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When Saya Sleeps

Chapter 1

He Doesn't Know What To Do

Uncertainty lay in his heart. Haji was undecided.

He sat there - in the dark alleyway - unsure. It was a new feeling for him - this indecision. To sit there unsure, like a lump of useless lead.

I know what Saya would say, the dark-haired Chevalier mused.

"See the world for me, Haji - just what you and I promised to do together when we were young!"

Or -

"Don't let me hold you back - I want you to live for yourself, too!"

Or -

"Haji!" (laughing at her silent companion). "Don't be so dull! Get out sometime! I'm sure girls would like you around!"

Haji watched the girls now - from his secluded corner of the Parisian square - opposite his favorite haunt - a riverside park.

They seem like flowers to me - beautiful, vivid - something I can't reach - Whenever I reach for those flowers... when they lie in my hand...

Saya... I am cursed.

And so, the cellist was uncertain.

Those flowers are not for me, he thought. Besides... like flowers wither, these - these - all this - will pass away - and in this eternity of mine, there stands only Saya...

I love you. I can't do without you, Saya.

And so, Haji was divided. Between that world of sunlight and petals dancing in the wind - and the shadows of the grimy alleyway he peered out from.

A part of him felt happy - Saya was safely sound asleep in her warm cocoon. A part of him felt cheated - that Kai had been the lucky one to watch Saya close her bright eyes -

And where had he been?

Lying in a gutter half-dead - and Saya's sword clutched by his chiropteran hand.

And it was broken. It was useless now that it was all over. Now -

Now it is truly just me and Saya. Except -

And he was painfully aware -

Like this broken sword, what use does Saya have for a Chevalier in a world with no Diva?

And another part of himself felt lonely.

Once again, he wished Saya could be there to tell him what to do.

I told her to live - but I don't even know what to do now - the Chiropterans - Red Shield - Diva - her chevaliers - none of them are after us - after me... I know what Kai would say - live for yourself... but... myself...

With a shake of his head, Haji stepped forward, conscious of the warm sunlight now falling on his dark hair - as he passed under the large stone gates of the park across the busy road.

It's all I know, he thought as he settled down under a particularly large tree, snapping the cello case open. It's all I can do.

The melody flowed away on the gentle breeze - the wind carrying it to every corner of the city. Every now and then, although he never looked up - Haji could hear the clink of change thrown into his open cello case.

Perhaps, he thought to himself, I could learn something new. As a gift for Saya...

If I play around the city... perhaps I'll get enough money to get some new sheet music...

Some Chopin... or Mozart...

She'd like that...

He looked up - squinting at the sun - and then around at the children playing on the green grass - the dogs barking - adults laughing. And for those few hours of that lazy afternoon - he felt a part of it -

A part of life.