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Mamoru was depressed. He felt depressed and everything that was tangible told him to be depressed. He couldn't believe his stupidity. Because of him, might we say again, his Usako wasn't talking to him.

He sighed. His mind drifting back to the events that led for him to be 'Depressed'.


It was another day, battling another youma, getting another injury.

Every one was on the scene. This youma was kind of hard, Tuxedo Kamen thought, especially when you were on the roof of an apartment building and the youma was a circus youma who had swings attached to god knows where, throwing you off to those swings.

"Tuxedo Kamen, stop staring off to space and help me already" Screamed the pissed Sailor Moon.

"Yeas Rosie, usually it's the odango atama having one of her day dreams. I just knew you guys shouldn't date. Rosie is getting spacie" Mars mocked.

He groaned. He hated that nickname. His precious Usako had paid Raye to find a 'mean' nickname like odango atama to avenge him. Of course it being Raye she had found "Rosie the Rose whimp or Poet boy.

He wasn't even sure Usako knew what she meant, but that didn't keep her from using it.

Suddenly his Usako was thrown to the swing where he was hanging on to with his dear life by his feet.

He caught her hands, and breathed a sigh of relief.

Even if she meant falling down, she was safe at least now.

"Poet boy, don't you dare drop me!" Usako whined.

"Well, that would be easier if you weren't so Heavy" Mamoru slapped himself mentally, for he couldn't right now physically.

The whole battle scene seemed to fall into silence.

Even the youma was gaping at Tuxedo Kamen.

Well he was the only one; the shenshi seemed to be glaring at him. A very bad, bad, bad glare.

A choked sob made him look down to those beautiful eyes that seemed to be in tears. He felt sick, he had just told his 2 sized Usako, (he knew her size because he bought her pants once) that she was fat. Those eyes looked betrayed and humiliated.

On top of it she was crying.

"Usa. . Usako I didn't, I didn't mean-" he didn't have a chance to finish because his Usako had let go of his hands, he realized with horror.

"Noooooooo. . . . " he screamed but was relieved for the moment when his Usako landed on the roof top unharmed.

"Moon gorgeous meditation" She screamed and dusted the youma, she afterwards took off running in the direction of her house.

Just as I was about to run after her, four really pissed of looking shenshi bounced (yeah bounced) in my way.

I think I actually heard Mars growl. Is that healthy?

"That was unkind of you to humiliate her that way" scolded Venus.

"And what about the damage you can cause her. She may think she's too fat and go to drastic measures to lose weight, that she doesn't need to lose." Hissed Mercury.

"I ought to scratch your eyeballs out for making my princess cry." Warned Jupiter.

"And I should try my torture techniques for the enemy on you. And tell Haruka what you did. I'm sure she'll be more than happy to solve this problem with you, you baka!" Yelled Mars.

"What were you thinking? What if she thinks that you don't love her because you said she was too heavy? Are you insane? How could you do that to Usagi-chan? Don't you know how sensitive she is?" Screamed Mercury.

"Look I don't know what I was thinking, obviously I wasn't. I don't think my Usako is fat, I never have. It just came out. I was hanging for my life when all of a sudden her life is hanging with mine. I panicked Ok? And I'm terribly sorry for what I have done. I'll make it up to her ok? I promise? I feel awful, hell I feel like shit for making my Usako cry but now I'll make it up to her." And with that I went to my apartment while thinking of sweet ways my Usako deserved to be apologized to.


Like it was that easy. The next day it was Sunday and she hadn't answered any of my phone calls. It was either her mother picking up the phone and saying that she was sick or it was no one answering the phone at all.

He had sent her a bucket of roses. Guess what he got back, the same bucket of roses only in a 'brutal' state.

He hadn't seen her again until Monday morning while she was going to school. Let's just say it didn't go as he planned.


Any time now his Usako would come running into him, and then he could apologize and take her to school as a small gesture.

And like he predicted she came crashing into him, but only to get off of him, without him actually crashing on the ground due to the impact.

But what she had said next had cut his soul like a thousand knifes cutting it to a million pieces.

"I'm so sorry Mr.Chiba. I would never want to crush your body with my heavy self. Good day Mr.Chiba." His Usako said and took off running again leaving a dazed Mamoru who was choking on air behind. Was that possible, to choke on air?


Mamoru for the first time understood how serious the situation was. He had called the love of his life heavy, and she took it seriously.

This wasn't a time for a bucket of Roses, or a carton of chocolates; this was something that needed drastic measures with a cherry on top.

Maybe a gift?, no, he thought, he didn't want her to think that he was buying her or something.

He sighed. Suddenly his eyes widened. Of course you idiot, he thought.

The shenshi could help him, right? Yes, of course they would.

Mamoru quickly got up, dressed and left his apartment with 150$. This apology had to be sweet and precious, just like his Usako.

After 15 minutes of walking, Mamoru arrived at the shrine Raye lived in. After saying hello to her Grandfather (isn't it funny how nobody knows his name) Mamoru walked to the room the shenshi had their meetings in.

After making sure his Usako wasn't there, Mamoru opened the door and stepped in. Raye who seemed to reading something that looked like a Manga, looked up to only have her expression turned into a sour one.

"Look Raye, before you say anything please just call all the other girls except for Usako in, all right? Please Raye, it's really important." Mamoru begged.

After saying 'Fine' Raye took out her communicator and pressed all the planets except for Usagi's.

"Mars are you okay?" asked Mina's concerned voice.

"Is it in the Park?" asked Ami.

"Good timing. I'm pissed and ready to kick ass. Now where?" asked Makoto.

"No guys no youma, but an emergency meeting at the shrine in 10 minutes. Bye" Raye hurried before pressing the off button.

"Thank you" I thanked.

Like promised the girls were there in 10 minutes.

"Girls please listen. I tried apologizing to Usako but she wouldn't have it. I sent a bucket of Roses she sent them back in a bad condition, I called she didn't answer, I purposely stood in her way to school she brushed me off like a fruit fly. My point is I want my Usako back in my arms, and I need major help making her forgive me. So, please will you help me?" I begged once again.

They looked at each other and then at me then back at each other before nodding.

I sighed a sigh of relief.

"Okay so how do we do this?" I asked.

Next Day

I again stood in my Usako's way to school and waited for her to crash into me. The girls and I had an hour long talk about a way for her to forgive me. It was a pretty good one, it had everything I needed and if I was lucky Usako would be in my arms again by tonight. No, not like that you perverts. She is not even 16 yet.

Suddenly someone came crashing into me, making me smile.

Again she tried that trick of getting off of me, without me even hitting the ground, but I would have none of it.

I put my arms around her slim waist and stood up myself before hitting the ground.

She let out an 'eeep' before trying to get out of my arms.

"No Usako I'm not letting go" I said in a determined voice. She stopped for a moment but tried getting out of my arms with a greater force.

I growled and put her body over my shoulder, so that her head was facing my back and her butt was next to my face and I was holding on to her by her knees.

"Mamoru let me sown this instant" yelled Usako.

"No can do Usa, you won't listen so I have to do something else for you to listen to me" I replied.

"Huh I'll never listen to you, you creep. I have to go to school anyways, so you have to let me down. Ha take that Chiba!" She answered.

"First of all, Could you stop calling me Chiba and second of all since when do you care about school Usako, but don't worry I already called in and told your principal that you won't be attending school today, so no worries, honey." I said smoothly while walking towards my car.

She stared kicking and punching me (which wee king of hard but anyways) and telling me to put her down.

"You creep, you baka, you jerk, how dare you, you you hole in my butt…"

She kept saying.

Wait a minute; did she just call me a hole in her butt? What the hell? I guess you get that when you call her heavy. I wonder with whom else I share that name with, Melvin perhaps.

"You wanna-be Doctor but can't be cuz you'll call all your patients fat drunktard..."

She was pretty good he thought.

He finally reached his car with her still kicking and punching him. People were giving them weird looks, he hoped nobody calls the police, he thought.

I opened the door and put her in. She attempted to flee from in between my legs( yeah imagine how uncomfortable I was with that plan, but seriously am I that tall, that my own girlfriend could escape from in between my legs?) Of course I caught her and put her back to her place and left for my own side but not before buckling her and ordering her to stay.

I opened to my door and sat down only to see my Usako adorable as hell. Her arms were crossed over her chest (perverts!) and the most adorable pout was on her face, not to mention her eyebrows were drawn together.

"Behave now or I'll have to spank you" I told her. She gave the most deafening shriek and started screaming while turning a lovely shade of red.

"You hentai, you jerk, you pervert, you stinky baka, you puberty-gone-wrong-moron, you …." And she went on and on. Only then did I realize just what, what I had said sounded like. I slapped myself mentally, what the hell was wrong with me?

I sighed and started the car. Well if I was trying to make myself look like a pervert I was certainly accomplishing it.

After 15 minutes

Usako had stopped telling me what a was a while a ago, but she did have this angry look on her pretty face.

We had arrived. I brought her to a beach, but because everybody was either at work or at school the beach was pretty much empty, except for old people. But they were only a few.

Good, it's much better this way.

I glanced at Usako only to see to be staring at me.

"Um, you okay?" Her mouth opened and closed like fish but nothing came out.

She growled and turned around. I sighed. I hope something like 'I love you Mamo-chan' or 'I'm not mad Mamo-chan will be spoken from her pink lips this afternoon.

'Cuz I really, really want my Usako back, the one that giggles at everything and the one that tells me 'You're so silly Mamo-chan'

Well here goes everything.

I one again turned to my Usako and said.

"Look Usako, don't try to run because frankly we're far away from home, and don't scream for help because then your parents will have to pick you up form the police station where you will have to tell them why you aren't at school, all right." I asked cautiously.

"You forgot one" she replied back.

"What?" I asked gently. At least she was talking but not cursing. But soon I realized that what she said was worse than cursing.

"Usako don't pig out 'cuz you're already heavier than a whale" she said in a low voice and got out of the car.

I hit my head on the wheel; did she really think I thought of her as heavy?

I sighed and got out of the car.

She had a hand over her eyes protecting her eyes from the sun and she was looking at the water.

I started walking, but made sure to pass her and get her attention so she would follow me.

First and last time Usako's thoughts

I sighed. I knew Mamo-chan was trying to make up for the thing he had said to me, and I think it was working.

I wasn't that mad, but still it hurt to hear him say something like that.

But I was still on the fence about forgiving him, so I just decided to wait until the end of the day to figure out if wanted to forgive him and for now just simply enjoy not being at school and the other things that awaited me.

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