Chapter 1: Day Off

A soft wind blew into the warm air on a Friday afternoon. A young woman had just come home from Kaibara High School. She looks up at the sky, seeing clear light blues skies and white clouds. Her name was Tohru Honda. She lives with Shigure, Kyo and Yuki Sohma who had let her live there together. She enters the house that belongs to Shigure Sohma; the house that looks like it was still in a feudal era. His house was the only one that was out in the woods. As she enters, she hears a voice that belongs to the owner of that house.

"Tohru-kun? Is that you?"

"Hai, I'm home early. I had the day off." Tohru said as she took off her shoes and walk to Shigure's study room, where inside you could see piles and plies of books, papers, and many more.

"You're home early, I didn't except to see you until later tonight." Shigure Sohma said as he looks at Tohru from his computer where he was typing his new novel, which by the way was almost complete.

"I'm sorry, I forgot that today was Friday, I thought it was Thursday." Tohru said as she smiles.

"I see. If you don't mind, can you make tea for me? I have to finish this by tonight."


Tohru smile as she left Shigure's study room, she walk into the kitchen to make some tea for Shigure. As she waited, she decides to do the laundry also, which wasn't very far from the kitchen.

'If I'm waiting for the water to heat up, might as well do the laundry too.' Tohru thought as she turns on the stove where she put the teapot of water and left the kitchen and into the laundry room.

Where inside the wall was painted yellow, a window where the sun can shine though and shine the whole room. On the other side of the room was another door, where it leads to the outside of the backyard. Tohru walk to the washer machine and took out Yuki's clothes and put them in the dryer, where there was lying inside was Shigure's clothes. She took out Shigure's and put them inside on his basket that had marked: Shigure's Laundry Basket. As she took Shigure's clothes out and put in Yuki's, Tohru heard a steam sound from the pot that was from the kitchen. Tohru gasped and close the door that was from the dryer and push the button for the dryer to work. Tohru walk or should we say almost ran to the kitchen to turn of the heat.

"Whew. I think that was close." Tohru said as she removes the teapot from the stove, took a cup from the cupboard, and pours the hot steaming water over the ingredient that was use for to make the tea. She careful took the cup and set it on a tray that was use to serve tea for the guest, and set the teapot onto the tray. Tohru carefully walk to Shigure's study room, with one hand she open the door, and there was Shigure reading his newspaper as always, he smiled as soon as he saw Tohru with the tea.

"My, thank you my lovely flower." Shigure said as he took the tea and blew the steam off.

"You're welcome, Shigure-san!" Tohru said cheerfully. Then she bow and left his study room to go and start on the laundry. It was 3:30 when the grandfather clock strikes; Tohru was almost finish with the laundry, when there was noise on the front door.

"HEY?! COME BACK HERE YOU, BAKA NEZUMI!!!" Kyo shouted from the entranceway, and not far from him was Yuki who was ignoring him. He enters the den room where Tohru was, standing up wondering what was going on.

"Why don't you keep your mouth shut for once!" Yuki said as he turned around to face his baka cousin, along with aren't-you-stupid eyes. Two angry cross-marked was on (Kyo's) his head and his cheek, along with that a martial-arts stand. Yuki was also in his martial-arts stand getting ready to defeat his annoying cousin as he always does.

"That's it!! You KOSU NEZUMI!!!" Kyo charge straight at Yuki in full speed. Yuki move to the right, stuck his left foot out making Kyo trip, as Kyo falling down, he crashed into the basket full of unfolded laundry. (KOSU NEZUMI: DAMN RAT)

"AAHHHH!" Tohru yelled as she went to where Kyo was, to make sure that he was okay and that he wasn't hurt anywhere. "Kyo-kun are you alright?!!"

"Honda-san, the baka neko could've not die from that, just imagine Kaugra doing that to him. Even of Kagura did that, Kyo would still live." Yuki said as he pick-up the unfolded clothes and place them inside the empty basket. Smiling at Tohru, while Tohru just sweat dropped at this. Then Kyo got up from the floor, muttering something about his annoying nezumi cousin, rubbing his head, Tohru sigh.

"See, what did I tell you." Yuki said as he sees Kyo raise from the floor, Kyo shooted an angry glance.

"Tohru-kun! I thought I heard Yuki-kun and Kyo-kun fighting again!!" Shigure said as he entered where Tohru, Yuki and Kyo were.

"Oh! You two are home!" Shigure said as he entered the den, looking at Kyo and Yuki to see who won the fight, but as always he knew that Yuki would always win.

"Hmm...let me guess. You to ran two each other's on your way home. And started to get on each others nerves, am I right or what!!" Shigure said happily with the annoy smile of his, entering the room. Kyo and Yuki bonked or more like punch Shigure's head and both of them send him flying off the den room and into the backyard.

"Hentai (pervert)..." Yuki said as gave the inu (dog) a glare.

"...Inu" Kyo said as he finished the sentence, heading up to his room to change out of his school uniform. As for Tohru, she was running up to Shigure to see if he wasn't hurt.

"Ah! Wait, Kyo-kun!" Tohru said as she turned around to see Kyo heading upstairs. Kyo stopped, turned around; he was half way out the den door.

"Hai? (yes?)"

"Ah... Um..." Tohru started to say.

"Arrrgg! Would you just speak already!" Kyo said, getting annoying with Tohru's waiting.

"Hai! I-I-I was wondering if you and Yuki-kun could come with me to shop for some house supplies and maybe some treats afterwards, I means if that is okay with you two." Tohru said as she blushed.

"Sure... I guess I can put up with the rat till we get back." Kyo sigh as he spoke. Tohru's eyes fill with happiness.

"Same with me. Honda-san do you need any help carrying the clothes upstairs?" Yuki said and ask.

"Thank-you, both! You don't know how much it's really mean to me!!" Tohru said happily with her eyes filled with happiness.

"And hai, Yuki-kun I do need help carrying the clothes upstairs!" Tohru put on her smile.

"But first, how about you two go and changed out of your school uniform and let me finished folding the last set of clothing's." Tohru said as she sat down and began to fold the clothes that were in the basket.

"Sure." Yuki said as he went upstairs to his room to change out of his school uniform. While Kyo just grunted and followed his cousin. 30 minutes had pasted, Tohru had finished that last load of laundry and with Yuki's help, they were able to put all the clothes away, while Kyo was getting the list of things that was needed for the house. Yuki was wearing a Chinese like shirt and a blue pant, for Kyo he was wearing a orange shirt and bagged like army pants (a/n: you know the pants that Tohru was wearing in vol. 1-2, I think). Tohru came down the stairs wearing a light blue shirt and a skirt with a design that made by Kagura as a Christmas present this year. The three teens were just about to leave when the phone rang.

"I'll get it!!" Tohru shouted as she went to get her purse and went to answer the phone.

(Tohru's P.O.V.)

"Hello! This is the Sohma's residence! May I ask who's calling?" I ask.

" Oh! Hello Tohru-chan, is Shigure-Sensei there?" Mii said and ask at the same time.

" Hello, Mii-san!" I said in my cheerful voice and said, "Yes, Shigure-san is here! ".

" Oh, Good! I was wondering if, you could tell him that I will be there around six o'clock." Mii said.

"Sure!" I said and then I heard her ask.

" Tohru-chan do you have anything planned for this evening?"

" Yes, in fact, Kyo-kun, Yuki-kun and I are going shopping for food and we won't be back until 7:30".

"Ohh…, " Mii's voice was in disappointment and then ask, " do you have anything planned for tomorrow?".

"Ah..., " I started to say, then paused for a moment and then spoke but this time my voice was quite and sad.

" Tomorrow... Tomorrow is the third anniversary of my mom's death."

"Oh, Tohru-chan! I'm sorry I didn't mean to offend you!!"

" That's alright, Mii-san! " I put on my cheerful voice. Then I called Shigure-san and then I spoke.

"I'm sorry, Mii-san. I have to go!"

"Ah…, " I heard Mii's voice on the other line.

" Um... if you are not busy... you could come over tomorrow and meet my mother." I said hoping to talk to her more when she meets mom.

" Sure Tohru-chan! I will come over tomorrow, if that's ok with you that is?" Mii ask.


" Good!!" I heard her on the other line.

"Oh! I have to go, meet you tomorrow!! Bye!" I said as I look on clock.

"Bye!!" Mii said as she and I both hung up the phone. After that, I went to meet Yuki-kun and Kyo-kun on the front door to say good-bye to Shigure-san. Shigure was already there waiting for me and the others.

"Sorry!! To make you all wait!" I said as I went over the Sohmas.

"That's all right, Honda-san." Yuki said to me, which made me smile at him and he smile back.

(End of Tohru's P.O.V. and on to Normal P.O.V.)

"So who was that on the phone, Tohru-kun?" Shigure ask.

"Oh! Shigure-san, your editor called, she said that she will be coming over at six this evening!" Tohru said to make sure Shigure gets the messages that Mii had told her.

"Oh!" Shigure said as a light bulb was appearing in his head, he snap his fingers.

"While you three are out would mind, buying me a dozen jelly buns please?!!" Shigure said as he begged as a dog would for a treat after doing a good trick. Kyo and Yuki were being annoyed by how their adult cousin could be so childish and they both decide to bonk on Shigure's head. Moreover, Shigure's head had two big bumps on his head. (a/n: Yay!)

"Tohru-kun!!" Shigure wailed at Tohru. However, Tohru had already left the front door and was half way on the dirt road.

"Come on, you two!!" Tohru smile as she wave her left hand to Shigure, and Shigure did the same. Just before Kyo and Yuki was about to leave, Shigure told to wait for a few minutes.

"Do you two know what day is it today?" Shigure ask his two cousins and with a serious voice.

"Eh? Shigure today's is April 30th." Yuki said answering the inu's question.

"And what about tomorrow?" Shigure said more sadly and his face was sad.

"FOR GOD SAKE!! TOMORROW IS MAY 1st!!!" Kyo shouted, wanting to get this over with, as soon as those two realized theirs eyes were widen.

"That's right. Tomorrow is May 1st." Yuki said quietly.

"The day her mother died." Kyo said.

"Yes... the third anniversary, if I'm correct." Shigure said.

"Can we talk about this tonight when we get home?" Yuki said as he turned around and went out the door where Tohru was, Kyo did the same.

"Hai, we shall talk about this tonight." Shigure said as he wave to his cousins and Tohru, then shouted, "Be Safe!!" and close the door, and a devilish smile was on his face, "Now that's taken care off! Time to take a nap!!". Shigure scurrying off to his study room.

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