Ranma: The Apprentice
A Ranma ½ crossover
By Tomas (Nighthawk) Megerson

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Chapter 4

Ranma and Skuld walked out the door with
the two Tendo sisters who were still in school.
Ranma, looking around as he reached the gate,
decided to get to know the two girls better.
"So, what are the two of you into? What do you
do in your spare time?"

"I'm a martial artist."

Ranma looked at her and started to read
her power level. It didn't take him too long
considering how small it was. "I see that your
Sensei was very lax in your studies."

Akane got a rather annoyed look on her
face. Here she was the best martial artist in
Nerima and he had the gall to tell her that her
Sensei was lax in her training? How dare that
BOY tell her such a thing. Well she'd show him
a thing or two. She'd teach him what a REAL
martial artist could do right after school.

Ranma glanced over at Nabiki and raised
an eyebrow. She gave him a small smile. "Well,

"She's a mercenary."

Ranma looked at Akane who seemed slightly
flushed at her sudden outburst. "Why would you
call your sister a mercenary."

"Because she sells pictures of me to
perverts, she blackmails everyone, and pretty
much runs the school's underground. She's a
mercenary who doesn't care for anyone."

Nabiki looked rather annoyed at that.
"Don't you have something to take care of,
little sister?"

Akane's head came up as they approached
the school. "That's right! I HATE BOYS!!!!!"
And with that Akane rushed toward the school

Ranma and Skuld just stopped and stared
at her. Neither had any idea exactly what was
going on. Ranma ran a few steps to catch up to
Nabiki who had kept on walking as though nothing
was wrong. "What's that all about, Nabiki?"

Nabiki pointed to wear Akane was beating
up a rather large group of boys who were all
screaming something about wanting to date her
and not letting anyone else beat her. Ranma
raised an eyebrow before he shrugged. He had
seen a lot stranger ways for people to try to
get dates while he was in Heaven. Skuld also
took it in stride. She had seen plenty of gods
fight each other to try and get a date with her
older sister Urd. She just decided that this
was an adaptation of that.

The two followed Nabiki around the
carnage as Akane kept on fighting. One body
flew in their direction which Ranma calmly used
one hand to redirect the poor boy into a tree
ten or so feet away. Nabiki took note of how
Ranma didn't even notice that he had thrown the
guy as though it was simple reflexes. The
three were almost in the building when Ranma
heard a familiar voice that caused him to stop.

"Truly, such a boorish lot. Evidently
each of them intends to ask you out, Akane, on
the dawn that he finally defeats you."

Akane sighed, as though she had heard the
speech many times before. "Oh. Kuno-sempai.
Good morning."

Kuno tossed her the red rose that he had
been holding in his hand to Akane and took up a
traditional Kendo stance. "And now, Akane Tendo,
might you fight with me?"

Akane caught the rose and nodded. She
then charged the bokan wielding idiot.
"HYAAAA!!!" Kuno swung his bokan, which Akane
dodged and countered with a powerful uppercut.
Kuno dropped like a log.

Skuld tugged on Ranma's arm. "Come on,
the shows done with. We've got to get to class."

Ranma shook his head. "No, something was
wrong with that Kuno character. I'm gonna drag
him to the nurse so I can talk to him. You get
on to class. I'll see ya there." Ranma watched
Skuld nod and then turned to retrieve the still
down Kendoist. Kuno was slowly struggling to
stand up. "Ah, good morning Kuno-sempai."

Kuno looked up to see Ranma helping him
to his feet. Kuno was considering attacking him
for placing his hands upon his persons when he
decided against it. After all, this Saotome had
deferred all claim to the beauteous Akane Tendo
to him the night before. And now he was being
polite and helping him as any good man should his
better. "Good morning to you. Was there
something you required of my person?"

Ranma looked at him as the two headed
into the building. "I was just wondering why
you were holding back in your fight against
Akane Tendo. You are clearly far more skilled
then she is, but you allowed her to win."

"Ah, the fierce tigress Akane. If I was
to use all of my fearsome skill upon her she
would be overwhelmed and possibly injured. How
could I, the great Tatewaki Kuno, the Blue
Thunder of Furikan High, bring myself to injure
her." Kuno let out a long depressed sigh.

Ranma raised an eyebrow at him. "But
aren't you hurting her like this?"

Kuno looked up sharply at Ranma. Could
Saotome being trying to use the black arts on
him? How could he, the Great Tatewaki Kuno, ever
hurt the beautiful flower Akane Tendo.

"I mean, aren't you teaching her to
underestimate her opponents by taking it easy on
her." Kuno's eyes filled with actual interest.
He had never thought of that. "What will happen
when someone who doesn't have as much honor as
you comes along and challenges her? That person
wont hold back and then she'll be forced into an
unwanted date. Would it not be better to cause
her a little physical pain now then to let her
suffer emotional pain later?"

As Ranma went through his reasoning Kuno
was nodding and running the words through his
mind. While it was slow to work it was analyzing
the information that Ranma had fed to it. "Yes,
yes, I see what you mean. I shall have to think
on this most carefully. I thank you for pointing
this out to me Saotome." At that point the bell

Ranma groaned. "Oh man, I'm late to
class. I'll see you later Kuno-sempai. We'll
have to talk about having that sparring match,
as well. Have a good day."

"To you as well, Saotome, to you as
well." Kuno then stepped into the nurse's
office to see about getting something for that
splitting headache he had. He had much to think
about, and the pounding in his head was quite


Ranma stepped through the door right
behind the teacher. He was a middle-aged man
just beginning to go bald. Ranma quietly walked
up and stood next to Skuld in the front of the
class. The two quietly waited as the teacher
went through there transfer papers. "Why don't
you introduce yourselves to the class while I get
these paper's in order."

"I'm Skuld. Pleased to meet you." Skuld
gave the class a small bow.

"Ranma Saotome. Also pleased to meet
you." He too gave the class a small bow. The
girls in the class (minus Akane) started to
whisper about this new tall hansom boy who had
entered their lives. Ranma kept a small smile
in place while making silent vows to stay far
away from any girl. He had more than enough
fiancées thanks to his father, he didn't need
hoards of girls after him as well. From out of
a clear blue-sky thunder crashed. Everyone
looked out the window before shrugging it off.
Everyone except for Ranma and Skuld who
exchanged a look saying that there was going to
be a lot of trouble. Ranma was completely sure
that the trouble would be for him. For some
reason it always was.

"Well, it says here that the two of you
were in China until recently. Mister Saotome,
that is still no excuse for being late. Go stand
in the hall."

Ranma rolled his eyes before doing as he
was told. He didn't feel like arguing with the
teacher. He really didn't want to get on
anyone's bad side this early into making his life
turn out right.

In the hall Ranma struggled to recall
just what was supposed to happen on this first
day of school. So far he felt that he had
corrected a number of the problems. He didn't
get involved in Akane's fight, which caused one
of the earliest fights with her from what he
recalled. He didn't get Kuno upset with him, in
fact the Kendoist seemed to like him. Ranma had
to admit that Kuno wasn't really all that bad.
He was a bit flowery, but then so where any
number of the deities that he had dealt with on
Asgard, so he wasn't too picky about speech

Ranma leaned back against the wall and
closed his eyes as he held his two buckets of
water. If he was going to be stuck in the hall,
he might as well make good use of the time.
Ranma began to use one of his meditation
techniques that were to calm the spirit and
allow peace to flow through him. A dim, whit
aura formed around him as he radiated a sense of
peace. With this technique he could be thrown
into a pit of starving lions and they wouldn't
do a thing to him. Accept of course, that in a
pit of starving lions the Neko-ken would activate
and he'd be a lot more dangerous than the lions

That had been the main reason that he had
worked hard to learn such a technique. He
recalled the Neko-ken training and vowed to find
a way to protect himself from the fear. So far
he had failed, but he wasn't about to quit. He
sensed a presence approach the door to his class
room and dropped out of the meditation. The
teacher opened the door and motioned him to come
in. Ranma look around the room and took the only
empty desk that was available. Sitting down, he
worked hard to pay attention to the class. After
a few minutes, he realized that his math skills
were far beyond what the teacher was trying to
teach the class. The lessons given by Tahuti.
Ranma had learned the sciences from him, and
math was a large part of science. Still, Ranma
stayed awake and paid attention to the class, if
only because the other him probably would have
gone to sleep.


Lunch time came and went to the school.
Finally after long grueling hours of studying the
end of the school day came. Ranma smiled as he
and Skuld left the building. "What a great day
Skuld. For once I didn't get into any fights.
I can't remember the last time I had a day this

"It was probably while we were still in
Asgard. You tend to attract trouble like a
magnet. You realize that something will happen
to make up for it, right?"

"Ah, don't worry about it. Lets just
get our stuff from the Tendo's and move into
that apartment. I want to be out of there before
anything bad happens."

"Like some of your father's problems
showing up?" Skuld gave Ranma a mischievous

"Yup, exactly like that. I don't want
any of those other fiancées to show up and us be
living at the Tendo's place. That'll just make
everything a whole lot worse." The two arrived
at the Tendo's just as it started to rain. Ranma
sighed at the injustice of it all. While his
bracelet may control the curse, it did nothing
for the water magnet that was a part of it.


Ukyo Kounji stared at the letter in her
hand. After 10 years she had heard from HIM
again. And now she didn't know what to think.
He knew nothing about the engagement. His old
man had never told him that they engaged him.
He hadn't even known she was a girl for crying
out loud. And he called her Ucchan. He still
wanted to be her friend.

Ukyo didn't know what to think about it
at all. All she knew was that he was in Nerima
and he was expecting her to come. And he wanted
to find some way to forgive her. She knew that
she had to see him. Ukyo got up and headed to
speak to her father. He would know what to do.


Mister Daikokuji stared at the letter in
his hand. He had never expected something like
this to happen. Ranma Saotome was actually
contacting him about the engagement that his
father had made. He didn't care much for the
mention of other fiancées. It appeared that
Genma was as honorless as he thought when he ran
off all those years ago.

But his son was apparently a different
person entirely. That hw had actually contacted
them about it said much for the young man.
Mister Daikokuji knew what he had to do. Someone
like this only came one in a million, and he was
sure that his daughter would be perfect for the
young man. "Kaori! Come here! We're going on
a trip!"


Makoto Kino sat in shock. She never
would have believed it if her uncle hadn't
confirmed it when she asked. She was engaged.
She had no idea as to why her parents would do
such a thing to her, but they did. And perhaps
it was fate. She could just imagine a hansom
face to rival that of her own Sempai. Perhaps it
was the fact that she was so unlucky at getting
a guy that made her believe it was fate.

After all, what guy wouldn't like a
beautiful young woman such as herself. She could
cook, kept a clean home, and was a lot of fun.
All she had to do was find the right guy to
appreciate it all. Perhaps this Ranma Saotome
was the one. She would just have to take a trip
to Nerima and meet him.


Cologne sighed as she and her great
granddaughter left the amazon tribe. The sigh
was for the fact that they weren't alone. There
was no way that she could send Shampoo alone
without a good reason. And saying that she
thought she heard a girl who might be an oracle
say that the tribe would be in danger unless
this did happen would not be a good enough
reason. So here she was leading an Amazon
Husband Gathering expedition to Japan. There
were supposed to be many great fighters in
Japan. Cologne only hoped that she could find
the one who was with the oracle. If that girl
had been right, he was the Joketsuzoku's only


Author's Notes: Well, done at last. God, its
been somewhere around four or five months since
I last updated this. I hope that you enjoyed
it. As for what will happen next time, well,
Ranma's luck runs out. All the fiancées will
show up at once, as will the Amazon expedition.
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