I was re-reading this, and realized I left just just a little bit of fic, so I'm kinda posting it as an epilogue. In case anyone was wondering why the fanfic ended so suddenly... sorry about that. :-p


Hammertread set Alpha back down. "I'm me. Who are you?" he mock-scowled. The group walked out of the brig, towards the command room, where Indy was waiting. The human soldiers followed.

"I remember, now. Even before I fell off that cliff. Before the mechs who found me reprogrammed my neurocircuitry so I wouldn't remember." he looked at her.

They reached the command room, and Indy nodded. "I'm probably gonna have a lot to explain foah not getting Orcas, but... she glanced at the doorway. "Maybe he'll make the mistake of coming to us someday. If you evah captchuh any moah Decepticons, let us knoe, and We'll try to get heah soonah." she looked like she was trying to believe it, but knew she'd be in huge trouble when she got home.

"I was wondering." Prime glanced at Hammertread. "You have some experience from your facility working with neuro-processor chips, might you be able to help us out with something?" he glanced at Hammertread, who squeezed Alpha's hand slightly at the mention. HT glanced at her unsuredly.

"Perhaps." Indy nodded.

Alpha squeezed his hand back. "Don't worry, HT." She smiled up at him, "Indy's with us, remember? not against us like the blue twit." She smirked and then looked at Indy. The femme sighed. Glad you've got your memory back, HT. She told him in his mind, Didn't wanna 'ave t' try to lure you out again...last time we tried that... She shook her head.

Omega rolled his optics, but smiled at his big sister.


The beat-up looking black and red car pulled up to the Ark and parked, and the group of humans piled out. "See, I told you they'd understand." Jade said. Gunlock frowned. "They didn't look very pleased." he noted. "Nah, don't worry about it." she smiled back at the group, and they headed for the main control room.


HT wanted to argue with Prime, but knew he still had to earn their trust. Refusing to have the chip taken out of his processor meant that he could still revert to a state of mind of the Decepticon he had once been. And that meant hurting Alpha, who had done so much for him... He glanced at her, and nodded.


The group walked in, and transformed as they walked in line down the hallways, to transformers. Prime turned to greet them.

Cap saluted. "Captain Retread of the one hundred and twenty-eighth infantry division, reporting for duty, sir!" he grinned widely.

Prime chuckled. "Welcome home, Cap."

"He's Alive!" Cap was tackled by a yellow and blue blur. He coughed as the two hit the flooring and skidded.

"Get.. off.. me.. you.. Idiot!" Cap laughed, and punched Cable, who hit him back, mock-fighting wuith him .

"Do you know how much (wham) you scared (wham) me!?" Cable hit him back, laughing just as hard.

Prime looked at them., "All right, you two. You don't want to have to go see Ratchet for getting into a fight right after getting back, now do you?"

Cap looked up, and his grin dropped.

"TERRA!" he scrambled to his feet and took of down the hall.

"Terra!" he shouted, skidding around a scorner, and jogging down an adjacent hall, towards their quarters.

"Terra!" he called.

Alpha smiled at him. She squeezed his hand again. "Don't worry." the femme winked, "I'll make sure she doesn't hurtcha."


Terra shot up. "C-Cap?" She whimpered. Cap burst into the crew quarters, halting in the center of the floor, looking around for Terra.

Terra saw him and sniffed. Her optics went wide and saw gaped.

"C-Cap?" She whimpered, but was soon hugging him tightly, arms wrapped around him in joy.


Said tank chuckled and hugged her tightly, turning around with joy, and kissed her quarely on the lips. "I'm so happy to be home." he grinned.

Terra sobbed and clung to him. She wiped the tears away and kissed him back. "I'm glad to have you back here, Cap"



There, that seems like a much better ending. Sorry I forgot that part. :-p