I dunno why I did this so suddenly, blame it on the New Year…

I've been in love with SHE for some time now, since it first came out into America, so I've grown to love every single character there and have especially grown fond of this pairing. It started out as a best friends idea, but then it developed into something more, so that's when I realized that it was an official pairing. Any relationship that escalates at a high rate within one's mind from friendship to romance counts as official. So, therefore, I'm posting this oneshot up to for, not just the New Year, but to proclaim how much I LOVE this series and this pairing in particular. It's short, sweet, and more of a poem-memo sort of thing, but who cares? I love this pairing, you might even see more of these, so here they are!

Lotus Dreams

Sometimes I lie awake at night and think about him.

It's strange, I know, but I can't help it.

I can remember so clearly how we first met, how unique it was… I chuckle when I remember how he tried to kill me, but then again, I was in the way of something personal to him at the time. But he soon realized how wrong it was to follow through with it.

The past can't be changed, it'll always be the same, no use mulling over it.

Trust me, I know that better than anyone.

I was the one person he could relate to and he was the same with me: both of us felt alone, but didn't quite feel that way anymore when we were in each other's company.

He said he didn't want to come with me, but he did anyway; he put up with the humor I had that he claimed was ridiculous and seemed to have some sort of faith in me, even when I had none in myself. He didn't seem to listen to anyone else who wasn't me, would get jealous if I didn't choose him to go on a mission, would 'hang out' with me even when he wanted to be alone.

He'd do anything for me, even when I didn't want him to, not ever wanting to be a burden to him.

I grew up with a fun life with games and friends.

He grew up with a lonely life with leers and only one person he could trust.

People never talked to him because he was different, it made him feel so lonely, but no one ever saw that. He never learned how to show his emotions because of this, no one to show them to, no one who cared about his own feelings. So he grew up believing he had none.

I wish I could have known him back then, so I could show him how to feel, how to laugh, how to smile. I wish I could have played games with him, cheered for him when he played alone with others, taught him so many fun jokes and pranks. But like I said…

The past can't be changed, it'll always be the same, no use mulling over it.

And yet…

There's always the future.

Staring up at the night sky, at the full moon casting its glow above, I realize how much I want to see him again. Smiling, I can recall the moments we spent together, I can remember Senninkai and the last battle. I was close to dying, ready to fall from the Heavens and towards the infinite Earth below, but then I heard it.

He was calling out my name…begging me not to die…

His feelings came through then, I could hear it in his voice, see it in his eyes when we'd reunited. His night blue eyes always seemed to look into me, fiery red hair blowing in the wind like phoenix fire, a dragon's heart beating his chest, so full of courage. He's never been afraid of anything in his life…

Will he be afraid of me?

Does he feel the same way?

I honestly don't know, but I do know one thing.

I can't wait to see him tomorrow morning.

Normally, I don't write like this, but I just felt like it tonight. Enjoy!