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AN: In this fic, Ace is 17 Luffy is 14.


Ace was heading home from high school, as he trudged along he gave a sigh. It was raining, and the rumble of thunder could be heard now and then. Ace quickened his pace. He hated the rain, he hated the cold, and he hated these grey, clammy days.

He could see the orphanage that he and his brother stayed at.

It was always just the two of them, him and Luffy. Ever since they were young they had been together. Ace thought back to the times when promising parents would try to adopt him, but not his brother. He'd flat out refuse. He couldn't leave his baby brother behind.


Luffy and Ace who were six and nine at the time, were sitting underneath a tree in the orphanage's playground. Luffy was clinging to his brother, sobbing into his shirt. The older boy had an arm wrapped around him holding him securely.

"M-M-Mak-in-n-no s-said that you m-might be le-leaving!" he said as he cried.

Ace was really popular with the would be parents, Luffy on the other hand, was never given a second look.

Ace pulled his brother into a deeper hug. "No…I'm not going anywhere without you…"

Luffy sniffled. "Really…?" he said with a little surprise.

"Of coarse…we're brothers…we have to stick together…" Ace said with a smile.

Luffy's sadness instantly melted away, and a big grin grew upon his lips. "I love you Ace!" the little boy then planted a kiss on his brother's cheek.

-End of Flashback…-

Luffy loved him, and it was that love that Ace had acquired a taste for. It was an unfaltering love that he couldn't find in anyone else. Part of him told him it was sick, that it wasn't right to feel that way towards his own brother, and then there was another part that told him that it couldn't be helped, love just happens, it's fickle, it's odd, and most of all it strikes without warning.

Ace thought back to a time where he was sure he was going to lose him. When Luffy was seven, a friend of Makino's came by for a visit. His name was Shanks, and he immediately took interest in Luffy. Ace remembered the way his heart sank when he had over heard them talking once.


"Say Luffy…" Shanks said as he kneeled down to Luffy's level. "I was wondering…How would you like to come with me?"

The little boy's eyes lit up. "R-really!?!?"

"Yeah." Shanks said with a grin.

Luffy latched onto the red haired man. He was so happy.

Ace, who was hiding around a corner, was to say the least surprised. At first he was happy, but that happiness soon faded when he realized that it would mean saying goodbye to his little brother.

This realization seemed to suddenly hit Luffy as well when he suddenly pulled away from Shanks. "Wait! What about…What about Ace!?"

"Hmm? Ace? Oh…Makino said he's quite popular, and that he should get a good family with no problems…"

"No…" Luffy said with a sniffle. "I don't want to leave Ace! We have to stick together!"

-End of flashback…-

It was then Ace realized that he loved Luffy, more than any brother should love their sibling.

Shanks still comes by for visits, and still has his offer open to Luffy.

Finally reaching the orphanage, Ace hurried on inside.

"Oh Ace, you're back." Makino said cheerfully. "I'm going to have dinner done soon, would you mind telling Luffy? He's taking a nap in his room…"

"No problem…" Ace said as he hung up his jacket. He then headed down the hallway and stopped at a door that had a sign in the shape of a monkey with the name 'Luffy' written on it. Quietly opening the door, Ace peeked in and saw that his brother had woke up not too long ago.

"Hey little bro…"

Luffy quickly looked up. "Oi! Ace!" He gave a big grin.

Ace walked in and took a seat on the bed. "What's up kid?" he said with a grin.

"Nothing much…" Luffy then sniffed the air. "Ooh! Makino's almost done with dinner!" he said excitedly.

"Yep, she told me to mention that to you…but…as usual, you always find out on your own…" Ace said with a laugh.

Luffy just smiled.

After a moment or two something didn't quite seem right to Ace.

"You okay?" he asked suddenly.

Luffy blinked. "Yeah. Why wouldn't I be?"

"Usually when dinner's almost done, you go flying out of here like a mad man…" Ace pointed out.

Luffy was quiet for a moment, he knew that he was found out. He then took a slightly more serious demeanor. "………Uh…Ace…I kind of want to talk to you about something I've been thinking about…"

"What?" Ace asked.

"………Ace, what's going to happen when you leave this place?"

Ace's eyes widened slightly.

"You'll be gone before me…so then…well…wha-" Ace leaned close and pressed a finger to Luffy's lips, silencing him.

"Well…maybe I should take you with me then…" he said with a slight smile.

Luffy's eyes went wide.

"It'd take me a little while to work everything out first, but…I'll try to take you too…"

"Really!?" Luffy said with a look of joy and relief.

"Yeah…" Ace said as he looked deeply into Luffy's eyes. The boy just looked so cute.

The younger boy latched onto Ace and hugged him tight. "I'm so happy! I was really worried for a while there…"

Ace's heart began to beat at a quicker pace, he then wrapped his arms around the younger boy and held him closer. Self control, reason, and logic were all fleeting out the window now.

Luffy shrugged off the suddenness of his brother's embrace, he shifted a little, and leaned a bit against Ace to get a little more comfortable.

Ace ran his fingers through Luffy's hair. The younger boy shivered slightly, he liked that, so Ace continued to scratch his brother's head. Soon he heard soft snoring, looking down Ace saw that Luffy had fallen asleep again. 'Heh…that's my job…' "Hey Luffy, you gotta stay awake…" he said as he lightly shook him.

Luffy's eyes blinked open.

Adorable. That was the only word that Ace could come up with to describe the look on his brother's face. He found himself staring at Luffy's lips.

The boy only gave a confused blink. "Ace…?"

The older boy cupped Luffy's cheek and caressed it.

Although getting more confused, Luffy began to blush. There was a weird feeling in his stomach, it wasn't like when he was hungry, no, it was like there were butterflies fluttering in his stomach. Why was he feeling this way?

Ace moved in closer, he began pushing Luffy down onto the bed, pinning him down, he now had Luffy right where he wanted him.

"A-Ace…you're kinda heavy…" Luffy said as he squirmed. "what are you doing…?"

Ace slipped a hand behind Luffy's head and pulled him closer. His fingers lightly scratch the younger boy's head to help keep him calm.

The younger boy's face turned a nice shade of red. And then the next thing he knew his lips were captured. Luffy heart began to pound, he was dazed with confusion. But it wasn't too long before he found himself kissing back, savoring his brother's taste. He was actually enjoying it!

Ace broke the kiss to breathe, he smiled at his brother's confused look. He did have a slight feeling of guilt though, he had just stolen his brother's very first kiss.

The two just stared at each other for a moment. Luffy's face was stained crimson and his eye were wide with surprise.


Ace and Luffy looked across the room. There standing in the door way, a dropped tray and a couple shattered plates at her feet, was Makino, with the most shocked look upon her face.

What horrible timing…


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