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Brennan tapped her fingers on the steering wheel, wondering if she was making a huge mistake. Two days was here. Her time was up and she had indeed made a decision. Well, what was she doing then? Get out of the car, she told herself. With slow fluid movements, Brennan got out of the car and closed the door.

Knocking once on the door, she wondered if he would be home. She had gotten here early enough, hadn't she? She frowned, thinking about whether or not he would forget about last night. Of course, she'd been disturbed about the whole occurrence. Not that she would admit because it had thrilled her.

The door opened suddenly and Booth immediately went still. First of all, he was very surprised, embarrassed, and worried.

"What's wrong, Bones? What happened?"

"What? Nothing."

"Why were you looking like that?"

"I was just thinking."


Booth waited a beat, noting her flushed face and twittering fingers against her thighs.

"Well, I just wanted to come by and say hello. And, uh, I'm going."

He sagged against the doorframe, his face slack and his eyes immediately dark. He had thought, well he had thought that after last night…she would stay. They had kissed...sort of. He had given her $300 dollars worth of perfume. And he had never wanted her so badly to just say, 'I'll see you tomorrow.'

"You, you're going?"


Brennan nodded her head.

"It's going to be dangerous, but I'd really like to help Gail in finding out who those people are."

Frowning, Booth rubbed his hand over his mouth.

"Wait. What?"

"South Africa, Booth. The Larousse Tombs."


He held out a hand and shook his head.

"Are you leaving?"


"Oh," he breathed out.

"I've been telling you this whole time that I wanted to go to the Tombs. Haven't you been listening to me? Or has your eye been hurting you too much?"

Again, Booth frowned. Wait, what?

"So, what, you're taking the job?"

"Of course."

"Well," he lowered his head, trying to find something to say, "that's good, Bones. I mean, you'll be able to do a lot more of your bones' stuff at Perkins. That's good. Wait, no. You can't go Bones."

"What are you talking about?"

"You can't take it, Bones. I won't let you."

He shook his head as if to affirm it.

She glanced at him, confused.

"You're- telling – me – you're – not – going – to – let – me – go?" She asked slowly.

Nodding his head, Booth clapped his hands together.

"Nope. You can't just leave."

"And why would I listen to you?"

"Because, Bones, I know what's good for you. You don't want to be working at some pretentious over-payed museum, do you?"

"Okay, first of all. If you ever tell me to not go somewhere, I will hit you again. Second of all, do not tell me what I can and can not do or I will kick you. Thirdly, the Jeffersonian is not pretentious or over-payed."

"I'm not talking about the Jeffersonian. I'm talking about Perkins."

"Why are you talking about Perkins?"

"Because that's where you're going to go for your new job."

This time, Brennan frowned.

"I guess I could, but I'm not going to."


"I told Gail I like my job, here."

Booth smiled slowly, relieved, especially after he had thought she had told him she was going away. Okay, so maybe he should've been more specific with Bones.

"You did?"

She nodded her head.

"He was very understanding. And, that's all I wanted to tell you before you started ordering me around. So, I guess I'll see you later."

Before he could even say anything, she turned on her heel and nearly ran to her car.

Okay, Booth, he told himself, go fetch the gal.

"Bones! Bones!"

Brennan turned around and Booth jogged over to her.

"So you're really not taking the job?"

"No, I'm not."

"That's good. I mean, that's sad in a way. I mean, I know how good an offer that was...but that's really good."

"Booth, that just made no sense."

He hung his head, but when he raised it, he had that perfect charm smile.

"I know it didn't."

And because he couldn't help it, because he just had to make sure she stayed, he gathered her in his arms. He held her tightly against him, wanting to feel her arms around him and nearly losing his breath when she did. Burying his head in her hair, Booth knew that maybe the time to see her for the woman she was, was here. She wasn't leaving. They had all the time in the world now.

"Okay, Booth. Let me breathe."

Finally, he pulled away. So, it might take more convincing on her part. But he was Booth, and he could be very convincing.

Booth waited a beat.

"How about I make breakfast, Bones? Eggs, bacon, and pancakes…from scratch?"

"I…" Brennan had no clue what to say, and was about to say no, but for the first time in a long time, acted on impulse.

"I'd like that. But you don't know how to make French toast do you?"

"You know, Bones?"

He let his finger touch her nose.

"How do you pick the one thing I don't know how to make? But come on, I'm sure you can scrounge around and find what you need. What do you say?"

Booth held out his left hand.

Brennan waited, unsure if this was good. They were partners. She knew that. But with his hand outstretched like that, the smile on his face, and the implication of French toast, she hushed her head with her heart. Her heart, which had just barely begun to know what it could have.

She reached out with her right hand and placed it his own. She let him lead her back to the house, but before they went in, she hesitated.

"Oh no, Bones. I'm going to keep you here."