WARNING: This story is meant for Mature Adults Only. It contains strong language and sexual contents. If the reader has objections to this type of literature, or is under the age of 18, then please DO NOT read this story.

Author's Note, July 16, 2010:

Some of the chapters within, mostly the earlier ones have been revised to enrich, clarify or to blatantly satisfy my own sense of self-pride. The storyline is the same, but I hope what I have added, tweaked or reworded, will make some of the paragraphs flow a little smoother and will deepen the reader's understanding of character's drive and thought processes.



By: Bluemousey


A gifted young woman fights to safeguard the innocents she is bound by an oath to protect as she struggles to keep a promise to a man she once loved. From the 21st century to the year 1881 she will travel to track the evil that threatens to permanently alter world events.

In Tombstone, Arizona, she makes a stand among men who created the concept 'protect and defend'. Her only wish is to end the nightmare she has been living for the past year, but fate has a funny way of cutting its own path, and she finds herself entangled in the lives of the Earp brothers and strangely drawn to the tragic Doc Holliday.

Will she be able to stop the evil that is threatening to consume the town before the past is permanently altered?


The Telling of a Tale

There is hardly a soul alive who has not heard the story about the shootout in the vacant lot next to the O.K. Corral. Maybe one or two could boast that they had been children during that era, or that their father or grandfather had been walking the streets that October day when the Earp brothers and the notorious Doc Holliday stepped from obscurity and into a moral conflict that would never find a resolution. It would be a tale that was often repeated during a family party or picnic. In the dusty hallowed rooms of libraries and universities the blow-by-blow events - before, during and after the shootout - would provide an endless array of arguments - point and counterpoint - raising more than one western scholar's curled lip. The details of the event would be examined with a microscope but never fully understood. Sides would be drawn over which party instigated the fight. Were the Earps and Doc Holliday defending the citizens of the town or were they cold-blooded murders, seeking to cover up their own shady deals? Or, did Ike Clanton and his cohorts meet a fate they had been courting for months? No one would ever be able to fully answer these questions.

Or, just maybe, someone could…

What if I told you all that you've heard, seen, or been taught about the historic 26th day of October, in the year 1881, was wrong? How do I know the answers, and why am I so sure my tale is the only one that should be told? I will tell you, but let me warn you first, my tale is a long one. So, make yourself comfortable, pour a large drink of your best whiskey, and roll a smoke before you lend me your ear.

My name is Alexis Montgomery Holliday, and this is my story.