Heya peeps! This is based off the film "Dracula 2000"...well, I was inspired by the movie and that's why I'm writing this. It was mainly the actor who played Dracula, Gerry Butler, who inspired me. However, whether you want to imagine Dracula as other versions of the story of this legendary character depict him as - that is completely up to you. I really don't mind. I wouldn't consider my fic a continuation of the Dracula 2000 movie or a prequel - this is just a completely separate story...hope you'll like it:)

Disclaimer: I do not own the "Dracula 200" movie, though that would be quite an achievement if I did! And, I don't own any other versions of Dracula like the book by Bram Stoker etc. that have inspired me. Lastly, I do not own Gerry Butler...dang!

Things were always the same. Always the same path she would take after work. It was comforting in a way to be so familiar with her surroundings. Then again, she wished she could do something different. It didn't all come down to the path that she walked every night. It was just representing how she wanted so much more from life. All she did was get up, eat, work, meet friends, work, eat and sleep. She knew that this had only been like this for 1 year and a half since she moved but she couldn't help it. She wanted so much more out of life. She always thought that there was much more to life than just having a successful career, a far bit of money, blah, blah...it was all that her teachers at school had talked about.

Halloween, 31st October. Not a particularly cold part of the year in California but tonight was an exception. She wasn't superstitious or anything, far from it. However, she couldn't help but feel that something was different tonight. In the distance she could see and hear the leaves rustle as the branches of trees swayed this way and that. This was odd. There was no wind...not even a slight breeze. She shook her head and carried on. Looking up she could see all the stars and a full moon out shining down on her. This comforted her a bit. Maybe the whole Halloween thing was making her feel a little bit too over sensitive.

It was not long until she came to a thick group of trees that the path led through. As she walked deeper, she saw ahead a thin layer of mist across the path. Furrowing her brow she slowed down her pace and approached cautiously. There had been no mist anywhere else. It didn't seem to be the kind of weather tonight for one to be seeing mist around. She shrugged the suspicion that something wasn't quite right off. She had no time for this. She needed to get home. It was already late into the night and absolutely freezing.

She took slow and measured steps as she descended into the mist. As she walked deeper and deeper into the foreboding mist she swore to herself that it felt slightly warmer. However her vision was not improving one slightest bit. She thought that surely the mist had not carried on this far when she had seen it last at a distance. Then she came to an abrupt halt. The mist seemed to have moved. She could feel it against her clothes. It felt warm. As if something or someone was caressing her. The mist then started to swirl around her, up her legs, through her finger tips, round her neck and it felt like a hand was softly stroking her face. She closed her eyes almost in contentment despite being totally an utterly freaked out by this but there were whisperings in her ears that calmed her nerves and therefore prevented her from fleeing. Soft, assuring like whispers. She couldn't make out was being said at first but then they became clearer...

"Have no fear wandering angel, I will not harm you. Trust me"

She let out a sigh of contentment as once again she felt something caress the side of her face. It felt so warm and yet cold...how could that be? The voice was certainly masculine judging from its deep, richly resonating and authouritive tone. It sent shivers up her spine. Though, it sounded so sensual and seductive at the same time as being cold and commanding.

"So long have you been wishing for something different, for something new. So long has life been the same, never changing"

Hang on! How did this person know that? She thought.

"I hold the key. I hold your dreams. I control your future. Your destiny now lies with me but have no fear. I can fulfill any wish you may have, anything. You now belong to me"