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Chapter 10

Two weeks after their decision to be together, Chris entered the kitchen for breakfast in his shorts only and was quite surprised to find Matthew sitting there with a plate of pancakes in front of him.

"Matt, hey, what're you doing here already?"

"Having breakfast", Matthew explained grinning and looked back at their mother standing at the oven to make sure she was out of hearing range before he added. "Maybe you'll be available for a second breakfast later?"

Chris smirked and whispered back. "You'd like that, wouldn't you?"

The blonde let his eyes travel over Chris's nearly naked body. "Oh, yeah, I would. Definetely."

"Chris, sweetie", Piper voice interrupted the conversation. "Good morning. You want some pancakes?"

"Yeah, sure", Chris nodded and waited for his mother to place them in front of him before he asked: "So, when're Paige and the kids gonna be over?"

"Half an hour. So eat up and go put some clothes on soon, will you?"

"Sure", Chris nodded.

"Piper!" Phoebe's voice from upstairs could be heard.

"What?" Piper screamed back.

"I need you, get up here!"

Piper sighed, threw a pointed look at her sons and left the room.

Matthew grinned at his lover. "Seems like there's no time for a second breakfast."

Chris smiled after he swallowed a bite. "Yeah, but maybe we can make it an early lunch."

"Yeah, maybe." Matthew went over to his brother and gave him a short kiss before he took Chris's now empty plate and started to wash it up in the sink. "You better go and put some clothes on", he suggested. "Before I get some ideas that are quite inappropriate in our mother's kitchen."

Chris grinned at him and wanted to answer when suddenly the door to the Manor opened and Paige's voice rang through the house. "Hello?"

She entered the kitchen a moment later.

"Hey", Matthew greeted her. "You're early."

"Yeah, I know", Paige nodded. "There's an emergency at magic school, so I just brought the kids and I'm gonna leave now. I'll meet you later at the zoo, okay?"

Chris shrugged. "Sure."

Paige turned around to her children that stood behind her., "Okay, do what Aunt Piper tells you, listen to your cousins and be nice. I'll meet you all later, okay?"

The girls nodded.

"Good." Paige kissed all of them on the cheek, waved at her nephews and left.

"Well, okay", Matthew smiled at the four girls. "How about a second breakfast?"

"Yeah!" Ten-year-old Kate jumped onto a chair.

Matthew smiled at her. "Great. Now, Chris, why don't you go up and put some clothes on?"

The brunette grinned at him and got up. "No problem."

"And send Patty and Penny down, okay?"

"Sure." Chris left the room with another grin towards his brother, who started to make a few new pancakes on the oven.

When Chris reached the top of the stairs he was greeted by his nervous mum running towards him. "Hey, sweetie, Phoebe got attacked by a demon, but now he vanished, so we're gonna go look for him. You two go with Paige and the kids to the zoo and then we'll meet you later, okay?"

"Erm, yeah, but"

"No but", Piper interrupted him. "We're in a bit of a hurry here. Just do as I told you and tell Paige that there's no need to worry, we'll be just fine."

"But", Chris started once again, but was again interrupted, this time by his father and his aunt, who ran down from the attic, grabbed Piper and then orbed out together after a short goodbye.

Chris sighed, woke his cousins, got dressed and went down into the kitchen again, where by now all of the girls where eating pancakes.

"Hey", he smiled at Matthew. "Looks, like we have to go alone to the zoo."

Matt looked at him in shock. "What?"


"I want to see the elephants."

"But I want to see the monkeys."

"No, elephants."




Chris sighed. "Why don't we just go to the elephants first and then go visit the monkeys afterwards?"

"No, I want to see the monkeys first."

Chris sighed once again and looked at Matthew for help, who watched him with an amused expression on his face. "You're a great help, you know", Chris complained.

Matthew grinned. "Yeah, I know." He looked at the girls who watched them impatiently. "So, girls, we have three options. We could go to the monkeys or to the elephants or we could go and buy ice-cream."

"Ice-cream", nearly all of the girls screamed at the same time.

Matthew laughed. "Yeah, I thought so. Let's go!" He put an arm around Chris's shoulders and smiled at him.

"You're really good", Chris nodded as they followed the girls to the next kiosk.

"I know", Matthew replied with a smug expression on his face.


It was two hours later and Chris and Matthew were equally stressed out by their cousins, when Chris's mobile rang and Piper told him to meet her, Leo and Phoebe at the entrance.

Chris sighed and ushered the kids to the meeting point, where their parents waited for them.

"Hey", Piper smiled at them and then looked around. "Where's Paige?"

"At magic school", Chris explained. "There was an emergency."

"What? She just left you here all alone?"

Chris threw his brother a look before slowly answering. "Well, technically, no. She left in the Manor even before you left to go after that demon."

"What", Piper screeched. "Why didn't you tell me?"

"I tried", the younger Halliwell justified himself. "But you were in such a hurry, you didn't even listen to me."

"That's no excuse", Piper exclaimed. "You should have found a way to tell me."

"Well, everything's okay, isn't it?" Leo stepped in the argument and smiled at both. "So we'll take the kids now and you two can go on your own for a while, okay?" He looked at his sons, who nodded.

"Okay", Piper agreed reluctantly. "We'll call you when we're ready to go."

Chris nodded and Matthew smiled at his mother. "Sure. See you all later."

"Bye." They all waved and then Chris and Matthew went one way while the adults went another with their kids.

Chris sighed when their were behind the first corner. "Thank god. I mean, I love them all like mad, but they are a bunch of work."

Matthew laughed. "They are." They walked in silence for a while, until Chris interrupted it again.

"Hey Matt?"


"How about that second breakfast we talked about this morning."

Matthew stopped walking and looked over at his friend, who was now standing next to him grinning at his brother. "Now?"

Chris nodded.


"Well, of course not directly here, but I guess we could find a place to be alone for a while."

"Like for example?"

The younger one grinned. "Just keep following me."

Five minutes later they entered one of the restrooms and quickly slid into one of the cabins before engaging in a passionate kiss.

Chris put his hand on Matthew's hip and pressed it against his own causing his friend to moan.

Matthew pressed his boyfriend against the wall lifted him with his hands on his ass which caused Chris to wrap his legs around his brother's waist, all the while engaging in a passionate kiss.

Chris's hands travelled under Matt's shirt and stroked his back, while the blonde let his lips travel to the Halliwell's neck and started licking and sucking on it.

The brunette leaned his head back, giving his brother more space to work on his neck. He was breathing heavily as he looked at his boyfriend with lustfilled eyes. "Matt", he pleaded desperately.

"What?" Matthew wanted to know playing innocent.


"Please what?" Matthew leaned towards Chris so his mouth was near his brother's ear. He took a deep breath causing the brunette to shiver as the air touched his ear. "What do you want?" Matthew went on whispering.

Chris closed his eyes, overloaded with emotions that kept on flooding his body.

"Do you want a handjob?" Matt suggested, opened the other's jeans quickly and immediately grabbed Chris's dick causing his brother to gasp for breath in surprise.

"No?" The blonde took his hand away from Chris's body not listening to the moan that escaped the Halliwell's mouth.

"Well", Matthew continued, looking smug. "Maybe you want a blowjob." Without waiting for an answer let his brother down to stand on his own, kneeled down and licked at Chris's member briefly.

The brunette jerked towards the warm mouth, but was immediately pushed back against the wall by his friend.

"I don't think you want that either, do you?" Matthew was still on his knees, looking up at his lover.

Chris tried to breathe deeply and then somehow managed to look down at his brother and whisper: "Fuck me."

The Wyatt looked at him for a few seconds in awe. Then he started to smile, kissed the brunette's hip and started kneading his ass.

The Halliwell closed his eyes, tried to enjoy Matthew preparing him for fucking and then nearly screamed, when his brother sank deep into him.

They both panted like crazy, which only got heavier, when Matt started to move.

Chris felt his brother deep in him and just smiled at the sensation. He loved that feeling. When he opened his eyes he looked directly into blue eyes causing him to smile even more.

Matthew sped up and let his hands travel down Chris's body.

They heard a door slam and immediately froze. There were voices outside their cabin and Matthew's eyes widened as he recognized them as their dad's and their uncle Coop's.

"Shit", Chris whispered looking with big eyes at his brother and didn't dare move one bit.

Instead the blonde carefully lowered his head on Chris's shoulder and listened to the other two men pee and then come out again and wash their hands.

"So, everything okay with Matt?" They heard Coop ask.

"Yeah, sure", Leo answered. "Why do you ask?"

"Don't know really. He seems to be kind of happy."

"That's not bad, is it?"

"Yeah, well, I don't know. I just have this feeling." They could hear Coop take a deep breath. "Just forget it. I'm sure it's nothing."

Matthew took a deep breath, raised his head and looked into his boyfriend's eyes wearing a mischievious smile on his face.

"What?" Chris asked soundless.

Matthew didn't answer, put a hand over Chris's mouth and then started moving. Chris's responded immediately, groaned and leaned his head back against the cabin wall.

"Did you hear that?" Coop's voice sounded from outside the cabin.

"What", Leo asked him.

"I don't know, it was just..." He interrupted himself. "Forget it, I'm sure it was nothing. Let's get back to the family."

The two brothers heard the door slam once again and at the same second, Matthew raised his speed and fucked Chris until they were both nearly screaming and then reached their climax nearly together.

The following minutes were filled with heavy breathing until Matt pulled out of his boyfriend.

Chris smiled at him. "That was ... wow."

"Yeah, wow", Matthew nodded and forced himself to smile at his brother.


Matthew lied in his bed and stared at the ceiling. He still wasn't able to comprehend what had happened this afternoon. His dad and his uncle had nearly caught them. And they would not only have seen them making out, they would have found them fucking. Fucking.

That surely was the worst scenario that he could imagine anyone of their family finding out about them.


Matt shook his head trying to clear his mind and then turned around onto his stomach. This was bad. This was really bad. And why the hell did he have to move while his dad and his uncle had been in the room. If they had been caught, it would have been his own fault.

He hadn't thought it would be like that when he imagined him and Chris together. Well, to be honest, he didn't think about the consequences it would have. He had just known that he loved Chris and decided to be together with him. No thinking.

Which was really bad.

His thougths were interrupted by the phone ringing. Matthews sighed, got up and answered it, since his dad was out of the house.

"Hey, it's me", he heard his brother's voice. "I'm alone the whole evening. You wanna come over?"

Matthew closed his eyes, his previous thoughts still in his head. Nevertheless he nodded only a second later. "Yeah, sure, I'll be over in half an hour."

He could hear Chris breaking into a smile even over the phone. "That's great. See you soon."

They both hang up. Matthew stared at the wall.