Chapter 12: The Portal to the Kingdom.

It was ealry in the moring about ten to be excat, the Hondas and Sohmas all ate and now are planning on what to do in order to save Tohru and the others. Then later on in the afternoon, a white glow came from Sona's hand, he raise his hand to the air, a white light came from his hand and shoom to the wall, showing Tohru and the others, Tatysua and two children, two women that they've never knew before. And lastly the King and Queen. The Sohmas and Hondas were all gathered into the living room. On each of their faces were surpirse and shock, they all were happy to see Tohru and the others alright. But something was worng. They all sat down. Hearing Tohru's voice and the King's and Queens'.

"Continue, king?" Tohru ask as she went and sat on her chair, the kids followed her lead, all sat right next each other.

"Ah, yes. Let's get down to business shall we? Tohru you said that you cancel the engagement, and yes, we should, seeing that my son already had two sons."

"Good, now that's over. Tell me, what happened to the kingdom, was it true...that's its falling apart?" Tohru said as she looks at the King and Queen, you could see a little pain in her eyes, knowing that this is happening.

"I see that Sona told you. Yes, you're kingdom is falling apart, ever since your brother elope. The kingdom and your people were losing hope and now they're going to destroy themselves."

"I see. Is there anything else I or you need to know?"

"Yes...what about those children? Who's are they? The girl look just like..." ask the Queen, she was just about to finished her sentence when Tohru saw who was she was staring at, and she knew who's she was talking about.

"Aya? I know. She and the boy are your grandchildren."

"What?! That can't be! Aya never was pregnant!" shout the King.

"Do you remember when you told her that she was going to be engage to the Prince of the East, and how you would never see her for four years and suddenly she comes back?" Tohru said as the King and Queen nodded both of theirs head, remembering what had happening all those years ago .

"She fell in love with a commoner, and he fell in love with her, later that year they gave birth to two twins, one was a female and the other one was a male. After three years of being away from home, she deicide to come home, bringing her children with her..."

The Sohmas and Hondas all stared at the screen. In each of thier mind was a different thought.

"Do you remember how I would come over and stay over for weeks? Well, that was because I would go to Aya's room and visit her kids, all though you couldn't hear the crying and yelling, Aya had her room sound poof so you wouldn't hear the kids. But it would warn us when someone would come in, so I would always hid with the kids, while Aya would go and answered the door, and you or a servant would come in as if she didn't have a child on her room. And the following year when she was still engage to the Prince of East, and you, King..." Tohru said as she looks at the King.

"You said that you've found Aya with Tomiao Ryo together in bed and you had him executed the next day and Aya was gone a few weeks after? She didn't know that he would be executed the next day, she thought that he was going home, but you've found him, climbing out from her room...and executed him the next day. And without her knowing she didn't know what to do, she was heartsick when she found out that he didn't returned home was executed by your order, she kills herself..."

Everyone in the room could see Tohru shaking, her hands were trembling.

"She killed herself as I was entering her room, and right in front of me, she was smiling, Zero and Mitsuki was only three at that time, they didn't know what was going because they were sleeping. As I said she was smiling at me, as she was going down...I ran up and caught her, tears were in my eyes, I couldn't stop crying. She smiled at me and handed me a note that she had in her hand, and then she close her eyes...the smile was still there. I was sobbing uncontrollably. Hugging her, I heard a small cry I stood up and saw, Zero and Mitsuki, trying to get up, they were smiling at me. And then I found myself smiling with them. I summon Ako and Tomki to transport the kids to my room, it was also sound-poof also. And that's the story...about Zero, Mitsuki and Aya. You should know the rest already..."

They could see tears were coming down to Tohru's cheeks, she was hugging herself and she was standing up.

"Onee-chan?! What's wrong?! Stop!! You're hurting yourself!!"

They could see Souta yelling as he ran to Tohru, she was digging her nails in herself, blood was coming out. The Sohams and Hondas gasped at the scene, then it was dissconnect, the white light shoomed back into Sona's hand.