Secrets are something people keep in order to give people a sur

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Secrets are something people keep in order to give other people a surprise or to stop them from finding out something that would hurt them. My secret was something I had kept since my first year, it's wasn't designed to hurt anybody but it did, but at the same time it sure as hell surprised everyone. You see it was just after Voldemort had escaped and I was lying in the hospital wing, she came in. Her long dark red hair, so dark it was almost black was bouncing as she walked, her ice blue eyes stared into my green ones, marking me as her target, her soft aristocratic features gave nothing away as she walked towards me and stopped at my bed side.

'Your mine' she atoned, her voice not betraying any emotion.

'I am?' I queered a little surprised at this declaration

'Yes you are, I overheard your talk with Dumbledore earlier' my eye brow raised "She did?" 'And I must say I am impressed, a first year going against a Voldemort…' "What!? She can say his name too?" 'possessed teacher and living is nothing short of amazing, even if your name is Harry Potter. However you could have been better than you were, you could have reacted better and done some thing's differently, which is where I come in, I'm here to make you a proposition.'

'Which is?' I asked, half stumped at what she was getting at, the other half angry at her criticism.

'I, Daphne Elizabeth Greengrass, the last of the Greengrass family proposition you, Harry James Potter, last of the Potter family this. I will help you to be better than you are, I will help you on whatever destiny you have, if you agree to this. You become mine and I will become yours and when where older we stop the Potter and Greengrass names dieing out. Do you agree?'

I stared into her eyes, long and hard, trying to find a motive behind what she was doing and all I saw was truth, honesty and hope and before I could stop myself 'Yes' rolled off my tongue and the deal was sealed as she leaned over and kissed me.

She taught me spells, magical law and politics and how to look before I jumped. In my second year three times a week we would meet up under the cover of darkness, one for new spells, one for law and politics and one just to catch up with each other. During these catch up sessions I told her everything, from what the Dursley's were like, to how I was feeling about what was going on and I told her everything we had done or intended to do. She to told me about things from her life, how at the age of five her parents had died and her aunt had taken her in and tried to mould her into a typical Pureblood snob and had tried to drill into her head that Purebloods where the best, this lasted till she was 9 when she moved back into her ancestral home, after been made head of the family when her aunt had passed away. For the next three years she helped me con my friends, I acted well, although I was almost caught when Fred and George gave me my dads map, I though for a moment that they had seen my rendezvous with Daph but they had obviously been to busy using it for their mischief making. I acted with Professor Lupin about not been able to produce a Patronus when I'd been able to make a corporal one since second year. In forth year she devised a plan, you see we thought Hermione was becoming suspicious of me being so tired in the mornings three days a week, so we set up a few decoys, first was my painfully obvious crush on Cho and me asking her to the ball which we knew she was going to be going to with Cedric to, next was me asking Parvati to the ball, we did this because we knew she was one of the biggest gossips in Hogwarts, so the plan was for me to act like an arse and she would gossip about how bad a date I was so no one would want to date me. (Well nearly no one, after all I'm sure Ginny wouldn't have said no if I'd asked her) At the end of that year she was the only one to give me comfort after I watched Cedric be killed, Voldemort be reborn and had Barty Crouch Jr try and kill me. Fifth year was a problem, first Umbitch set two Dementors on me, then I have to go to trial for self defence (I almost slipped up by going into what Daph calls my Law mode, in which I would repeat law after law about why that trial certainly wasn't legal). Next was Dumble's ignoring me and Umbitch becoming a teacher who would give me detentions in which I would slash the back on my hand for hours upon end (Stupid bitch never did figure out I used a glamour on a red ink quill and a glamour on the back of my hand.) and the fact she gave me a life time ban on Quiddich. Daph though it was time for some more misdirection for Hermione, so when she broached the subject of me starting a Defence club, Daph said it was the perfect cover for me been out late at night or staying up late, and when Cho practically through herself at me we though it best to continue the crush plan from last year which then ended when we had a fight about her traitorous friend, such a perfect plan. The after all that hellish year I made a mistake that would cost me dearly, I forgot the main thing Daph had taught me, I didn't look before I jumped. I went charging after Sirius thinking he was in trouble and brought my friends along only to have to be rescued and have Sirius killed before my eyes, by his bitch of a cousin, but once again (After a lot of scolding mind you) Daphne helped me through it and by the end of term I had worked through my grief.

I was interrupted from my stroll down memory lane by the sound of a tapping on my window; opening it I watched as Hedwig soared in and landed on my desk a letter in her beak, opening it I read.


After last year when Dumbledore told you this so called Prophesy (I still think it's a lot of crap by the way) I began to wonder what else he had kept from you, after asking my account manager Picklock about your family savings etc. I found out Dumble's has done quite a bit of meddling in your affairs, so much so that you can only gain you family fortune by marriage. He has also arranged a marriage contract with that little Weasley girl. (Is it just me or do you also smell a plot at work here?) Anyway good news is that my proposition came before this so called marriage contract and that the stuff Dumble's has done is highly illegal, however the bad news is that until you are of age we can't do anything about it, but we can do something about the Marriage contract. Also the will reading of Sirius Black will be tomorrow, included with the letter is a Goblin portkey that will take you to a room I have reserved there you will find something I thought Dumble's my like.



My face flashed through emotions, Anger, Betrayal, Hurt, Happiness and Sadness before stopping and turning into a cold smirk. 'Thanks Daph. It's time Dumbledore found out I'm not a pawn' I grabbed a bit of parchment and scribbled a quick note back.


Thanks for all of this Daph, I will go tomorrow and look forward to what you have set up. Knowing Sirius he's probably put something in his will to help me out that will cause Dumbledore to have a shit fit.

Missing you lots Love,


I finished writing with a flourish and sent Hedwig back out with my note and with that I got into bed and slept, the smirk never leaving my face as I though of all the fun I was going to have tomorrow.