Body OK, I credit all this stuff to Rare, blah-de-blah. I was disappointed to find no proper killer instinct story on the site, so this is my attempt to rectify the situation.


Prologue: Fulgore

(In a lab, with various screens and apparatus strewn about the place. The room is dominated by a large glass container in the centre. There is a large figure in the container, and a group of scientists are standing around it.)

Scientist 1: Our work to create the ultimate droid soldier is almost complete.

All that remains is to test it.

Scientist 2: How about the ulratech fighting tournament.

Scientist 1: Good idea.

The ultratech fighting tournament, widely known as the killer instinct tournament because of it's often fatal conclusions, is the main source of entertainment for the world today. The year is 2012, and the ultratech corporation controls all the industries, and to be honest, the world.

Some days later.....

Head of the robotic weapons department: Is Fulgore ready to participate in the killer Instinct tournament this year?

Scientist 1: Yes, without a doubt.

Head of the robotic weapons department: Then we must give a great opponent. I have heard that the ninjas of the tiger spirit, the tibetan monks, are among the greatest fighters in the world. Perhaps we should lure one to Fulgore, and give it a warm up at the same time.........