It's New Years minna! Welcome to 2007! Have you done up your New Years Resolution? I haven't... XD

By: Hiki-chan

1 January 2006

Naruto sat on the floor, his eyes scrunched up, thinking.

He was swinging his pen back and forth as he thought about what to write.

Finally, a thought hit him.

I resolve to beat that teme! And make Sakura-chan fall for me!

Happy with that, he shut his notebook.

1 March 2006

Naruto snapped opened his notebook and scratched away what he wrote before.

I resolve not to feel anything when Sasuke-teme looks at me with predatorial eyes. I'm straight!

1 June 2006

Breathlessly, Naruto stumbled into his house and grabbed his notebook from under a pile of debris and scratched what he wrote before again.

I resolve to not always give into the teme. Especially after he kisses me and other things...

1 September 2006

A red, flushed and panting Naruto reached for his notebook, trying to ignore the strong pale arms that were currently snaked around his naked waist. He scratched out he previous writing again.

I absolutely resolve to make sure I top the teme and not be the submissive!

1 December 2006

Naruto cringed as he took his notebook from his shelf. Itai! His butt hurt a lot! He scribbled out all his previous writings.

Forget this, I resolve to find a good hiding place from Sasuke when he's horny...

1 January 2007

A very badly limping Naruto tried to stomp into his house. He tore out the whole page of his previous scribing and threw them away before he began on a new page.

Bloody freaking hell. Screw this. I resolve to never have resolutions again.


-laughs- Just something I HAD to write. Happy New Year!

Edited xD