A/N- My first Prince of Tennis drabble. Since I hadn't mentioned any names here (other then the fact that the two people are boys), you can pretend it's whatever pairing you want, although I was thinking of the Silver Pair when I had been writing this.

Disclaimer- I don't own Prince of Tennis/Tennis no Ohji-sama.

His Treasure

He took out a photo album that he had hid under his bed. He gave a soft smile as he flipped through it. He had fun with his boyfriend and he loved looking back at all the times they had.

He remembered the times when they played tennis together. He remembered their first date. Nothing special, just an outing to the park and eating ice-cream. But what he remembered was the kiss afterwards. A chaste kiss was all it was but to him, it was something he had longed for ever since they had spent time with each other and became close friends.

Running a hand through his hair, he smiled fondly at the picture that had captured the moment when his boyfriend had let his guard down and was smiling gently at the camera, the sunset colors complimenting the scene. It was beautiful and breath-taking.

It was something no one can steal. It may not look like much but, to him, it was his treasure.

His memories.