Series: Dawn Winchester

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Summary: This is season seven of Buffy done my way.

Warnings: Spoilers for some parts of Buffy season seven, severely mangled timelines, swearing, some rather graphic violence, and infantile behavior

Pairings: Giles/Joyce, John/Buffy, Willow/Tara, Dean/Faith, Sam/OFC, Dawn/MiniJack possible

Quentin Travers handed over a file to the Harbringer. It had taken months for him to find one and then to arrange for a leave of absence so he could get the file on how to find the potential slayers to them. In his madness and his eagerness for his revenge against the current slayers he had given no thought for his own safety, something that normally he would have at least considered when dealing with demons. It was his last mistake. Other Harbringers surrounded him and carried him off.

John Winchester was sound asleep in his bed and he was dreaming of a small girl, no more than five years old being chased by something in robes. He didn't know how he knew it wasn't human, but he was sure of it. From what he could see of the area around her and her outfit she was Chinese, rather than Chinese American. Another robed figure stepped out from around a building and the little girl ran straight into its arms. It lifted her up and as she screamed the first demon slit her throat. He sat straight up in bed, only his years of hiding the nightmares from his boys keeping him from shouting out. From what he could hear Sam wasn't so lucky. He got out of bed and went to his son's room, meeting Dean in the hallway. Dean opened the door first and John followed him in. Sam was sitting up in his bed, sweating heavily. "At least you didn't run into the wall this time." Dean said. John smacked him upside the head as Sam wasn't able to do it yet.

"Did you dream about a little Chinese girl, Sam?" He asked sitting down beside Sam. Dean also climbed onto the bed although he sprawled out beside his brother.

"She was being chased by something wearing a robe, its eyes were scars. Other than that it looked like a bald human. Two of them caught her. One of them slit her throat." Sam shuddered; he'd gotten a close up look at the knife as the demon had killed the girl. "I need to draw the knife. I had a close up look at it. There has to be a reason for that." Dean reached over and grabbed the sketch pad and pencil set from the dresser next to Sam's bed and handed them to his brother. John and Sam spent the rest of the night going over their dreams and having Sam sketch them out while Dean drifted off next to them on the bed.

"Are you sure we have to do this?" John asked Buffy the next morning. They were standing in front of the new high school which had finally been completed two days ago.

She gave him a hug and ignored the opening ceremony that was going on in front of them. "We don't have any choice, Dawn has to have science credits to graduate and that means she has to take a few classes here. I don't like it any more than you do. Our daughter is about to go to the same high school that tried to kill me for three years. We have no idea what's going to come out of there this time. The only reason I haven't locked her up or shipped her to another school is because Faith is going to be with her." She hid her face in his shoulder and shuddered as memories from her time as a student at Sunnydale High ran through her mind. John held her and looked around the assembled students, parents and other locals. He wondered how many of them actually knew about the hellmouth that was located underneath the school. At least Wesley had gotten a job as the school librarian. The school had been rebuilt almost exactly as it had been before so the library was once more sitting right above the hellmouth.

With the ribbon cut, the students started streaming into the school. Buffy grabbed Dawn's arm, "I know," Dawn held up her hand to stop the lecture that was about to come out of Buffy's mouth. "Stay away from hyena people, fishy-type athletes and invisible kids. I love you. Go away."

Faith laughed at the expressions on John and Buffy's faces. "Don't worry about the Dawn Patrol guys, I got it covered." She gave Buffy a serious look to let her know just how serious she was taking the duty and linked arms with Dawn. They marched into the school together.

As they were only taking two classes and neither of them started for two hours Faith and Dawn decided to check in with Wesley and then explore the new school. "I figure we're probably going to have a lot of action here so we should get the lay of the land." Faith said, her face wrinkling with disgust thinking of how much time she had spent at the school before she had lost her mind.

Dawn nodded and led the way to the lockers. It didn't take long to find hers and Faith's was just five lockers down. "Hey Dawn! I thought you were being home schooled?" Kit asked. She was also a new freshman and had the locker right next to Dawn.

"I am, but I need to take some science classes here. My family has everything else covered, even the PE requirements but you have to have lab time for the science courses. So, here I am at good ole Sunnyhell high. Oh, this is Faith." She introduced her friend to the dark slayer. "Her guardian is the new librarian and she's being home schooled with me. Faith, this is Kit." Just as the girls finished introducing themselves to each other the first bell rang and Kit had to leave for her first class.

Dawn stowed her notebook in her locker and set up the shelving system she and Buffy had decided to buy when Xander had told them all of the lockers were full length rather than the usual double stacked half length. Both she and Faith dawdled over the task until the hall had cleared and then they unloaded their spare arsenal into their lockers. It was only one of the places they had decided to keep a stash of stakes, holy water and in Dawn's case two boxes of rock salt. They were not going to be caught unprepared if they could help it.

"Miss Summers?" the new principal stopped Buffy and John on their way off the school grounds. "May I have a word with you?"

"Yes?" Buffy asked warily. She didn't want to destroy Dawn's hopefully short high school career by getting the principal on her back the first day, but she was uneasy with the fact that the principal had stopped her of all people from leaving the school.

"I would prefer to speak to you alone if you don't mind." He said, eyeing John a little nervously.

"I don't have any secrets from my fiancée. If you want to talk to me, you'll have to do it in front of him." Buffy's voice was firm.

The principal shot John a dirty look that clearly said 'you dirty old man you!' but led them both to his office. "Miss Summers, I was told to look out for you today by the school board. It seems that due to your extra curricular activities while you were a student here your graduating class had the lowest mortality rate in the history of the town." Buffy was shocked. The only ones who had ever acknowledged her contributions to that statistic before were her classmates at the prom. "I was told to ask you if there was any way we could get you to take a type of security position here at the school."

"Mr. Brown, are you aware of exactly why this school has always had such a high mortality rate?" She tried to ask delicately.

Mr. Brown noticed that the older man seated next to Buffy Summers didn't so much as twitch at her remark. He must be aware of the situation. "Yes, I'm aware that the school sits on top of a hellmouth and that the reason for the school's placement here was because the former mayor wanted to become a powerful demon." He said bluntly. "The only reason the new school was built here was because there wasn't enough money to buy a new piece of land and build a new school too. No one wanted to buy this property for some reason. Personally I don't blame anybody for not wanting it, but it left the school board stuck without the funds it needed."

Buffy nodded all business now. She still hadn't forgiven him for his reaction to John. "You already have a slayer as a student here Mr. Brown. My sister slayer Faith can and will do her best to take care of the students. If the school board wants to offer her a job, be my guest. I've already told my step-daughter that I wouldn't be coming to the school unless someone was trying something stupid like opening the hellmouth and it was official business. As Faith is here, a regular patrol during school hours would be going back on my promise to her." She stood up and shook his hand. "Good day, Mr. Brown." John silently followed her out of the school.

When they were safely back in his truck, John asked with looking at her. "I'm your fiancé?"

"Maybe," she smiled. John smiled back, it was the best news he'd heard all day.

Mr. Brown dove into the school records the moment Buffy Summers had left his office. He thanked God there was only one student named Faith. She was the ward of the new librarian and was one of two part time students who were mostly home schooled. He stopped for a moment and recalled the stories he'd been told about Buffy Summers and her relationship with the previous librarian, Mr. Rupert Giles. He hoped that it was a similar arrangement. He needed all the help he could get to keep the students alive. He caught up with Faith and Dawn in the library where they were talking to Wesley. Or rather, Dawn was talking; Faith was giving Wesley a bad time about dressing back up in the dreaded suits that he had worn as a Council lackey.

When the principal came in to talk to Faith he made it clear that he didn't want witnesses, so Dawn told Faith she was going to the bathroom and to come and get her when the coast was clear. She didn't know what the principal wanted with Faith, but she was betting it wouldn't be good. Why couldn't Faith get a break? she grumbled to herself as she walked down the hall. Once inside the bathroom she checked her make up in the mirror only to see a ghostly figure in the mirror. She whirled around only to see nothing. She checked the mirror again. The figure wasn't there, but Dawn wasn't fooled into thinking she hadn't seen it. She knew better than to believe that. "I can't believe it's starting already." She muttered to herself. She turned from the mirror to check out the stalls only to find her friend Kit huddled in the corner behind the sinks. "Kit, are you ok?"

Kit looked up and grabbed Dawn in a bear hug. "There's something in here with us. It's like at the party; only the dead chick's a lot older. Please tell me you have some of that rock salt stuff!" Before Dawn could answer the floor beneath them broke and they fell into the basement.

"Ok, this is not cool." Dawn said as she picked herself up off the ground. She knew that the floors in the school were not substandard and wouldn't simply collapse on their own. She helped Kit up and pulled out her cell phone. "Don't worry, this time I'm calling my dad. He'll know what to do."

"Dawn! Look out behind you!" Kit screamed.

Dawn turned and got hit in the face by what looked like a zombie. Crap, she thought as she hit the ground again. I'm going to lose that bet with Xander. Couldn't they have started after lunch? Quickly she scrambled up and pulled Kit down one narrow corridor and around another corner. Thankfully, she hadn't dropped her cell and she called Faith immediately. There was no way she was going to call Buffy. Unless it was an apocalypse she wasn't calling her mother to come to school on the first day. And it was far too soon in the school year for an apocalypse. "Yeah, we're in the basement. Do you think you can find us and help us out? It looked to me like a zombie, but I'm not sure. Thanks." She closed her cell and said to Kit, "Help's on the way. Now let's see if we can find a door."

Mr. Brown and Wesley were quietly arguing about whether or not the school would be allowed to hire Faith when she got the call from Dawn. "Hey, you two! Argue about it later. It looks like we may have zombies in the basement and there is a hole in the girls' bathroom floor." She turned to Wesley. "How do I take out zombies?"

"Fire, dismemberment," Wesley said shortly. He walked over to his office and pulled a crossbow and a quiver of fire bolts out of a chest he hadn't had time to unpack. He handed them to her along with a pair of lighters. "Zombies must be created and then usually they are either mindless slaves or free thinking servant. If the person who created them wanted mindless slaves, fire is the best way to deal with them." Wesley also handed her a machete. "If they are free thinking servants, dismemberment is the only recourse you have. The age of the corpse and the spell are the determining factors. You will be able to tell the difference by whether or not they can talk." Faith nodded and ran for the girls' bathroom.

Wesley turned to Mr. Brown. "Are you sure you want to hire Faith?"

As Dawn and Kit were walking down yet another corridor, Kit burst out in frustration, "I swear the damned walls are moving! We already went this way!"

"You're right about that one." A voice said from just behind them. The girls whirled around to find two lanky teenaged boys. One had sandy blond hair and the other had jet black hair. The blond looked to be about sixteen and the brunet was about fifteen. "I'm Jack and this is Carlos. We've been stuck down here for about two hours now."

"How'd you get stuck down here?" Dawn asked.

"There's this guy, Steve. Well he's a senior and I guess I pissed him off or something?" Carlos shrugged.

Jack muttered something about geeks and rocks. "I though he was going to get clobbered when he tugged at the guy's necklace, so I tried to shove him out of the way of the punch. Next thing I know, we're down here."

Dawn nodded and pulled out her cell phone, this was something she would have to call in.

Chapter 2

Faith opened her cell phone. These little gadgets were really coming in handy she decided. "Dawn, where are you? I'm down in the basement but all I can find is walls. They're moving. Just great." She kicked the closest wall. "Can you do that tracking spell in reverse or something? Get it to lead me to you? I'll never find you other wise down here. Thanks, good thing you told Wes about that kid. He'll put a stop to it. Ok, thanks."

Dawn closed her cell phone and dropped to the ground. Thank goodness the tracking spell Elizabeth had taught her was a simple one and that she had taught her both versions of it. She called the power into her hands and told it to find Faith and return. The small glow shot off and the other kids watched in shock, although Jack just said "oookay." Before he could say anything more, and Dawn could see the questions in his eyes, the zombies attacked again. This time Dawn threw up the shield spell that she'd learned, cussing herself out as she did so, because why hadn't she thought about this before? It might have saved her that punch to the jaw.

Jack wanted to say something but figured it would be wiser to keep his mouth shut. This girl wasn't acting like any alien he knew and as far as he could tell she hadn't used any technology either. She'd just sat down and this little light had formed in her hands and taken off. Then the weirdoes showed up and damn if they didn't look just like, "Are those zombies?" Carlos asked interrupting Jack's train of thought.

"Yes, and there are probably some ghosts around here too. I thought I saw one in the bathroom, and before you ask, yes it is all real; zombies, ghosts, and magic. This school sits on top of a hellmouth. That's a place where the dimensional barriers are thin enough to open into another set of dimensions so bad they are collectively called hell dimensions. Don't try to touch the zombies or anything because I've got a shield spell going and the only one I know works like a two way mirror. They can't get in but you can get out so if you stick your hand out they'll be able to grab it and pull you out of the area I'm protecting." Dawn said distractedly. It was harder to keep two spells going at the same time.

"Yeahsureyoubetcha." Was the only thing Jack could think to say as the zombies (ZOMBIES?!?) plastered themselves against thin air. Other dimensions he could handle, that was something he'd had experience with although he never could understand Carter when she got all geek babble about it but magic he wasn't too sure about. It was too bad he couldn't ask Carter, he'd love to see her try to explain it. He mentally sniggered at the look he imagined would be on her face if he did ask. Kit just figured this was a good time to be scared out of her wits and that was a perfect excuse to cling to Carlos. Jack just stood there rocking on his heels a little. He didn't know how long this two way shield would work and if it went down he needed to be ready to kick some ass, even if the trouble was a couple of dead guys instead of the aliens he was used to. These kids couldn't do it, well maybe the shield girl could. Just then a brunet teenager walked up following the little glowing thing. She was armed with a crossbow with a burning bolt on it. She shot both zombies in the back and calmly watched them burn.

Dawn let the shield drop and ended the tracking spell as well. "Thanks Faith."

"No problem, Dawn Patrol. You know what would happen to me if I let you get killed on the first day of school! I am not going up against the rest of the family." Faith said with an exaggerated shudder.

"Oh please." Dawn said and put her arm around Faith's shoulder. "They wouldn't kill you, maim you a little," she teased. They both laughed and Dawn sent the tracking spell off to find the way out. "By the way, Faith this is Jack and Carlos."

"Nice to meet you miss, and you two would be?" Jack asked pointedly.

"Oh, sheesh! The zombies distracted me. I'm Dawn and this is Kit." Dawn finished the introductions. "We need to get to class before we're late."

"Brown will give us all a pass." Faith waved off Dawn's worry. "He knows about the zombies."

"Faith! We've only got two classes and I don't want to miss them. Hurry up and follow the light ball."

Finding the senior who had sent Dawn and her new friends to the basement turned out to be rather simple. It was also rather satisfying to Wesley to be able to put a gun to the young man's back as he walked the boy to the principal's office. Once there he had Steve Henderson sit in the chair in front of the desk. Then he removed the necklace that had caused the mornings trouble. "You can't take that!" he protested.

"On the contrary, young man," Mr. Brown said standing behind his desk. "Mr. Pryce is one of the Security detail here at the school. It is his job to remove dangerous objects from the school that threaten the life or health of our student body. You have done both with your actions today. Don't you think it is a bit early in the school year to be sending other students down to the basement to be torn apart by zombies?"

Steve froze; he hadn't realized that the principal knew what he had used the necklace for. "They weren't supposed to get hurt. The zombies and ghosts were just supposed to scare them."

"You idiotic child, zombies of that age must be fed. When you dumped those students into the basement that was what you were doing." Wesley couldn't believe that anyone would entrust such a talisman to this child. He closely examined the necklace. "You didn't make this. From the signature on this I would hazard a guess that this is your mother's?" Steve shrank into his chair. Wesley nodded to Mr. Brown who picked up the phone.

The call that Mr. Brown made to Mrs. Henderson turned out to be very productive. She immediately came to the school and proceeded to thank both Wesley and Mr. Brown for preventing her son from becoming a murderer. She informed her son that since he had used the talisman for his own selfish purposes, and not for the last ditch life saving effort it was made for, he would be strictly involved in making her a new talisman and there would be serious study for the next year as a result.

"Shall I add Steve here to our list of home schooled students then Mrs. Henderson?" Mr. Brown asked.

"You do that here?" She asked.

"Yes, we do Mrs. Henderson. I can have my secretary show you the programs we have available." Mr. Brown showed both student and parent to the main office. Wesley shook his head and returned to the library. It was an interesting start to the school year. He found Faith, Dawn and three other students waiting for him. After introductions all around, he told them to get to the office for hall passes as to then get to class. He wondered as they left the library whether or not he was seeing the start of a new Scooby Gang. It would do Faith good to have friends of her own.

"I still can't believe how you just walked up and toasted those zombies! That was sooo cool Faith! Where did you get the crossbow?" Carlos blathered on to Faith as they walked down to the principal's office.

"From the same guy she gave it back to, duh!" Kit smacked him on the arm. She was glad Faith had saved them but could he please just tone down the hero worship just a little? If he kept on this way they'd never get in with the cool kids, and Faith, Dawn and Jack were the coolest kids she had ever seen. Who else would have been able to save their backsides? Plus Jack had actually tried to save Carlos from a beating of the ordinary sort. Friends like that were good to have. She'd been checking into things that she'd always ignored before Janice's birthday party. Fighting that little ghost girl had opened her eyes and she had wanted to find out more. What she had found out was scary, and what Dawn had told them down in the basement was even scarier because she didn't know what to do to defend herself. Both Dawn and Faith knew how to do that and they had saved her, Jack and Carlos as well. This was a friendship she wanted to see last a while.

They collected their hall passes from Mr. Brown. He was relieved when Faith told him that the zombies were taken care of and now that the magic that had called them up was broken, she'd do a patrol through the basement just to double check after her classes were done. He told her to expect a check for her in with Mr. Pryce's and sent them off to class.

"What was that all about?" Dawn rounded on Faith the minute the left the office. Jack nodded, he wanted to know too. Kit and Carlos just watched the conversation avidly.

"The school board wanted to hire a slayer to patrol the school during the hours it was officially open, so they asked your mom."

"Oh NO!" Dawn started to panic; she'd never be able to live that down.

"Calm down Dawn." Faith calling her by her name rather than the nickname she'd picked up from Dean settled Dawn down; maybe this wouldn't be too bad. "B turned them down because she'd promised you she'd only come to the school for business. She sent them to me and Wes. So, it looks like I got a paying job slaying here at the school." She said smugly. She might have gotten the opportunity because Buffy had turned them down, but that didn't mean she couldn't make this her gig, something all for herself.

Dawn and Faith weren't the only ones attending their first day of classes. Buffy, Willow, Tara and Sam were also having their first day at UC Sunnydale. They met at one of the little picnic spots around the campus to compare their classes and the teachers. Sam was trying to get Buffy to relax by telling her funny stories about growing up hunting with his brother and his dad. Willow and Tara could have told him it was no use, that as long as Dawn was at the high school she was going to be tense and wound up, but they were enjoying the stories too much to tell him.

"So here we are, it's almost midnight and Dean and I are holding the shovels while Dad is trying to explain just why we are digging up the grave of the local town hero and don't forget he has a gas can in his hands because Dean and I were too young to hold it." Tara and Willow dissolved into giggles at the thought of John Winchester being caught like that by the local women's charity head. "Deans says I picked that minute to start saying my favorite word at the time."

"What was that?" Buffy obliged him as the other two were too busy laughing.

"Ghostbusters, only I was two so it came out Googboogers and I was pointing at the lady. Dean swears I was trying to defend Dad and tell the lady off, but she seemed to think I was insulting her and Dad had taught me how to do it. So she slapped him and stomped off in a huff, swearing she was going to call the police. Fortunately the job was almost done and Dad had Dean hold me while he salted and burned the corpse. Then we left town before the cops showed up. Dad says that was the first time I'd gotten us run out of town but he preferred that to the times Dean got us run out because he was caught with the wrong girl."

"You know, I can't really see John telling you that story." Buffy said suspiciously.

"He didn't, Caleb did." Sam freely admitted. "He hated Caleb telling us those stories, but I loved them. He kept saying that he was never going to tell Caleb anything ever again but I noticed that didn't stop him the next time something came up." That set the girls off to laughing again and Sam smiled, glad to see that he could get any smile at all on Buffy's face. He did realize how frightening it must be for Buffy to send Dawn to that high school but he was sure that Dawn would be alright with Faith at her side.

Just then Wesley walked up with Dawn and Buffy jumped up to check her over. "I'm fine! Really, I'm ok. It was just a zombie and Faith burned it before it could do much of anything." Dawn blurted out, wanting to get the whole thing over with. "See, the precautions worked. I'm in one piece, my friends are in one piece, and the jerk who was playing around with his mom's magic got into trouble."

Buffy looked over at Wesley for confirmation and relaxed as he nodded. "She is essentially correct. She only left out the part where Faith accepted the school board's offer of a part time job patrolling the school during school hours. Thank you for sending the principal her way, Faith's very excited about getting paid to do her job." He smiled slightly as he remembered Faith's eagerness to set up patrol routes and training times. "I think she's rather proud that you believe she's good enough to be recommended for the job, Buffy."

"I'm glad she got it. She deserves something special for saving the day on the first day of school. How about you tell her that I'll take her patrol tonight and she can go out if she wants to, ok?" Buffy offered.

"Only if Dawn gets to go with her," Wesley was firm about that. "They want to go down to the Bronze with their new friends and I wouldn't want Dawn to be left out."

Buffy laughed, "It's a deal Wes. Come on Dawn, I'm done with school for today. We have to go down to the gallery and work on the wedding plans."

Dawn shook her head. It looked like Buffy was gearing up for a nervous breakdown over the wedding arrangements. Maybe she could get her dad to help ease the strain on her. She shook her head as she followed her mother off the college campus. I can't believe I'm trying to figure out a way to get my parents in bed together to make sure my mom doesn't have a nervous breakdown over my grandmother's wedding.