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"And that was it…" I think, reflecting on the real beginning of my new life. The moonlight waxed and waned with the passing of the clouds and I notice once again just how late it is.. "Such small decisions, to save him, to go back for some water skins…and they changed my whole life." I smile slightly to myself, "Kind of anti-climatic: we just got on the horses without another word and we were off. Ah, but it's always the little moments…"

I shiver suddenly. It may not be cold out, but I am wearing little and the breeze had slowly sapped the warmth from me as the hours passed by. I sigh, finally feeling the fingers of fatigue clutching at my consciousness. Slowly, I made my way back towards my bed where my husband yet slept. Tired, yet content, I draw the blankets back and slip in.

"He was right…he was always right. I couldn't have lived as a mercenary, fueled only by the fires of rage… Raymond wasn't able to either."

Quickly, like water running through my fingers, my consciousness dims as I finally embrace sleep. Still my mind churns, grinding away like rusty cogs against old memories and contentions. All that reminiscing had caused me to begin thinking about our tactician from the war against Nergal. Even after all the years since we had last parted ways, I never came any closer to figuring.

"Did he ever truly act from his heart…when…when he showed care, showed his (Was it his? Was it another's?) concern? Or was he only manipulating us all, like so many marionettes dancing on strings?"


"No, I don't believe that…for me, at least, he…"

The water was almost through, my fingers incapable of holding anymore, not wanting to hold anymore.

"…some sort of love."

A chill stole through me as I snuggled up as best I could against my husband's warmth. And as the last of the water runs through my hands, I begin to think I can see two ghostly blue points, glowing with dead light in the distance.

Red Notes

1) Finally finished…it's been a convoluted process and I still have much revising to do, but hey…it's done. My thanks to those of you who have followed this through the beginning. As usual, any critique given is most welcome.

2) I kinda wonder if the change in tone and style are too different from the rest of the story, but I think they serve my purposes well.

Updated to get rid of Acknowledgements section and lower the rating...but mostly because I'm shamelessly trying to whore this thing out.