Author: rowanceleste
Pairing / Character: Logan, Veronica, Duncan, hints of V/D, Veronica/Logan UST
Rating: PG, but may eventually get to NC-17 as the story progresses
Word Count: 2879
Summary: AU starting from Ahoy Mateys. Meg is not pregnant. Veronica is finally reaching the conclusion that she may not want to be just 'normal' after all.
Spoilers / Warnings: Through "Ahoy Mateys" (2x08) and possible spoilers up to 2x10 "One Angry Veronica"
Disclaimer: I am in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of Veronica Mars. No copyright infringement is intended.
Author's note: Transcript assistance provided by vmtranscripts. This is a fic I had posted a while ago both to my LJ and to veronicamarsfic, but I thought I would dust it off and share it with others. This was actually my first VM fic. Others can be found through my LJ.

"Did Duncan go to bed?" Veronica asks as she glances across the darkened living room.

"Yes. And he wanted me to tell you to give me your undivided attention. Pretend for a moment that your dog's life is at stake!" Logan retorts impatiently. He waits for Veronica to glance back in his direction before stating, 'Hey, maybe this doctor is a pipeline to prescription drugs? That's how my pediatrician lost his license."

"It's pretty easy to check on something like that" She responds as she heads over to her laptop.

He waits for Veronica to take a seat, before sitting down on the back of the couch and glancing over her shoulder.

"Apparently Dr Griffith was reprimanded..." She states as she continues reading, "something about an inappropriate off-site practice. Patient's name is…Danny Boyd"

Logan looks from the laptop screen to Veronica. "So what does that mean?"

"I don't know, but I'll check it out tomorrow." Veronica replies as she powers down her laptop before standing up and stretching. "We should get some sleep, it's late."

Logan swings his legs over the back of the couch and stands up, waiting for Veronica to leave so he can go to bed. His heart clenches a little as he watches her head towards Duncan's room rather than towards the hotel room door. Staring after her, he bites his tongue before he tells her that she should make sure Duncan suits up because who knows where he's been lately? The last thing he wants to do is say something to wake Duncan up. It's bad enough imagining them sleeping and cuddling together, but if Duncan wakes up, who knows what they could be doing instead?

She pauses at Duncan's bedroom door as she feels Logan standing in the living room, staring at her. She glances back at him awkwardly, "Good Night, Logan"

"Yeah, good night." Logan responds abruptly, turning to head into his bedroom and shut the door. He gets ready for bed, running his hand through his hair in frustration as he realizes he's hoping he dreams of waking up on a bridge with a bloody knife in his hand rather than of Duncan and Veronica cuddling in each other's arms.

Veronica walks out of the bathroom as she finishes getting ready for bed and looks over at Duncan. She can tell he's feigning sleep and she wonders if he overheard her working with Logan and it bothered him. Either way. He obviously didn't want to talk about whatever was bothering him and she didn't want to talk to Duncan about Logan's problems either. Veronica slips into bed next to Duncan and adjusts the covers around her. Veronica relaxes slightly as she feels a pair of warm arms surround her and she's cocooned into Duncan's body. This is why I'm with him. This warm, security blanket feeling when everything else in my life seems so chaotic. Veronica feels a pair of lips brush the top of her head.

'"G'night baby."

"Good night, Duncan" Veronica whispers back as she drifts into sleep.

Logan feels himself suddenly pulled from a deep sleep as he hears the outer hotel room door slam and Duncan call out from the living room "Veronica….wait!" He glances at his bedside clock blearily and notes it's barely 5am in the morning. What the hell? Rolling out of bed, he pads into the living room to find out what's going on. "Hey man, everything okay? Did Veronica just leave?"

Duncan looks at Logan indecisively, as he rubs his hands over his face. "Yeah, everything's okay. I should probably go after her though."

"Do you want to talk about it?" He hopes he doesn't regret the offer, but Duncan is still his best friend and he looks like he could use some support.

Duncan shrugs helplessly and gives into the temptation to share, "I've been having these dreams lately. Of Meg. Since the bus crash. Meg keeps asking me to save her." He shrugs helplessly again. "Anyway, I called out Meg's name and Veronica freaked out and left…" Duncan looks at Logan. "I love Veronica; it's just that I keep having these dreams about Meg…"

Logan looks at his best friend and decides it probably won't help if he confesses he also dreams about his ex-girlfriend as well. And he doesn't mean Lilly. Or Caitlin. Or Kendall for that matter. "Sorry man, is there anything I can do?"

"No" Duncan looks at him seriously. "Thanks for listening though, I appreciate it. I need to go find Veronica or call her or something".

Logan gestures to Duncan's boxers in amusement as they stand in the living room, "Okay, but if you're going to go find Veronica, you should probably put some pants on first."

Duncan looks at his lack of attire and shakes his head. "Yeah, you're right." He heads back into his bedroom to get dressed, glancing up in surprise when he meets up with Logan in the living room afterward. "Hey, I figured you'd go back to bed. What are you doing already dressed?"

Tossing his keys in the air, Logan shrugs. "I figured since I was already awake, I'd meet up with Dick and go surfing".

Duncan punches Logan on the shoulder, before throwing him a salute. "That's a good idea."

They each exit the hotel suite, lost in their own thoughts.

Veronica continues to walk along the beach, Backup's leash held loosely in her hand. It's amazing how one little word or name could rip away an entire security blanket, she contemplates. Meg. Shock had propelled her out of the hotel suite, down to her car and all the way home. What had amazed her was the secondary emotion that followed closely on the heels of that shock. Relief. Veronica feels the guilt lift off her heart that she was the one preventing her and Duncan from going back to being the perfect couple, that her changes over the past year were what was keeping them from going back to that normal, high school couple that dreamed about the big dance and moonlight walks on the beach. If Duncan's in love with Meg, then it's not my fault for not loving Duncan enough or not being happy with being normal. If Duncan and I did break up, it wouldn't mean that I was still in love with someone else and I was being the dishonest one...not that I am in love with anyone else, of course. Veronica glances up and sighs as Backup tugs excitedly on his leash and pulls her forward towards the parking lot. Speak of the devil and he materializes. Or think of the devil in this case. She looks at the figure sprawled over the hood of her car and the bright yellow Xterra parked in the next spot.

Logan slides off the hood of the LeBaron as Veronica walks towards him. He steps onto the beach and walks a few feet towards her before stopping. "Hey, you okay? Duncan said you were upset this morning when you left. He went looking for you."

Veronica tries not to dwell on the fact that Logan and Duncan both went looking for her but Logan was obviously the one that knew where to find her.

Logan gestures to Backup and answers her unspoken question. "I know you usually take Backup for a walk or run when something upsets you. Duncan probably went to your apartment." "So, you okay?" Logan looks Veronica over as she nods slightly. He expected to see her red eyed and puffy, but although she looked sad, she didn't appear devastated. Maybe it wasn't as big a deal as he thought and she'd forgive Duncan his faux pas? Logan opens his mouth to ask and is interrupted when Veronica's cell phone rings. "That's probably Duncan".

Veronica looks at her cell phone ID and acknowledges his guess. "Hey Duncan…no, I'm alright, no, it's okay, I'm sorry I left like that…"

Logan listens to Veronica's side of the conversation and thinks maybe Veronica's love is a forgiving sort of love…For Saint Duncan that is. Logan shoves his hands into his pockets and waits for Veronica to finish her phone call.

"I'll stop by your place tonight." Veronica looks at Logan. "No, I can't right now. I promised I'd help my Dad with a case today, but I'll see you tonight okay?"

Logan raises his eyebrow and mouths, 'Dad?' He smirks as Veronica glares at him and smacks him in the chest.

"What?" Veronica asks as she tries to ignore him and listen to Duncan. "Yeah, I love you too, Duncan. See you tonight."

Logan rubs his chest as Veronica snaps her phone shut. "You know, you hit hard for a tiny blonde chick."

"What does my hair color have to do with how hard I hit someone?" Veronica rolls her eyes as she retorts "and don't call me a chick, I'm not a baby duck!"

"Well, actually a baby duck would be a duckling, not a chick".

Veronica pulls the conversational reigns back on track before they get lost in the tangent of proper names for animal babies or God forbid, her relationship with Duncan. "Hello? Danny Boyd? Murder charge? Research? Want to focus here? We can leave my car here and take yours if you don't mind if we take Backup in your truck."

They both ignore the unspoken thought that if they take Backup back to her apartment; they may run into Duncan and have to explain why she was not with not her Dad.

Logan walks back to his truck and opens the rear passenger door. "You know I don't mind." Logan pats the seat as Veronica lets go of Backup's leash. "Come on, buddy, you know the drill, back seat!"

Backup jumps into the back seat easily and settles into what's obviously a familiar position in the back seat of Logan's truck.

Veronica and Logan look at the small, rundown house and compare the address to that on file for Danny Boyd. "This is it," she verifies.

"The owner of this dump sprang for plastic surgery?" Logan questions. He turns off the engine and reaches for the door handle as Veronica hops to the pavement.

She shakes her head at both Logan and Backup. "Uh uh. Now you boys stay here and be good. This takes a certain subtlety." Veronica calls over her shoulder and winks, "If I need anyone punched in the face or chomped, I'll whistle for ya!"

Patting Backup on the head in commiseration, they watch Veronica walk up to Danny Boyd's front door. "Regulated to useless sidekicks, aren't we boy?" He comments as Backup whines softly. He clenches the steering wheel tightly as he sees Danny Boyd ogle Veronica from the doorway. I hope she's not stupid enough to go inside, I wouldn't trust that guy as far as I could throw him. Logan lets out a relieved breath as he watches the guy step out of his house and close the door behind him. Okay, I'm glad they didn't go inside, but where the hell are they going now? He puts his hand on Backup's collar as the pit bull stands up and looks ready to jump out the window after Veronica. "Hold on, boy…you know she'll just get pissed off if we go charging after her. Let's give her a little time to work her Veronica magic."

Logan looks at the clock on the dash as five minutes go by. As ten more minutes pass, he glances at Backup. "Hey, boy, shall we go find Mommy? Want to go find Veronica?" Snapping Backup's leash into place, both of them jump down from the truck. Logan eyes Backup sternly. "Just remember, when she asks, you had to go pee and that's why we left the truck, okay?" He feels his shoulder practically rip out of its socket as Backup lunges forward, intent on finding Veronica. As they head into the backyard, Logan eyes the pit bull chained to a post and tries to short leash Backup. Crap. Veronica will kill me if Backup gets injured in a dog fight. Backup ignores the lunging pit bull, much to Logan's surprise and keeps pulling him towards a building near the back of the property. "Good boy! Find Veronica!" The pitbull continues to tug him towards a dimly lit doorway and as Logan's eyes adjust to the light, he spots Veronica pinned to the top of a pool table, her hands grasping at the hand that's clamped around her throat. He drops Backup's leash just as the dog spots his owner and lunges forward.

Veronica watches Liam's head turn in surprise as he hears a feral growl. The hand around her throat suddenly loosens and she scrambles off the pool table to see that ninety pounds of pure, pissed off pit bull can knock a heavier man to the ground.

"Veronica! C'mon! Let's go!" Logan grabs her messenger bag from the floor as she hurries towards him. Pushing Veronica towards the doorway, he follows behind her.

"Boy! Call off your dog!"

Logan glances towards the guy at the bar who obviously thought Backup was his dog.

The bar grows quiet as all eyes focus on Backup and his massive jaws that are clamped around Liam's throat.

Veronica rubs her throat convulsively as she looks at Backup before she checks to make sure the doorway is still unblocked.

Logan feels Veronica squeeze his hand and sees her nod to the door.

They edge slowly through the doorway, breaking into a run as Veronica yells over her shoulder, 'Backup, be cool, let's go!' Almost reaching the truck, they see Backup suddenly come flying towards them. Throwing open the passenger door for Backup to leap inside, Logan starts the car and pulls away as soon as all four paws hit the seat, the momentum closing the side door behind Backup. She looks in the rear view mirror to see if they're being chased. "Why weren't they right behind him?"

Logan slows the truck to a more normal speed as he feels his heart slow down a little as well "They're probably checking to see if Liam needs to go to the hospital."

Veronica shakes her head. "Backup wouldn't have crushed his throat unless I was still in danger."

Glancing at Backup in appreciation, Logan smiles briefly. "Well, he looked pissed off enough to do it in my book, so I can see why they'd want to check first."

Silence envelops the truck as they continue driving, the adrenaline rush slowly working out of their system. Veronica opens her eyes when she feels him stop the car and park. She glances over at the next spot and eyes her LeBaron. God, has it only been an hour or so? Unsnapping her seat belt, she feels her shoulders start to shake in delayed reaction.

Logan looks at her in concern as she starts to cry. "Hey, it's okay" He tells her softly, rubbing her back in soothing strokes.

Launching herself into Logan's arms, she misses his look of surprise as his arms close around her. Hot tears spill from her eyes as she buries her face in his chest. "Oh God, Logan, I was so scared! I thought he was going to kill me! You saved me! I lo-." She swallows the rest of the words that were slipping from her tongue as fast as her tears were falling.

He clutches her tightly, as the reality of almost losing her sweeps over him. Not that she was still his to lose or anything.

Veronica feels Logan stiffen against her and she pulls away, wiping the tears from her eyes. She sniffles and gives him a watery smile. "I'm sorry. I didn't mean to bawl all over you." She brushes his shirt ineffectively. "I got your shirt all wet".

Logan brushes the hair from her face. "That's okay, it's used to salt water, although the snot probably didn't do it much good."

Punching him on the shoulder, Veronica laughs as she wipes the remaining tears from her eyes. "I did not get snot on you. Eww! Those were just tears."

He shrugs with apparent unconcern for his attire and reaches back to scratch Backup behind the ears. "You're getting steaks for the rest of your life, boy!"

Veronica nods in agreement and reaches back to hug and kiss Backup. "You're a good boy! I love you so much!"

Smirking to himself, he watches Veronica lavish love and attention upon Backup. Great, Echolls. Jealous of a dog.

Veronica notices the expression on Logan's face as he turns off the Xterra's engine and she blushes in embarrassment. I thought he was the drama queen in our relationship? Here I am, bawling and throwing myself into his arms and then slobbering all over my dog. At least I didn't blurt out that I love him. She looks at him and gathers Backup's leash quickly in hand. "Thanks. I'll see you at school?" She waits for Logan's nod and jumps out of the truck, Backup following her over the console and out the front seat.

As Backup jumps into the backseat of the LeBaron, Logan hands Veronica her messenger bag through the window. She blushes again, embarrassed that she forgot her bag in her haste to leave the scene of her emotional meltdown. "Actually, I'll probably see you tonight. I told Duncan I'd stop by, remember?"

Logan feels a mask slip across his face. Ahhh yes. Can't forget about good old Duncan. He nods in acknowledgement. "Okay. I guess I'll see you tonight, if I'm home." Remembering the events of that morning, he stares out the windshield. If I had called out another woman's name while I was in bed with Veronica, yes, I'd be a moron, but I'm pretty sure I'd be a maimed, tasered moron. Saint Duncan gets an 'its okay, I'm sorry I left like that?" He starts the truck, shakes his head, wondering if God just likes torturing him and waves goodbye to Veronica as she starts her LeBaron and heads back home.