals, just for good measure. They pulled alpha away, and Prime's group came up.

Highroad looked at Jade. "Are you okay? You could have gotten yourself killed! or worse!" he pulled her into a hug.

Jade blinked. "I'm fine. But we.." she motioned to the group. "..Decided to get Hammertread back. Megatron erased his memory. He think he's somebody else." she argued.

Omega picked Alpha up.

Prime walked up."What could possibly have convinced you to take such a risk, not to mention he is a Decepticon, and wants to stay as one?" Prime asked.

"Not to mention the fact you could have gotten yourselves scrapped in the process." Prowl echoed from behind him.

Alpha groaned. She looked at him. "Er..." She muttered.

Omega sighed. He looked at him.

"Not willingly. Megajerk erased his memory." Cable pointed out.

"We don't know that." Prowl answered. "He willingly contacted Megatron, and even took Alpha prisoner to trade for his alleigance.

"Yeah, but he did save Kit." Jade said.

Prowl folded his arms. "You are in a whole lot of trouble." he said to the group.

"Transform and head back to the Ark. We'll discuss this further there." he said.


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