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Owen awoke the next morning with a start, visions of yesterday haunting him, following his escape into consciousness. He tried to shake away his feelings of shock and unease that still remained from the things he'd seen, and erected his barrier of arrogance and sarcasm that would, no doubt, get him through the day as it had every other.

Coming into realisation of his surroundings, he realised he had his arms around Gwen's small frame. He lay there a few moments, breathing in the scent of her and allowing the morning sunlight glinting through his windows to help him wake up fully. Yawning, he managed to untangle himself from Gwen , climb out of bed and locate a pair of boxers and some clean jeans.

Seeing she was still asleep, he went through to the kitchen to make two cups of coffee, which he carried back through to the bedroom. Gwen was awake by the time he returned – just - blearily sitting up and pulling the covers up with her. She smiled at him and took the coffee without word, sipping it gratefully. Owen sat on the edge of the bed until he'd finished his and found a long sleeved t-shirt to wear, pulling it on as he went out.

Jack had said have a couple of days rest, but he'd said that before; they rarely did. His excuse was usually that he would take the rest days when he needed or wanted them – but that wasn't the truth. He would just feel lost at home, with nothing to do all day. Torchwood was his life now, as he'd come to accept. Besides which, he found that the possibility of remaining alone for the rest of the day scared him more than he would ever let on.

Gwen soon came through, dressed in her clothes that she'd come to his in yesterday. It wasn't like she'd been wearing them for long, anyway.

"Do you want breakfast, or just grab something at the hub?" He asked, turning to her.

"Might as well get something at the hub." She replied with a shrug, picking up her jacket from where it was thrown over a chair. She checked her that her phone was still in the pocket, ignored the three missed calls on the screen and nodded that she was ready.

Upon reaching the hub, Owen and Gwen walked in separately. Gwen went on ahead, and Owen stayed a few moments locking his car and just waiting before he followed. Ianto and Tosh were already there, and Gwen was hanging her jacket over the back of her chair. She glanced up as he walked past, and gave him the tiniest of smiles, her eyes reflecting her thanks for last night. She had needed him, and he had needed her. They had given it their all and Owen had been right – they had been amazing.

Jack glanced up his way as he walked to his desk and their eyes locked for just a moment before Owen turned away and Jack looked back to his work. Walking past Tosh, he could see the bags under her eyes that she had attempted to disguise with make-up, but did not comment as he went and sat down at his desk.

On the outside, it was just another day for the team.