Conclusion Special
Author's Notes (Second Edition)

Wow. Just... wow.

Hello, Newbie-Spud here with another edition of the Author's Notes. I hadn't done one before in this story, and I'm glad to have finally made it this far. But... wow! The sequel to The Interference is finally finished! I'm shocked beyond words... almost.

Thanks to all of you that supported me. And, without further ado, let's bring out the notes. As always, these are merely my own opinions. Feel free to disagree with them.

Crossing Over

A crossover is not always an easy thing to do, and it certainly wasn't in my case. Kingdom Hearts with Fullmetal Alchemist? There are more compatible universes than those. Still, I managed to do something with it. And here I am with a finished sequel.

While I am following the basic story of the host game, I still had to figure in the presences of all of these other characters I had brought in. And it isn't easy, giving everyone a fair share of lines. The last thing a writer wants is for one of his characters to have few or no lines in a scene.

Another thing I had to keep in mind was that I was dragging a lot of Kingdom Hearts fans from my first story into the FMA universe without warning. So I had to be extra careful and explain in greater details so that my old readership wouldn't be lost in the extra details.

Overall, I'm proud of myself.

Story Length?

The Interference had 43 chapters, not including Specials.
The Interference II has 17 chapters, not including this one.

The Interference exceeded 150 thousand words.
The Interference II was lucky to have gotten above 75 thousand words.

The Interference took a little over five months to finish.
The Interference II took a little less than three months to finish.

Apparently, something is vastly different here. Well, people have been asking why this is, and I have to come clean. The game of FMA2 is just not anywhere near the length of KH2. However, I do seem to have gone quality over quantity in this case.

For one thing, my grammar had improved somewhere halfway. As well as my attention to detail. Not only that, but it seems that all of my chapters had some kind of suspenseful element. Every chapter was a pleasure to write.

Erica Karsath

This is a pain to talk about. Writing Alexander's sister was a hard thing to do. Not only as her initial fangirl personality, but as her Heartless in the end. And killing her... ugh, I just don't want to talk about it. However, it seems she had a Nobody, and we should be seeing her later in the far future.

Erica is actually based on my own sister, who is a fangirl in many respects. Fullmetal Alchemist was one of her obsessions, but it has since changed to Inuyasha or Yu Yu Hakusho or some other anime like that. I never keep track, and my feelings on it are the same as Alexander's: it makes me sick.

"The Interference" Saga

It's a short set of Notes, and it seems I'll have to draw this to a close with this proposition. Some of you have been asking me to make a sequel after this one, or at least hinting at it. Well, the verdict has long since been "yes." After all, the plot of the series has now become Alexander's struggle against the remainder of Ansem's Heartless apprentices. No doubt this'll take the span of several stories to finish, crossing over into many other games. It's a fun ambition to look toward, and I plan on working hard at it.

For now, though, I can't leave you with a sneak preview. But I will leave you with a title. Coming soon, look out for The Interference III: Wings of Time! It'll be in the Crossovers section again. Of course, I can't reveal what crossover it'll be yet, heh heh...

Until next time, readers! Keep on reviewing, and I thank you a thousand times over for your support! It shouldn't be long before the next chapter of the Interference saga begins!