I haven't seen all the BJ episodes, so if I am stealing a plot line already created or if a Fanfiction Author already wrote a story like this, let me know A.S.A.P! I hate stealing ideas unintentionally. This is my first story revolved around the cartoon series and it will be fairly different from my previous stories. Oh right…I do not own Beetlejuice or anyone from the series. They may be said to be Warner Bros but I say their TIM BURTONS SO UP YOURS W.B AND NOT RELEASING THE EPS ON DVD! Sorry lol, all ideas are mine (that I know of) among with their personalities be a bit tweaked (I'm gonna try not to though) On with the story!

Note: Lydia is still a teenager in this and is the same age she was in the series. I can promise no hard core romance between her and BJ (I've read too many sex scenes to last a life time)

Lydia slunk into her car seat with a sigh. "Mother, Father, do I have to go to this? I mean I don't even know half these people!"

Delia Deetz turned around to her daughter with her broad grin. "Now, Lydia. This dinner is very important for your father and I. I've been trying to get into this prestigious art club all my life! And your father's boss just happens to be the Vice President's husband, so if I get in, he could get a promotion!" she giggled fixing her frightening new hairdo. If you asked her, it was an artistic masterpiece. If you asked Lydia, it looked like Percy had crawled in and was too intoxicated by hairspray to escape.

"Don't worry, pumpkin." Charles added with a nervous smile, "I am sure everything is going to be alright."

"Oh, Charles! Stop fidgeting! It's just dinner! Besides, that attitude won't make you Chairman of the Board." Delia sung with a laugh and Charles smiled with sudden confidence.

"You know, Delia…I think you're right! What could possibly go wrong?"

Lydia looked out her window with boredom. Charles caught her weariness in his rear-view mirror and smiled wider. "I know this dinner isn't your cup of tea, dear. But if you behave like the good tempered daughter you are, I might just get you that new camera…"

Lydia bolted up with sudden excitement. "The Photomaster 400 with extended memory and flash card! You said it was too expensive!"

"Lydia, Chairmans' of the Board can get whatever they want!" Delia laughed, "Imagine! I could finally get that imported French oil paint…Ooooo or a 10 foot canvas!"

"Now, Delia…lets not get too carried away." Charles added meekly, "Though…I've always wanted a sports car…" he imagined out loud, "That would show that stiff Jameson from Finance who's in upper management…"

As Lydia's parents fantasized about the endless possibilities of Charles's potential raise, a pair of lemon yellow eyes and green crocked teeth appeared on Lydia's spider broach. "Dinner party with the boss, huh? Sounds like they could use a little entertainment!" the broach laughed and Lydia gasped at the sudden arrival of her best friend.

"Beetlejuice! What are you doing here?!" she hissed, "You know this is no time to pull pranks on my family!"

"Aw, come on Lyds! Those moneybag snobs could use a little Juice'n!" he groaned, "Come on!"

"This is very important to them and me! I can't have you ruin Daddy's possible promotion or Mother's chance into getting in the Peaceful Pines Creative Minds with Money Society!" she glared and Beetlejuice's face wore an expression of offense.

"Jeez, Lyds…I didn't know you couldn't even trust your best friend…" he began to sob and one of the spider legs pulled out a handkerchief and he blew his nose loudly.

Delia looked at Charles suddenly after hearing that noise and wore an expression of disgust. "Honestly, Charles. You could at least warned me you had gas!" Charles looked at Delia with confusion.

"What are you…"

"So know you deny it. You'd think you've never heard of common courtesy…"

Lydia held in a laugh and looked down at Beetlejuice. "Sorry, BJ. I just can't afford for anything to happen today…could you promise me not to do anything to the dinner party guests?"

Beetlejuice sighed and nodded, "Alright, alright, no pranks. No gags. No Geela monsters down the Vice Presidents pants." he bargained and popped out of her broach. Lydia smiled and returned to look out her window.


Beetlejuice watched the Deetz's car drive away toward a Victorian Manor. His inner Prankenstein began to mumble pranks but Beetlejuice ignored him. "I promised, Lyds. No pranks. No gags. No Geela monsters…but," his Will Power wasn't enough to stop him this time as he began to chuckle sinisterly, "She didn't say anything about overshadowing the dinner guests…"