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Summary: Nightmares have an effect on the waking mind as well, sometimes it's hold is to strong to break. Can he save her? Can she even be saved at all? Daniel/Vala

Rating: PG13

Genre: Tragedy

Pairing: Daniel/Vala

Author's Notes: Being sleep deprived can be helpful – ideas for fanfictions come out of no where! I'd just spent the night at my mates and watched sixteen episodes of Stargate, all night, had about an hour-and a half's sleep; and this is what came out…

The only issue I have is that Savoir Aimer, my other Stargate fiction is my main priority (it tops even my Bones fictions at the moment) and so I don't know how often this will be updated.

Chapter 1: Pitfall

The flickering blue light the wormhole emitted stopped suddenly and the only light they had was of the fire-torches in the braces on the walls, equally spaced down the long hallway, the 'gate behind them and straight ahead daylight was visible but only just.

Pillars were stationed every so often to support the high ceiling; the walls were plain with no inscriptions or even pictographs as to the building's origins.

"The MALP didn't show any signs of indigenous life," Sam reported as she descended the steps from the platform the Stargate stood upon, she glanced down at the UTD in her hand "oh… wow, these naquada readings are-"

"Okay," Mitchell turned back to his team "let's split up, see if we can find… anything or anyone¸ radio in if we find anything and rendezvous back here in…" he glanced at his watch "thirty minutes,"

Teal'c nodded serenely as he and Carter headed down the hallway, turning into separate rooms when they came across them. Cam took his own way and Daniel walked down the hall, Vala on his heels.

The amber glow emitted by the fire-torches lit the area well, but when they glanced up the torches stopped about halfway up the wall, and even then it was not entirely possible to tell where the ceiling was, other than straight up. The air had a dusty value to it and it caught in their throats and made their eyes itch.

Their footsteps echoed loudly, and Vala coughed and skipped a step when Daniel suddenly disappeared into a room to his left.

The room had no door, just a wide gap in the wall leading to a large square area; it was empty save for a strange looking contraption in the middle of the room. Glyphs were positioned in odd lines and with no obvious semblance of order, not that there wasn't one at all.

Rectangular and grey, unlike the sandy brown of the rest of the building, the dust that fell from the ceiling like slow delicate rain had coated it in a light layer. It's size similar to that on a Goa'uld sarcophagus.

Daniel approached it carefully, his boots crunching in the dirt underfoot; his hand moved to his radio "uh guys…"

"Proceed Daniel Jackson," Teal'c's deep voice crackled by through, slight interference making the transmission slightly static.

"I think I've found something,"

"Which room are you in?" Mitchell asked.

"Seventh on the left," the radio clicked as he released it, he stood next to the device, no more than about four feet tall and save for indentations where the glyphs were situated.

Vala ran a hand across the top of the device, rubbing her fingers together when the dust collected there "doesn't look like anyone's been here in a while," she commented.

Crouching down and running palms flat along the side, stopping and tracing the edges of the control panel when she found it "here we go," she pulled it out, then sighed exasperatedly "these crystals are shot,"

Daniel brushed aside more of the dust and found lighter indentations depicted a dialect that was vague familiar to him. He pulled out his video camera and flicked it on.

"Writings similar to that of cultures I've seen before… origin seems to be Mayan. Possible variants of Latin and Egyptian as well… however it also appears to have developed on it's own…" He jumped and looked up when a thud came from where Vala was now stood, "what're you doing?"

"Trying to make it work," she replied simply.

"By kicking it?" he was incredulous, the camcorder still in his hand but his recordings abandoned when the dust fell in thicker clouds around them and the entire structure of the building began to shake.

"That wasn't me," Vala defended, hands up in a gesture similar to that of one of surrender.

Daniel went to retort back but was cut of when the device emitted an abrupt and blinding light, which began as an aura around it's origins. He raised an arm as a shield against it's rays and wasn't given even time to cry out as a pulse followed the light and he was thrown backwards.

Sam looked down at the UTD again, the readings were high, very high, and naquada deposits seemed to be everywhere in the building, the floor, and the walls…

Her radio crackled to life and she listened calmly as Daniel informed the team that he had found something then Teal'c and Cam say they were going to go and find them. She waited a moment, still enthralled by the intensity of the readings.

The building began to shake violently, she gave it a moment to pass and when it did not she wiped the screen of the handheld contraption with her fingertips before pocketing it and making for the room Daniel had reported to have been in.

She jogged down the hall and ducked when a loud crack from above broke through the rumbling that was the building moving so violently. The dust was falling in a thick blanket, she squinted as it stung her eyes and turned sharply, ducking as a piece of debris bounced off the floor near her right foot.

"Let's get out of here!" Cam shouted over the quakes and shivers of the rapidly collapsing temple around them.

He picked an unconscious Vala up and threw her over his shoulder, leading the way from the room, holding the young woman in place with only one arm as he used the sleeve of the other to cough into.

Teal'c had done the same to Daniel who seemed to be in an equal state Vala was. Darting forwards she snatched up the dropped video camera and switched it off as she left the room at a run.

The steady pace was quickened when a roar of rock-against-rock signified the collapsing of the temple behind them, her lungs burning she sprinted as fast as she could to the DHD where Cam was already dialling in.

As the 'gate sprung to life she glanced at Cam and punched in the code into her own GDO and Cam nodded his gratitude before running up the steps and stepping through the event horizon.

Teal'c did not even spare her a glance as he followed Mitchell's example and Sam hurtled up the steps as even more of the building crashed down, throwing herself through.

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