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Warnings: incest, Slash, AU

Pairing: Chris/Wyatt

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Chapter 1

Chris Halliwell was sitting in the grass with his back against a big tree, while playing with the grass in his hands. The high school he attended more or less regularly was twenty meters in front of him and the sun stood brightly behind it already. The lawn was full of kids of every age since it was quarter to nine and school would start soon. He was deep in his thoughts while absently watching the other pupils.

"So, how comes you're in school every morning half an hour early and still never manage to get to your lessons on time?" Chis' best friend Kat sat down next to him. She knew Chris since they were ten and Chris tried to impress her by giving her a spider. She wasn't so impressed after all. But they still managed to be good friends after that "Spider-incident" and stayed best friends until now, a few weeks after Chris' seventeenth birthday.

Chris shrugged. "It's a talent, you know that!"

"Yeah", Kat nodded. "Your talent for getting in trouble." She looked at him dressed only in black clothes although it was a sunny day and he would probably sweat in them soon. "So", Kat begann again. "What's with your dark look today?"

"Hmm?" Chris looked at her like he didn't know what she was talking about.

"Come on, you're all black, what's going on?"

Chris looked to the school seeming to be deep in thoughts. "Don't know. I was just in the mood for something dark this morning!"

Kat looked at him sceptically. "You're one strange guy, you know that, right?"

"Yep", Chris answered and kept on watching the pupils on their way to the building called school, when he suddenly saw something across the lawn and sat up.

"What?" Kat asked surprised.

Chris followed the person he had seen with his eyes. "Look straight over there to that guy, the blond one. Isn't he absolutely gorgous?" He watched the guy look around in front of the school and then slowly get in.

Kat just rolled her eyes. "You say that about every guy who looks halfway decent." She looked away from him.

"Oh now, come on", Chris tried to justify his actions. "That's hardly true. And even if it was, this guy would be an exeption. I mean, just look at him." He watched the guy for a moment before jumping up from his place. "I have to get to know him!"

"Yeah?" Kat asked lightly. "And how are you gonna do that?"

"Well", Chris thought loudly. "I never saw him around before and he looks pretty lost, that means he is new here and he's going to need friends."

"Friends?" Kat repeated cautiously. "Like you?"

"Of course", Chris laughed. "Who else? I'm gonna make the introduction."

"And how are you gonna do that?" Kat repeated while Chris was already walking towards the school building.

Chris turned around for a second and smiled at her. "Well, he's new, so he has to go to the principal's office. And so I will be there, too. What a coincidence!"

Kat just shook her head as she watched Chris walking over the lawn to the school doors, where he met Jack Cole, an old enemy of him. Seconds later they were fighting under the eyes of a bunch of teachers, who seperated them and sent Chris to the principal for starting a fight.


Matthew Wyatt was lost. Although he would never admit it to anyone else, he finally admitted it to himself as he was standing in the middle of a floor, surrounded by running children and teenagers. He had moved to the city a few days ago and tried to get through his first school day without any help.

He turned around and went back the way he came from. It could't be that much of a problem to find the secretary's office, right?

It was quarter past nine when Matthew finally opened the door to the office only to be told to wait until the headmaster had time for him by one of the secretaries.

He sat down at one of the chairs with a sigh and looked around in the room. It was a typical school office with a few secretaries, computers and a bunch of files.

"He's going to let you wait an hour for being late, you know?" A voice to Matthew's right told him. He turned around to see a guy with black hair who was completely dressed in black clothes and looked at him with curious eyes.

"Hi", the guy said, when Wyatt turned around to look at him. "I'm Chris and you are?"

"Matthew", he replied. "Matthew Wyatt!"

"Hi, great to meet you, Matt", Chris grinned.

Matthew shook his head. "No, Matthew, not Matt. Nobody calls me Matt!"

"Yeah, sure!" Chris replied obviously unimpressed. "You're new, right?"

"Yeah", Matthew nodded. "How did you figure?"

Chris just grinned sheepishly. "I know all the guys here. And they know me!"

Matthew looked at this strange guy with a raised eyebrow. "Yeah? How come?"

Chris opened his mouth to answer, when he heard his name being called by one of the secretaries, Mrs Fisher.

"Halliwell, get over here!"

Chris got up annoyed and walked over to her. "Yes, Ma'am!"

"You know the drill", she said. "Detention for the whole week. Mr. Parker will see you this afternoon."

Chris groaned. "Oh no, not Mr. Parker. Wasn't he on duty yesterday?"

Mrs. Fisher nodded. "He was. But apparently he heard about your fight today and was very keen on taking the detention group over."

"Great", Chris mumbled while taking the note from Mrs. Fisher that told him to go to detention. "That's just damn great!"

He winked at Matthew when he walked out of the office. "I'll see you later, I hope!"

"Sure", Matthew replied. "Later!"

"Mr. Wyatt", Mrs. Fisher started to talk again. "Headmaster Carter is ready for you now!"

Matthew nodded, stood up and walked over to the door leading to the principal's office.


He couldn't believe that he was lost once again. Matthew had managed to get to his first class nearly in time, but after that he couldn't find the damn classroom where maths should take place.

He stood in the middle of the hallway taking turns in looking at the timetable in his hands and the floor, where the students slowly vanished and left him standing alone.

"So", a voice behind him started. "You lost again?"

Matthew turned around to find that guy from the principal's office, Chris, watching him.

"Yeah." He looked at him for a second. "Hey, how do you know I was lost in the morning, too?"

Chris shrugged with a little grin. "Well, you went into the school before me and then I had time to get in a fight and be sent to the office and I was still in there before you showed up."

Matthew nodded slowly. "Right. So you noticed me before we sat in the office together?"

Chris grinned at him and got nearer. "Maybe. Now let's see where you should be right now." He took Matthew's timetable out of his hands. "You're a senior, eh? Last school year."

Matthew nodded and then watched him for a moment. "So", he begann to talk again. "Why aren't you in class then?"

The Hailliwell looked up. "Because I just can't get to any classes on time. I have a reputation to uphold."

Matthew raised one of his eyebrows and looked at him. "You have a reputation?"

"Sure", Chris nodded and looked up from the paper again to grin at the blond. "You like guys with a reputation?"

"Maybe", Matthew answered grinning. "But if you have a reputation and I start to hang out with you, what kind of reputation would that get me?"

Chris handed him his timetable back before answering. "That would give you the reputation of the guy who hangs out with the guy with a reputation." He turned around and walked down the floor. "Come on, now. Your classroom's this way!"

Matthew watched him for a moment before shaking his head and following this strange but very interesting guy.

When they reached a certain door on the second floot, Chris stopped and turned around to look at his new friend. "So, here it is."

"Well, thank you", the blond one nodded.

"No problem", Chris replied and smiled at him. "So I'll see you later? Maybe at lunch?"

Matthew had to smile, too, at that. "Maybe." And with that he turned to open the door of the classroom and vanished behind it, while Chris stood alone in the hallway for a minute, reflecting the whole encounter, before looking for his own classroom.


"So", Kat summarized. "You got detention for picking up a fight, have extra work for coming late to literature and maths and managed to piss off Mr. Parker once again although he's the one to observe your detention. I think you had a great day, right?"

Chris chuckled as he sat down with his food on the table next to Kat. "You forgot to mention that I met one gorgous guy who seems to be interested in me."

Kat snorted. "You know, Chris, not everyone's gay!"

Her friend laughed. "Aaah, you think so?" Chris realized that he didn't like girls the way he was supposed to do two years ago, when he was fourteen. He naturally tried to deny it at first. That was until he met Jimmy, a guy who was somewhat Chris' first love.

Suddenly a tray was put down opposite Chris and Matthew let himself fall on the chair. "So, I heard a lot about you!"

"You did?" Chris looked at him interrogative.

"Yeah!" Matthew looked at Kat. "Hi, I'm Matthew!"

"Katherine", she replied. "But you can call me Kat. Everyone does!"

Matthew nodded and looked aroud the table. "Are this all of your friends", he asked with a raised eyebrow.

Chris snorted. "You think I'm that unpopular?"

"How the hell should I know? I'm new here and I meet this guy..."

"He means me", Chris whispered to Kat and grinned at Matthew to get him to continue.

"...and he seems nice and brings me to my class and there are these guys and when I ask them 'Hey, do you know that Halliwell guy?' all I get to hear is 'He's a loser, he's trouble, just stay away from him.'"

Chris chuckled. "I told you I have a reputation. Seems that you got to know it already."

"Yeah seems like that." Matthew looked around. "So there are some more friends of yours?"

Kat nodded. "Of course. And if you want to meet some of them, why don't you come to this party tonight?"

"There is a party already?"

"Sure", Chris grinned. "The annual Freakin-School-Started-Today-Again-Party. Usually ends in a lot of throwing up, the police shutting it down and a long list of absent pupils tomorrow in school."

"Sounds great, you going?"

"Of course. And I'm all the more happy to go, if I have the chance of meeting you there." Chris smiled suggestively at his new blonde friend.

Matthew, who had already finished his meal, got up, taking the tray with him. "Then I suppose I'll see you there." He turned around and left, leaving Kat to grin at Chris.

"You know what?" She asked. "He is gay!"

"Told you so!"


Matthew Wyatt looked into the fridge but coudn't find anything in it that looked eatable. When he closed the door of the fridge he came face to face with his father, Leo Wyatt.

"Hey Dad!"

"Hey son, you okay?"

"Yeah, sure", Matthew replied looking around in the kitchen but finding nothing he could eat.

"How was your first day?"

"Good!" Matthew turned around to look at his father. "Is there any chance to get something to eat?"

Leo managed to look embarressed. "Well, actually I forgot to go shopping on the weekend. And with the new job I coudn't get away on time to shop for groceries yesterday."

Matthew raised an eyebrow. "So, what do we do?"

Leo tried to smile. "Why don't we go out and grab a pizza?"

Matthew sighed. "Sure!"


Chris opened the door to the Manor and was welcomed by the well-known sound of fighting from the kitchen. He let his bag fall down from his shoulder while listening to the argument.

"But Piper, why don't you just let me try it once?" Phoebes voice pleaded.

"Because you have absolutely no idea how to cook", Piper argumented.

"Well, then I have to learn it, right?"

"No", Piper refused. "I'm not letting you risk the health of my family."

"Now you're just exaggerating!"

Chris just entered the kitchen as Phoebe started pouting. "Hi Mum, hey Aunt Phoebe!"

"Hey sweetie", Piper greeted him looking up from the pots on the stove. "Dinner will be ready in about an hour. How was school?"

"Okay", Chris just answered while taking an apple from a bowl on the counter.

Piper raised an eyebrow. "You're kind of late for school being okay."

Chris looked up from his apple sheepishly. "Yeah, well, maybe there was a little accident that caused Mr. Carter to assign me to detention. Again. But it really wasn't my fault."

"Like it wasn't your fault when you got caught smoking on school grounds? Or that time that you called Mr. Parker names I don't want to repeat ever?"

Chris tried to look innocent. "I don't know what you're getting at."

Phoebe chuckled besides him causing Piper to glare at him. "Don't encourage him, Phoebe!"

"What?" Phoebe protested. "I didn't!"

Chris quickly left the kitchen under the sound of his mother and his aunt starting to bicker again and went up to the second floor. He nearly got run over by his cousins Penelope and Patricia on the stairs, but finally managed to get to his room in one piece.

He let himself fall onto the bed and closed his eyes with a sigh. It had been a hard day until now. But fortunately the day was brightened by this new guy, Matthew. Or Matt, as he liked to call him. They didn't really manage to have a meaningful conversation, but he seemed to have a good sense of humour which was a very important trait in Chris' eyes.

With his mind on Matt, Chris drifted off to sleep slowly.