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Excuse me?

I think my heart stopped-wait I know my heart stopped.

I looked around. The arcade was decorated, but there were no signs indicating as to what was being celebrated.

"Well say something!" a voice cried out. Motoki.

"I-I. . . . I" What was going on?

"Awww my Mamo-chan is at lost for words. Never saw that day coming!" Everybody started laughing at Usako's comment.

"Uh. . . what's the occasion?" I asked dumbly. Let's see, it wasn't my birthday. Then what?

Everybody gasped at my question.

"Mamo-chan, did you even check your mail?!?" came Usako's irritated voice. Come to think of it, I hadn't checked my mail for a few days. Oops?

"Uh what was in it?" I asked slyly.

"Mamoru you got accepted to Harvard in America!' Motoki screamed from the side of my ear. Ouch much?


"YOU GOT ACCEPTED!" every body screamed at once.

I believe I fainted.

"Is he up?"

"I can't believe he fainted' there were a couple of snickers.

"Usagi-chan what kind of a boyfriend do you have?" Raye asked smirking.

"Shut up Raye-chan, he was just overjoyed"

Overjoyed? Oh I remember, The Harvard Acceptance. I can't believe I got in; it was my life long dream. I wanted and want to so much go there. It's actually a little unbelievable I got in.

I opened my eyes. I wasn't disappointed, all around me were people kneeling down and looking me straight in the eye.

"Mamoru, we throw you party and you faint?" Motoki asked slyly.

I blushed.

"Thank you very much but I do have one question. How did you guys know about it?"

"Remember how you left my address as a second address, so if they couldn't reach you they could reach me and I could tell you, well I got the letter. I thought you'd be all happy when you came to the arcade the next day, but it turns out you did something stupid. You called Usagi fat-" Everybody shook their head "-so we used that as a distraction so we could make this party. Otherwise you would have found out about it" Motoki explained and everybody nodded.

I smiled.

THANK GOD I GAVE MOTOKI'S ADDRESS! I screamed at myself.

"Well lets party!" Usako screamed and the party started.

I was currently walking Usako home from the party.

It was pretty good. We played a couple of silly games, danced and told jokes. It was quite a fun night. But now it wasn't going to get better. I had to talk with Usako, now that I had been accepted to Harvard. What were we going to do?

Finally we reached her house. She looked at it then turned around and looked at me. She smiled her beautiful smile.

"So were you really mad?" I asked her. I was talking about me calling her heavy.

"Of course I was, but just at first. I really didn't care anymore after you apologized but Motoki needed me to be mad so I stayed fake mad" she laughed at my expression.

"Oh well we had a nice time together" I said and shrugged.

"Usako I –about the Harvard thing, I don't want us to end or take a break or anything, but I'll understand if you want to break up or . . .-" she interrupted me.

"No Mamo-chan I don't wan to take a break or break up, I only want to support you. I know this has been a life long dream for you and I accepted it the moment you told me because I knew you would get in." she said softly. I smiled. She was everything I could wish for.

:"Well there are still a couple of months left before I have to go, so I want to spend it with you, okay?" she nodded and smiled. Right then I tried to kiss her and I did before I saw a middle aged man running towards us with a gun in his hand screaming 'Let go of my baby-girl"

"Bye Usako I love you" Those were the last words before I started racing home. Out of all the things, her dad had to see us kissing right?

Unbelievable. . .


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