"You forgot your buddy!" A loud female voice shouted as she tossed the fourth man of a group that tried to assault and rob a woman to the other three that were KO'd by a woman dressed in a green hooded jacket with matching tights, a green domino mask, a quiver, and trick arrows. What made this toss unusual was it was done by a giant green hand generated from the woman's ring.

"Nice toss sis." The hooded woman said with a smile.

"Thanks." The woman said with a smile. Her outfit wasn't exactly traditional, as she was wearing a green leotard with dark green stockings and flat boots with a green domino mask covering her eyes and her long hair in a pony tail, and what looked like a drawing of a lantern over or right breast. The only other than thing the hand that was generated from the ring unusual about her was she had a green glow and was floating. "Going with the hood today?"

"Eh, I just felt a little more broody today." The woman said with a smile, trying to hide something.


The woman let out a sigh. "Alright, I just feel like something big is about to happen."

"You too, huh?" The green glowing woman said. Before she could continue, they heard the sound of sirens around them. "I'm not in the mood to explain this to dad yet, you?"

"Not in particular. Give me a lift?"

"After we take care of that guy." The woman with the ring pointed at a man who managed to regain consciousness and ran.

"Geez, these guys don't want the easy way, do they?" The arrow woman said with a bit of a smile. "You wanna do the honors Lantern?"

"It's all yours Green Arrow." The woman replied. Green Arrow smiled as she fired an arrow that concealed a green boxing glove that came open from its canister at the end just in time to KO the runner.

"Now Green Lantern, about that lift?"

Moments later, outside of a dojo, the two heroines landed after double checking to see if anybody was home. After seeing that was the case, Green Lantern let her costume fade, revealing a silk purple skirt that went down to her ankles, and a white bra. "Damn yellow weakness…"

"Hey, you were the one that picked out the yellow top for today." Green Arrow said as she removed her hood revealing short blue hair. Just as the brown haired woman got her yellow silk button top. "I wonder why nobody's home."

"You know dad's still working and we both know sis has a life outside of us." The Green Lantern said.

"Yeah, but still…" Arrow said, sounding a bit unsure about her missing sister's behavior. "You going to bed?"

"After I clean up the kitchen." Lantern replied. "And since we got interrupted by the cops, what I was going to say earlier was yes, I too feel like something big is about to happen." To which Arrow nodded.

"I would've loved to gone on patrol longer." Green Arrow said with a sigh as she got into her pajamas

"Not on a school night Akane." The woman said in a stern voice. "Now get some sleep."

"Ok," the heroine answered Green Lantern with a smile. "Good night Kasumi."


The next evening, Kasumi was making dinner, Akane was in the dojo training, and Nabiki was busy counting the money she made. Sure, her father had a job, but it didn't hurt the dojo, their home finances, and especially her, to have extra.

"I'm home!" Was heard from the front door as Lt. Soun Tendo of the Nerima PD entered.

"Welcome home father." Kasumi said from the kitchen. "How was work?"

"Not too bad, but that's not important." Soun said as he put down his gun and badge. "What is though I have some time off and the reason."

"Oh?" Kasumi said, happy that her dad doesn't have to work late for a while.

"I'll reveal the reason when you're all here, please get your sisters." Soun said with a sound in his voice Kasumi hasn't heard in a long time. Kasumi then went up to Nabiki's room at first, and knocked on the door.

"Come in." Nabiki said in her usual tone.

"Father asked us to meet him in the living room." Kasumi said in her cheerful tone.

"I'll be down in a minute." Nabiki said with a smile. Just then, Kasumi saw what was on her monitor and frowned.

"You're not still taking money from students, are you?"

"Hey, nobody's getting hurt and those pictures are enough to keep Kuno at bay."

"Alright, but I can't help but worry…"

"I'll be fine. Trust me." Nabiki said just before Kasumi left and shut the door. 'That was close.' The Ice Queen thought. 'If dad knew about this, I'd be in trouble. Better close my stock portfolio for the rest of the night.'

Meanwhile, Kasumi went to the dojo and after seeing several shattered bricks, she heard the sound of an arrow hitting a bullseye.

"Nice shot Akane." Kasumi said with a smile.

"Thanks sis. What's up?" Akane asked as she pulled another arrow back.

"Father wants us in the dojo, something important." Akane then released the arrow and it landed another perfect bullseye. "You can't be this perfect in front of the world you know, less they want to discover who you really are."

"I know, I know." Akane said as she pulled back her last arrow. "Just hitting the bullseye isn't for challenge anymore, it's just to relax."

Moments later, all three girls were given a bombshell they would never forget.


"Yes, a friend of mine and I set this up before you girls were born." Soun said with some pride. "It was in celebration of both our training and defeating our evil master."

"What's this Ranma like?" Akane asked.

"How old is she?" Kasumi asked.

"Is he rich?" Nabiki asked.

"I don't know… I never met him…" Soun said, sweat dropping.

"YOU WHAT!?" The girls shouted in shock.

"Oh father…" Kasumi sighed. 'This better not interfere with my Lantern duties…' She thought.

"How can you engage us to a boy we never even met!?" Akane said. 'If he says I can't go out at night…'

'He better be rich…' Nabiki thought.

"As I said this was before you were born. Both your mother and I thought this would be for the best." The minute this was said, all three girls had a long thought and were saddened at the reminder of their mom until…

"Will ya put me down!? I said I was comin' here willingly!" They heard a female voice from outside. Wondering what's going on, Soun opened the door, only to see a giant panda and a red headed girl. In another time, Soun would be so grief stricken, he wouldn't notice much about the world around him, but as one of the district's best lieutenants on the force, he's more observant and saw the person with the panda was indeed a woman.

"I'm sorry, but may we help you?" He asked.

"Ranma Saotome, sorry about this." It should be noted that in any case scenario, even for Soun's present state in life, a mental shut down is a mental shut down.

"But… Genma said he had a son…"

"Pops! I told you we should've gotten hot water!"

'Sorry.' The panda said via a sign.

"Oh, do you need some?"

"Yes, please." The red head answered Kasumi. As the oldest Tendo left, Akane extended her hand.

"Akane Tendo."

"Ranma Saotome." The youth answered the other youth, taking the hand and shaking it.

"Sorry for all this chaos, my dad was expecting his friend and a boy."

"And from the looks of things, you don't seem to be a boy." Nabiki said as she squeezed the right breast of the red head.

"Would you please stop doing that?" Ranma said icily.

'I don't mind myself.' Neko said in Ranma's head.

'Now's not the time.' Ranma thought back.

"Sorry, was just checking." Nabiki said with a mischievous grin. Kasumi then returned with the hot water, which Genma promptly swapped only to have Ranma swipe it from him.

"No way, you didn't listen when I said 'We should change back before we got here,' I got dibs." Ranma angrily said.

'Now see here boy...' The panda signed.

"Oh? We can always ask sis to join in this argument…"

'First come, first serve!' The panda signed with several beads of sweat, causing the Tendos just wondering where these mental cases came from. Just then, the girl splashed herself with the hot water and turned into a guy with black hair, but the same pig tail.

"But… that's not possible…" Akane said in shock.

"Mirrors… it has to be…" Nabiki said echoing the same shock, breaking her ice queen mold for a moment.

"Oh, did Mr. Panda want hot water too?" Kasumi asked with a smile, causing Nabiki and Soun to wonder if she was all there. Of course, they don't know that due to her other lifestyle, gender change and shape shifting were par for the course. And while Akane knows why her sister finds nothing wrong with this, the youngest Tendo hasn't seen as much as her older sister, so magic and shape-shifting is still new.

"Yeah, I think my pops and your dad wanna have a little talk and I don't think he's used to a walking panda yet." Ranma said. After Soun finished being in shock, he hugged Ranma tightly.

"At last, you came! Now we can---" Ranma broke the hug and raised his hand.

"I know all about the engagement thing Mr. Tendo and no offense, but I wanna talk to all of ya about this after you and pops catch up."

"Oh yes, by all means." Soun said as Genma splashed himself with hot water courtesy of the returning Kasumi. Just then, in place of a panda was a middle aged man in martial arts get up. The two men then hugged as if they were brothers who haven't seen each other in forever.

"Soun, ol' buddy! It's been a long time!"

"Genma, I think you have some explaining, but it's good to see you old friend!"

"Say, while the dad's are catching up, which one of you three know martial arts?" Ranma asked the girls. The years with the Demon's Head managed to hammer out Genma's 'Girl's are weak' views out of his head. It also helped that Lady Shiva on more than one occasion proved they weren't to his dad directly.

"That would be me." Akane said, a little wary of this boy. Part of her is saying this boy is new, there for hasn't had the chance to be brainwashed by Kuno's crap yet. But another part of her is saying a boy's a boy and she doesn't know if she should be friendly or get out her arrows.

"You wanna spar?" Ranma asked with a smile.

"Oh, sure!" Akane said with a smile. It's been awhile since she sparred with a martial artist. Sure, she knew how to fight as well as fire arrows, but all those she's fought as of late were thugs and robbers, not exactly skilled masters of the art. "Just let me change and meet me in the dojo!"

'You know, she doesn't look that bad…'


'…and the middle one did grope you at first sight…'


'…and there's just something about 50's housewives…'

'…ok, TOO much information.'

'Hey, just because I can't touch for the moment doesn't mean I can't look.' Neko thought, mentally sticking out her tongue at her brother.


Somewhere in Nerima, in the basement of a house, a young man is working on something to make sure he gets the girl of his dreams.

'So, these bozos think they're brave enough to take on Akane…' The young man thought. '…well, with this, they'll be afraid of even of their own shadow… and once I use this on Akane, her true knight in shining armor will come and scare those big bad fears away…' the young man, who looked as skinny as a scarecrow, thought as he mixed his chemicals together with a hint of laughter in his head.


NEXT TIME: The end result of Akane and Ranma's sparring. The family meets Neko, and when Ranma first visits Furikan, he and the Tendo sisters for some odd reason find the students nervous and afraid as "City of Heroes and Fear" continues.


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