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Once upon a time, a rather silly little notion was planted into Luna's head by her mother.

Wouldn't it be perfectly wonderful if life were a fairy tale?

Her mother had simply watered it and watered it until the notion grew and grew, blooming into what Luna's mindset was today: in order for her life to become a fairy tale, she must find a prince, she decided. The trouble was, where to look?

She looked and searched high and low, around and through, here and there. Finally she stumbled upon the most peculiar person. He scowled, in a very prince-like manner. "No, Luna. It's a dumb girl's fantasy and I want no part in it."

Luna pressed up on him. "Please? Please?" she begged.

Draco rolled his eyes and mumbled, "Luna-you-are-my-princess-you-make-my-life-complete-let-us-come-to-my-kingdom-and-live-together-forever."

Luna's eyes sparkled. "That was wonderful! Now seal it with a kiss."

Draco groaned, and grudgingly leaned down to oblige her. A little later, his intensity gave way to his true feelings. He murmured into her hair, "And…"

"…they lived happily ever after," said Mrs. Lovegood to the straggly-haired child sitting wide-eyed and intent on the bed.